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Name of tour you lead and where:  Pizza and Food Walking Tour in Rome and the fun Segway Tours as well!
Your favorite part of the tour: My favorite part of the tour is seeing the “WOW” in the eyes and expressions of my customers and seeing them touched by the beauty and the amazing history of Rome.
Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: To be honest I prefer sweets, so my favourite place is not a restaurant or a pizzeria but a Sicilian Gelateria and Pasticceria called Ciuri Ciuri…delicious! Bellucci is an Italian actress who, aged 50, has now become the oldest Bond girl in the next 007 film titled Spectre, after the title was previously held by Honor Blackman, 39, who starred in Goldfinger. When asked what she really thought of the James Bond character, Bellucci has said: “James Bond is our fantasy — the ideal man. Monica is from Umbria and studied law at Perugia university before moving to Milan and becoming a model. Monica has houses in Citta di Castello in Italy, France, England and Brazil, though she says her heart will always be in Italy.
Monica played the role of Mary Magdalen  in Mel Gibson’s  award winning movie The Passion of the Christ.
She has a healthy Hollywood show reel with roles in films including The Matrix and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Must-see movie La Dolce Vita because it captures the essence of Italian cinema like no other film.

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I think that Italy is special because every city and every region is so different and beautiful.
If you are travelling about Italy forget the stereotypes  and explore each city avoiding comparisons, for Italy is so various! Every tour leaves me something but one of the most memorable experiences was on a Segway Tour with a group of ladies in  their early 80s who were riding the Segway better than I do! Get lost in the city and don’t be afraid of asking locals for directions, for suggestions or to take you a picture! I love Tuscany, Florence, Sicily but above all Naples  and all Campania region with Capri, Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, Pompei, Ercolano!
I suggest to explore the South of the “boot”:  Sicilia, Puglia, Campania, because they are all bellissime!!! I love my job and I think I am very lucky because through the eyes of my customers I can see what the majority of Italians lost: to get surprised by the great beauty we have in front of us everyday, like while running to catch a bus, stressed  and driving in the traffic, noses in the phones, etc… Thanks to my job and my customers I can still enjoy the beauty! Three young Italian guys from the same family, they wereA bursting with enthusiasmA for their hostel, and I just knew I had to visit The Yellow.When I booked my flight to Rome at the end of 2015, one of the first things I did was email Fabio. The theme of searching for happiness and love is such a universal one but the film explores the character’s experience in a way that’s truly thought-provoking.

I think it’s a wonderful and interesting  region and trust me, it’s not only because I’m from there!
Turns out, he hadn’t received it, but was just as keen for me to visit as I was to finally experience The Yellow Hostel for myself. For this season’s fashion campaign Dolce&Gabbana shot me eating at a picnic with my family.
That is beautiful — it’s not about the biological beauty, it’s about another kind of beauty. The Yellow exceeded any expectations I had and by my second night, standing open-mouthed in awe at the Tonika dancers on stage at The Yellow Bar, I knew I’d found something you guys will love…The Yellow Hostel, RomeI might change my name to The Yellow Girl! It’s about the womanliness that comes to your face and your body from your life and your experience. In the evenings they serve American chicken dishes so good that I was told by American guests that it was as good as anything they get back home! Three young Italian guys from the same family, they were bursting with enthusiasm for their hostel, and I just knew I had to visit The Yellow.When I booked my flight to Rome at the end of 2015, one of the first things I did was email Fabio.

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