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It’s been 20 years since Boy Meets World first aired, oh how time flies, and Entertainment Weekly reunited the original cast for their latest issue. Strong encryption poses problems for law enforcement, is weakening it worth the risks it presents? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Megatron came up against a lightsaber-wielding Jedi?
Sometimes TV series start extremely strong and you get sucked in but then story arcs run their course and the writers, blinded by money and a rabid audience, lose their creative edge.
The twitterverse can be a battlefield and from time to time, we shine a light on the nasty things people post about celebrities by having those celebrities read them aloud.
About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains.
Florence Colgate's face matches an international blueprint for the optimum ratio between eyes, mouth, forehead and chin, endowing her with flawless proportions. Meet Florence Colgate, now known in Great Britain as the most beautiful face in the country.
The is the beautiful blond woman who just won a competition sponsored by Lorraine cosmetics to find the most beautiful face in Great Britain. You see, Miss Colgate’s face is proportionally perfect symmetrically, with all the right angles between her eyes, nose, lips, hairline and chin. About her natural beauty, Florence said “Women should not have to feel that they have to wear make-up. Biography: Florence Colgate is only 18-years old and a senior at Warden House Primary School (like high school) in her hometown of Deal in the County Kent.
Florence currently works at a fast food restaurant called the Middle Street Fish Bar in her ocean-side village.
Nighttime patrol ends with the boys cornering two car thieves in a shopping mall parking garage with a truckload of stolen hubcaps. Chief assigns the boys to the local zoo; they think to solve a crime, but actually to teach them a lesson in cleanliness.
Trevor uncovers a Tijuana-style enamel-on-velvet painting of an Aztec hummingbird god in a bookcase.

Tow foolishly buys a map to a goldmine from a seedy character on the Las Vegas strip; he and Sasha and their stumblebum underlings immediately head out across the desert. The boys are playing with a radio remote-control truck, sending it down the block for pizza. The boys are working on a carnival midway when Sasha gets mistaken for a late-arriving contortionist known as the Inside-Out Girl.
When Spark and Plug run out of gas on the freeway, Tow fires them and proudly shows off their replacement: a baby elephant who trumpets her greeting and pushes cars around the salvage yard all day for the cost of hay and peanuts.
Control X assigns the boys to work as executive protection for a visiting European royal prince and his son on their visit to Los Angeles. The boys mistake a Replacement Wanted poster outside a firehouse a€“ the station is retiring their aged Dalmatian firehouse dog a€“ for a recruitment poster as junior firefighters. Ben Savage, William Daniels, Danielle Fishel (see her Maxim photos here), Rider Strong, the gang is back together. Entrees into the competition were not allowed any makeup, and plastic surgery was disallowed entirely.
This is the upper division of Dover Grammar School for Girls which is bursting with pride for their country girl made good. Meanwhile the neighbors are petitioning the city to demolish the Steffia€™s derelict house. Meanwhile we dissolve back to Aztec times where the high priest known as The Overlord, surveying the poor harvest and resulting famine, orders a warrior bat to go a€?through the portala€? to find a suitable sacrificial victim. Downstairs the Steffis find free tickets to a Monster Tow Truck Pull in the citya€™s domed arena. But first the boys have to attend a Diplomatic Protocol School, known among the bodyguard community as a€?Charm School,a€? and run by a prune-faced Miss Nicely. The only person missing from the shoot with Minkus who kind of looks like an albino black guy now. In a shocking twist of events, Mashable has discovered conclusive, irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump is, in fact, a member of the Lannister house from Game of Thrones. Check out the infographic below that lists most major and recognizable sci-fi weapons in order of least powerful to most powerful.

The bright blue eyes and long, straight hair just add to the allure of what is considered mathematically perfect.
No telling how many men have asked for her photo numbers, and how many customers she has turned down for dates. Let’s hope so, although the locals will surely miss her perfect smile on her perfect face.
The boys scramble to the target the LA power plant where Sebastiana€™s quick thinking to surround the plant with refrigerator trucks generates a cool zone, which diverts the missile to the desert. Soon the boys are bowing and scraping, learning the doa€™s and dona€™ts of proper table etiquette, and holding the door for each other, resulting in madcap mayhem.
In grateful thanks the city throws a party for the boys; clowning around on roller skates, Nacho lights his gas, which results in the missile turning around and zeroing in on him.
Back at the firehouse the boys suffer through various menial jobs without getting closer to becoming firefighters.
As they talk, the house flies overhead, accidentally snagged by the house movers on a low slung power line, and lands on its site in the new neighborhood.
The boys fly into their new attic home unseen by the family downstairs but eyed unhappily by Schizo the cat. Tow tracks down his missing a€?employeea€? and threatens Spark and Plug; they stammer and stutter but he doesna€™t listen to them as a huge, African elephant looms up behind him. The boys arrange a formal dinner for the Prince and Sasha; her atrocious table manners he finds cute, her crude language prompted by Nacho whispering in her ear makes him laugh. But when she criticizes the chimpa€™s dancing ability, the Prince sees her true nature and his heart turns cold; he follows the escape route laid out by the boys and Tow and Sasha are reunited.

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