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Known for their dusky skin, Indian women are considered to be a very elegant and exotic by most of the experts. They have a very feminine approach towards doing thing which makes them even more attractive as a woman. He writes about various subjects covering Social media, tech reviews, long distance relationships, health, etc. The list covers Blondes from Sweden, brunettes from Spain, dusky women from Brazil and elegant girls from India. Its stupid to have uniformity if its not needed like a person criticising art does not only compliment one form of art. In the streets of the Latvian capital, many beautiful women can be spotted wearing shorts and hot pants.
The best part about this country is that you can find blonde as well as black women in the same country. For many people, they might appear to be typical party women but they have several other impressive attributes too.

Although, they might appear to be more aggressive than the women of other countries but they are certainly the best women to hang around with.
They are extremely beautiful in looks and since they belong to the country of Love, France, they are very good lovers.
The diversity in cultures and a streamlined approach towards men makes the people work hard in order to mate with them. The blonde hair accompanied with blue eyes form a great platform for their beauty showcase. Brazil has dominated in the beauty pageants and this is the major reason why it stands at the third position in our list. They have a tanned skin and because of the fashion influence, they have a very good dressing sense. The glamour and glitz prevailing in the country encourages the women to stay close to fashion trends and remain beautiful. The blonde parades are quite common in the city of Riga where blonde women take place in a parade in the city which is held for a noble cause.

Hence, the Indian women rest at the seventh position in our list of the countries with most beautiful women. I have seen extraordinarily, extremely and very beautiful women from white, black, Asian-Indian, Pakistan, Russia, China, Thailand, etc, mixed race. Without that, it would be a duller place and without much beauty as there is not different types of looks.
Whether they have the features of other countries or not, it does not matter-it is the country’s beauty. Fair skinned isn’t always the most beautiful, the diversity of dark skin is very exotic and has produced some of the most exquisite and magnificent beauties.

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