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Snapchat, the service that lets users send photos and videos that automatically delete themselves 10 seconds after a recipient opens them, is a surprisingly versatile tool for people willing to get a little creative with it. While it has a reputation for being used by teenagers for sneakily sexting each other, the app has found use as a way to discretely message coworkers and to create some really awesome artwork.
We all know the struggle of wanting to snapchat something but where you are is too dark and the quality is terrible. There are now a bunch of animations that can change your face by warping it, making your eyes huge, have rainbows come out of your mouth or make you look like something out of a nightmare!

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With Michael McLean taking the reins at NTFL Club Warratah as coach for the next 3 seasons, he promising to rebuild the club from the ground up. Besides astonishing her audience with her incredibly detailed snapchat art, she has a weekly segment named SalliaScience where she performs and educates her viewers about science. The new section shows people you used to snap a lot but do not anymore, so go on and show them some love.

Drawing gives me something to focus on when I have nothing to do while alleviating my social anxiety.

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