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Expertise UK visa immigration family migration visa applications - leave to enter & remain in the UK. This entry was posted in GoGo Bars, LK Metro, Pattaya and tagged Crystal Club, Crystal Club Agogo, Crystal gogo bar by barspics. The 2015 Honda Click 125i has recently been released in Thailand with an attractive new design. Mechanically the new bike has the same liquid cooled 125cc engine as before with the same bore size, stroke and compression ratio. The main differences between the 2012 and 2015 Honda Click 125i bikes are not mechanical but exterior features. The previous model Honda Click 125i (2012-2014) cost 46,000 for the Tune Up model with steel spoke rims and without the combi-brake feature. The 2015 Honda Click 125i has 2 variants: Click (Spoke) 49,500 and Click Premium Sport (Cast) 54,500. Here is a calculation to consider upgrading from the previous 2012 model to the new 2015 Honda Click 125i. A used 2012 Honda Click 125i (Tune Up) will sell for 25,000 Baht privately or between 19,000-22,000 Baht trade in a Mityon dealer at time of purchasing the new bike. The advantages of buying a new motorcycle are; new warranty (up to 5 years), new tires, new engine, new gearbox and no undocumented history from previous owners. Upgrading to the new 2015 Honda Click 125i may be a more attractive option if your current motorcycle requires upcoming maintenance and registration costs. Thai Happy Ending Massage in Pattaya42,261 viewsHappy ending massage is a service that can be found at most massage parlors in Pattaya.
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Buying a New Honda Click 125i in Thailand12,071 viewsBuying a new Honda Click 125i in Thailand is an easy process and can be completed from start to finish in a few hours.
Buying a New Honda PCX 150 in Thailand9,465 viewsBuying a new Honda PCX 150 in Thailand is an easy process and can be completed in under a few hours. 2015 Honda Click 125i Review7,666 viewsThe 2015 Honda Click 125i has recently been released in Thailand with an attractive new design.
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The new motorbike replaces the previous Honda Click 125i model that was released 3 years ago in 2012.
The V-Matic gearbox continuously variable transmission with v-belt and electrical system are also the same as the previous 2012 model. There is a new instrument cluster (LCD digital meter) to display the odometer, speed, fuel gauge, turn signals etc. The headlamp is a slimmer shape and the LED lights produce a much whiter light (color temperature 5,000 Kelvin) compared to the 2012 models yellowish halogen globes (around 3,500 Kelvin). The Idling stop variant was the most expensive 52,500 and included the combi brake feature and 5 spoke cast wheels. The price difference between the 2 models is 5,000 Baht and is the cost difference for the cast wheels. The following values will rely on base model values: the 2012 (Tune Up) and the 2015 (Spoke). Buy the new bike for 50,700 and also 2 residency certificates from Immigration Jomtien 600 Baht (300 Baht each). The happy ending is generally performed at the end of an oil massage and is a handjob, blowjob or sex. Finding a good supplier of steroids, peptides of HGH with 100's of pharmacies can be frustrating and time wasting.
The Honda Click 125i is a very popular motorcycle in Thailand and can be purchased from Honda retailers all over the country. The Honda PCX 150 is a popular motorcycle in Thailand and a more powerful alternative than the new Honda Click 125i. To renew the motorcycle registration, go into the shopping center and up one of the escalators. A used motorcycle 2-3 years old in good condition will cost around 50% of the price of a new one. The majority of these shops operate in small garages and appear to have less than enough room to move around and work comfortably.
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Idle stop is now included for both the 2015 variants; Cast and Spoke, whereas the 2012-2014 Tune Up model did not have the Idle switch.
Both the 2012 and 2015 model use the same front single piston caliper and rear drum brakes.
The prices are only for the bike and around 1,200 Baht was also added to these prices to pay for registration, insurance and name transfer.
The tire tread pattern is also different between the Spoke and Cast option as seen in the photo below.
The disadvantages are: the upgrade price of 26,300 Baht, immediate depreciation on purchasing the new vehicle (perhaps 5,000 Baht + name transfers) and potential damage and scratches caused by careless people. This is potentially 15% of the bikes current value and the brand new bike won’t require this maintenance.
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