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The Recipes Made Breezy campaign was developed at Y&R California by chief creative officer Mimi Cook, creative directors Ronny Northrop and Michael Fiore, art director Alex Anderson, copywriter Emma Genevieve Brooke, producer Jake Baruch and senior account executive Kaitlyn Osborn-Brown. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film.
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Last week, Steven Heller covered Quentin Fiore, designer of books by the medieval-minded media theorist Marshall McLuhan and the yuppie-brained Yippie leader Jerry Rubin.
Michael Dooley is the creative director of Michael Dooley Design and teaches History of Design, Comics, and Animation at Art Center College of Design and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In this workshop, you will learn how design a digital portfolio to highlight your skills and wow potential clients or employers.
Argento's most well known films, Suspiria and Deep Red, are still being emulated almost 30 years after their production, and understandably so. There are many examples of solid blacks in this transfer and shadow detail remains consistently good throughout.    Compression artefacts are nowhere to be seen, as they should be.
A filmmaker's commentary is also selectable via the extras menu, and is encoded at a slightly higher bitrate than the feature's audio.
The performances by Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence are first class and the direction is often imitated, but never replicated. This is rogue, vaudevillian-style entertainment which celebrates the voice, punctuated by exciting cross-genre collaborations. The book opens with text and images printed in black, which shortly shifts to the upper half of the page as upside-down green comes to graze along the bottom.
Once back to the beginning, your eyes are prompted to follow a single-line overview—pre-reminiscent of a Jenny Holzer LED display—that flows through the page centers, again running first in black and—flip!—then in green. He is also a Print contributing editor and writes on art and design for a variety of publications. The Italian director's unique style is instantly recognisable and combines amazing visual elements that lend themselves to an incredible visual atmosphere.
A little grain can be seen here and there, but the most visible and eye-catching grain is evident during the slow motion special effects shot at 6:16.
Many of the other extras are the same as this Region 4 disc, and the video transfer is similarly non-anamorphic.    The Region 2 UK release is also non-anamorphic, but has only mono audio. One Ounce is dedicated to re-imagining opera in unexpected spaces, adding OOO to the forefront of the alt-classical revolution.

He was a geodesic guru to Whole Earth Catalog hippies, and was recently resurrected with an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that honored his lasting legacy. Rhythmic builds and variations in type and layout ease you through the pages while clever and often humorous visual juxtapositions surprise and engage you.
The whole experience feels like having gained access to an ever-expanding, free-form wellspring of information… only in print rather than online.
The Recipes Made Breezy show was inspired by traditional cooking shows, with a Vine to open and close the work, three different recipe Vines, and even a “commercial break” Vine for Blue Diamond’s new Almond Breeze Iced Coffee. In a trend that is similar to many other renowned horror directors, Argento spent much of his childhood alone and sick, learning to enjoy little interaction with other children. A significant amount, if not all of the dialogue in this film has been re-recorded in post production. A keen reader from a very young age, he picked up a volume containing the works of morbid poet Edgar Allen Poe, which steered him in the direction we find him today. Aliasing is well controlled and doesn't present any real problems during the film.    There is no subtitle stream on this disc. Feature Commentary - Dario Argento (Director), Claudio Simonetti (Composer), Sergio Stivaletti (Special Effects)     This is an informative and entertaining commentary, with some very interesting insights into the making of this film and its score. English subtitles are included, and the feature has a slightly longer runtime of 111 minutes (PAL).
All four of the gents speak in English, and although some of them do have problems with the odd word and phrase the commentary flows quite smoothly. Judging by other reviews, the additional footage is pretty superficial and of no real concern. A number of young women have disappeared recently and a serial killer is cited as the culprit, making the atmosphere at the school tense to say the least.
The transitional pause is noticeably placed in a scene change that omits part of Pleasence's dialogue. Argento discusses his disappointment with the original releases of the film in the United States that were retitled and cut without his consent.
Jennifer's sleepwalking problem only makes matters worse, and the staff at the school are less than sympathetic with her condition - labelling her as a diabolic nuisance. To be specific, the first half of the word "diabolic" is omitted during the layer transition.
The similarities between this and Argento's earlier film Suspiria are also raised, which Argento puts down to his obsession with strict all-girl schools.

While out for a stroll one evening she meets wheelchair bound entomologist McGregor (Donald Pleasence), an expert in the field of insects, who helps her realise her unique ability to relate and communicate freely with all kinds of creepy crawlies. I tested this layer change on several machines and found the result to be the same, regardless of brand or buffer. I was most surprised to hear Argento comment that he likes bits and pieces of his films, however he is generally dissatisfied with his efforts as a filmmaker and could not name a single film in his career that he likes from beginning to end.
With the help of the Doctor and his chimpanzee assistant, Jennifer hits upon a method to catch the killer using her little insect friends. Argento speaks in his native Italian here, while an English translation speaks over the top of him.
Documentary - Dario Argento - An Eye For Horror (56:48)     This is a well made documentary, following the life and career of Argento from his childhood, through his work as a movie critic and into his early work in the industry as a script writer for Sergio Leoni. Each of his major feature films are touched upon, as well as a number of his more obscure projects and collaborations. An array of recognisable celebrities lend themselves to this biography, including filmmakers John Carpenter and George Romero, actor Michael Brandon, his ex-wife and former muse Daria Nicolodi, actress Jessica Harper and horror fan Alice Cooper.
Members of his family also offer their thoughts on his visual style, enduring popularity and work ethic, most notably his brother Claudio and daughters Asia and Fiore. Behind The Scenes Featurettes (12:22)     This is in fact two short featurettes joined together, each covering different aspects of the special effects. Music Video - Phenomena Theme by Claudio Simonetti (4:00)     The video quality here is pretty poor, but the direction by Argento is unmistakable. A lot of this footage isn't present in the film and was likely to have been shot specifically for this promotional piece. Music Video - Valley by Bill Wyman (4:00)      The first assistant director Michele Soavi directed this promo video, using excerpts from the feature and moody shots of Wyman holding his bass guitar. Although the musical piece works well in the film, as a four minute tune it's pretty monotonous stuff. Theatrical Trailer (2:35)     This is a typical trailer of the period that gives away a little of the plot of the film, but focuses more on the shocking imagery contained therein. Trailers for other must-see Argento films The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, The Cat 'O Nine Tails, Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) and Tenebrae are also included.

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