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If you are from a different region than someone else they'll probably say you have an accent. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader. Being a Canadian from Toronto, currently living in Ottawa, I was curious to see what this would reveal – and it’s pretty neat!
I took this over the weekend and it pinpointed me to Richmond which is where I was born and raised! I had difficulty answering the questions, as I had many answers for a bunch of the questions. Words are often interchangeable for me, and I adapt my word selection based on where I am and with whom I am. I took the quiz a couple times because my cities were no where close to anywhere I’ve ever lived!
I’m from New Zealand, but apparently my accent is most like those of New York, Yonkers and Philadelphia. It said i have an accent from the North East, which is weird because i grew up and live in Deep East Texas! It was freakily accurate for me…my cities were all in California, which is where I live now, but Michigan and New York, where I grew up and where my family is from, were just as red. Having grown up in NY, schooled in Wisconsin, tons of family from Memphis, and now living in Seattle, I thought it’d never ping me.
Please revise your colours in English below and click on the link to listen to my free British Accent Podcast on the subject.
A post on Facebook the other night led me to this random quiz: What American Accent Do You Have?
I’m from Wisconsin and now live in Michigan and, to me, vague and bag totally rhyme. Oh, and I didn’t think you sounded like you had a Boston accent when you were here, but now that it was mentioned, definitely a yes on the mila kunis thing. Just a bit off – I was raised in Pittsburgh until I was 13, lived in central PA until I was 25 and have lived in central FL for more than 25 years. My accent might be hard to figure out but certain words give me away as being from Pittsburgh – gumband instead of rubber band, crick instead of creek (although it is spelled creek) and my football team sounds more like Stillers than Steelers. Inland North for this Maryland girl, but then my mom is from Michigan and my dad is from Illinois. Northeastern New York City is the greatest city in the world--therefore, you have the greatest accent in the world!
Glasgow born and New York based photographer, film maker and director, David Eustace is known for his strong accent, powerful images and passion. I’m hoping to continue to breathe and appreciate life more and more each day and hopefully through my work inspire, encouragea nd allow others to dream as I do. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I suppose that can be good because it makes you speak really clearly - but it sounds like so much effort! In almost every country, the rural areas are more slack in their language skills, while the urban areas are more uptight.

Which you’d hope, considering this quiz comes from the New York Times (and is adapted from some data from Harvard). It may ask some different questions each time, so results may vary if you take it more than once.
But I’ve lived most of my life in the Vancouver -Canada area and I got northern Washington state, so as close as possible.
I thought for sure that both of those things would have impacted my speech patterns at least a little!
I was born and have always lived in Seattle, and it gave me Spokane, Portland and… somewhere else nearby as my answers. I was raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and we spent a lot of time in Louisiana so that is so accurate. One of the cities that relates most to me is Colorado Springs, and I’ve grown up in Colorado for over 10 years! For the second quiz my map was the darkest in Virginia (with Richmond being one of my 3 similar cities), Missouri, and around where Georgia, Alabama, and Florida meet. It pinpointed Irving, which is a suburb of Dallas, even though I’ve lived in Dallas my entire life. I live in Newfoundland so our accents around here sound a bit Irish – well guess what city came up in my results? Since we’ve always been fans of completely non-scientific online quizzes, why not take it for a spin, right?
Sherry has been pinned as New Jersey, New York, and even as South Carolina or Canada, but never Boston. Born and raised in Wisconsin, lived in Minnesota for nine years now, five of those full time (post-college). Born and raised in South Jersey, with the slightest Central PA muddle from going to college there. Ok, I don’t think the quiz really works well for non-Americans but what accent sees bag and vague rhyme? I try to use a short a instead of a long one when saying bag, but I guess old habits die hard. I think John says Mary and marry the same way and merry a little differently (meh-ree instead of mah-ree). I know i talk with an accent only when i go to other places, im accent compared to some people here is hardly anything! When I lived in Michigan and traveled other places, I never got called out for having an accent. One poor girl in my class just couldn’t escape his ridicule (good-natured, of course). Do you not say unwords not on this unday with unspeaking it with a long sound and not an unsouthern accent or not?
Since it's a neutral accent, just because you have a Midland accent doesn't mean you're from the Midland.
Always on the move we managed to track him down to take a look at the Hungry Eye Quiz and come up with a serious of typically concise answers.
I suppose it only sounds that way because Australians have a very relaxed way of pronunciation.

For instance, I was born and raised right outside of Washington DC (and near Arlington, VA). Hm… Maybe i talk differently in my head while reading questions than out loud, because i have had strangers while overseas guess i was Texan. Closest to the border was the darkest red, which is right, but I’m from Ottawa, which is far away from the west coast.
But it also pinpointed Brownsville, the very bottom tip of Texas, where the majority of my grandparent’s families are from, the border-towns of Texas. I sat back as Sherry took the quiz and answered most questions the same way I did, expecting to see the same evaluation. Most of the time I don’t think I sound like I have an accent, but now and then I catch myself drawing out my Os like only a MinnesOOOOtan can! Maybe they pronounce vague differently to us so it makes more sense, but that one had me stumped.
I was born in Louisiana and currently live in Baton Rouge, LA but I lived up North during my elementary school days. Imagine getting a grammar lesson from Michael Keaton wearing mesh deck shoes and holding a coffee mug and that’s pretty much Mr. And, yes, I realize it says midland is a neutral accent, which is the same thing, but we Californians don't like being lumped in with them.
Although I grew up in eastern PA, my parents are from California and must have influenced me a lot because my reddest zone was the Bay Area, with some redness in the area I spent my childhood.
Add to that the fact that all the American TV stations I watched growing up in Ottawa were Rochester ones and you have a surprisingly accurate result…for a Canadian. Anyways… Oddly enough I am planning on moving to the west coast next year (Vancouver)… And the last quiz (the one you guys posted) I did also had west coast! A few summers ago I was in California for a friend’s wedding, and they teased me about my accent, which only made it come out more strongly because I was self-conscious.
Ditto for my husband– both of us only pick the accents back up when we’re mad or have had a few extra drinks! My kindergarten graduation video has us reading little books (I went to private school) and you could hear the people in the audience laughing at my accent. But being around people with strong Boston accents, I don’t think I sound like that at all. I always have a thousand ideas running around in my head which need to be finalised such as a possible portrait of the architect Oscar Niemeyer in Rio de Janiero and a personal trip to either India or Nepal to make a new body of work. I also lived in New England for years and Pacific Northwest the last 9 years, and I’ve picked up some words in each place. I think Sherry repeated Mary, marry, and merry about 20 times before deciding that she said them all a little differently. I took a linguistics class my senior year of college and totally missed my calling for analyzing language. I also call the entry and exits to the highways and on-ramp and off-ramp but that wasn’t an option.

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