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You Are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder is featured in Wonder-ful, the twenty-first episode of Season Four. After Burt, Carole, and Kurt find out that Burt is in remission and his tumour has disappeared, Kurt is more than delighted and brings him to the Choir Room.
Blaine enjoys Kurt's solo as much as Burt does and at the end of the song, Kurt grabs his father to dance with him. This is the first time Kurt sings in the choir room since You Get What You Give in Goodbye.
When you’re done putting all that Thug In It, would ya mind putting some Back Into It and moving that couch for me? Brought it all and then left it there because it was too hot to pick up and put back on the bus by the time they were done. So now it was the last competition of the season in Clarksville and over at the Dollhouse, Miss D was getting right down to bidnez because this one was gonna be a big deal. For the first time this season, they would be coming face to face with one of their biggest rivals, the Divas of Olive Branch. At this week’s competition, the Dolls would only be competing in the Stand Battle category. As the girls got to rehearsing their Stands, the Mamas were all outside on the sidewalk getting equally as aggressive. As the Mamas all came to the realization that this was the final competition of the season and that Sunjai and Kayla were rapidly approaching their final year as Dolls, Tina announced that Kayla had just signed up for a college tour.

Somehow the whole thing quickly escalated into Tina assuming that Selonce was judging her as a parent. Selonce did all the hand choreography from Single Ladies again that she does whenever they fight.
Hall Monitor Mimi started working up some pretty sweet cartoon MimiFaces and knew she’d have to activate Peace Maker Mode pretty soon. Just a little something that flashed into my mind as Tina flipped over the couch that JJ had worked so hard at delivering last week. As the Red One stormed down the strip mall sidewalk tipping over cars and snapping off fire hydrants, Mimi scooted after her like any friend would do. Back inside, as sectional furniture was flying around the parking lot, Dianna was losing her own noodle on the girls. Helenor was the Coach for the Dazzlin Starz, which nobody still seemed to know, even though they showed up with plenty of people in yellow tee shirts. My boy Quincy Oliver had added at least one busload of girls to the Prancing Tigerettes roster since we last saw him, as did Neva, which brought her own Divas of Olive Branch headcount to about 85 sparkly onesies. Neva brought along one of those paper fans that Kenya Moore kept snapping in everyone’s face during the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show a few months ago. Quincy brought along some new quasi-Eddie Munster hair, which may or may not have actually been growing out of his own head.
After Miss D finished up and the building pumped enough pure oxygen back into the auditorium to revive the audience, the Dazzlin Starz faced off against the Divas of Olive Branch in the first Stand Battle.

Side note:  Props to Selonce for working a glue gun like a Boss and making those individual fuzzy boa signs for all the Mamas. Even Dianna wasn’t very happy, because she had hoped to finally even the score with the Divas of Olive Branch and show those stinky puppets a thing or two.
That also meant that the final Stand Battle would be the Dancing Dolls going up against whoever those Dazzlin Starz girls were. Miss D couldn’t believe how the girls had taken the initiative to practice and learn the Stands after such wobbly practices. The Mamas had all raised some amazing daughters that were growing into some amazing young adults. He decided to dedicate this song towards Burt due to the fact that he used to sing the song to Kurt when he was younger, putting a smile on his face. Marley, Kitty, and Tina get up and assist Kurt with the song while doing a little back-up dance. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Old Frames Ajs Trash2treasure Blog interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.

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