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In an effort to win him over, you'll worry about when and how you should be making contact, as well as what you should say when you talk to your ex again.
Breakups are always different, but the reconciliation process always starts the same way: re-establishing contact with your ex boyfriend. Many women are faced with the same problem after a breakup: My ex boyfriend hasn't called me.
Before worrying about whether or not you should get in touch with your ex, you'll first need to establish a situation in which your boyfriend misses you. Many women are worried that not showing an interest in your ex boyfriend will cause him to not show any future interest in you, but in actuality the opposite effect takes place.
Instead of sitting around wondering why my ex boyfriend hasn't called me, you should be creating an atmosphere in which he needs to call you. This is easy once you learn some simple reversal tricks designed specifically to get HIM chasing after YOU, instead of the other way around.
Establishing that you've moved on is made all the more effective when you've completely stopped talking to your ex. The no contact rule means just that - no communication with your ex in any way, shape, or form.
When you first break up, staying completely silent is the only way to get your ex interested in what you're doing again. After getting dumped, it's not uncommon to struggle with the question of initiating contact.

If you're sitting by the phone wondering why my ex boyfriend hasn't called me yet, it's because he needs some space.
There are several methods you can use to accomplish this, and there are some really great techniques for making him curious about you again.
For even more help, the following two resources give excellent step-by-step advice on exactly how you can get back with your ex boyfriend. The proven 4-step strategy detailed by Cucan Pemo has already helped tens of thousands of couples reverse their break up and move forward with strong, healthy relationships.Learn how to get your ex to come back to you by reversing his thinking, and to prevent future break ups by recognizing the signs and signals that your relationship is in trouble. No matter what your current situation, these fast-working techniques are designed to win your boyfriend back by reversing his current emotional process. Our beautiful friend, Abby, is going crazy because her boyfriend almost never calls her or texts her, and she's wondering what it means.
One of our gorgeous readers, Emma, has been dating a guy for five months who suddenly told her that he needed some space, and then subsequently disappeared.
We aren't officially together yet but we have both expressed the interest in being officially together. These are choices, not excuses, not reasons, not subconscious dilemmas or long-thought out processes. One of our many beautiful friends, who has chosen to remain anonymous (she has signed her letter "So Regretful"), is wondering if the emotional text that she sent to him caused their relationship to end.
If you call him or text him when you haven't heard from him, it won't change the way he feels about you, it won't change whether or not he was going to call you anyway.

Zan on I'm More Confused Than EverBrigette on My Boyfriend Barely Ever Calls or Textsdarla on Will He Ever Want a Committed Relationship? Our letter this week comes from our gorgeous friend Hannah, who is going through exactly that.
She adores him but he isn't sure and she moves out of his home in November 2014 and they take a break so he can get his head straight and decide what he wants.
He works night shift and has to work most weekends with his job and lives a hour and a half away. He said he never stopped thinking about me and although he has a girlfriend  he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Everyone seems to have a different answer for you, with different reasons to back them up and different way of letting you know. The original GIF Tumblr that takes our every day feelings and expresses them in a simple but completely poignant GIF.
After 8 months of asking when I would be able to see him, I pushed the point and we finally met for lunch. But behind all this confusion, lies a simple basic truth that has always been the same, that will never change regardless of what our culture chooses to do.

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