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It’s been a little while since we resurrected our Love Series penned by the uber talented Megan McCarty. In the photo, it was propped on his windowsill, overlooking the neighbors that I once called neighbors – including that b-word Betty, who would constantly leave hand-scribbled notes on my car, even though it was a public street and we could all park there, ya hear me Betty? This was so amazing to read as someone who recently went through a break up with someone I truly loved. But this little plant with its delicious little leaves (what can I say – we both really love a caprese salad) in one little text whispered so much about how I’ve navigated life post-breakup. I struggled with how to cope with this one, it felt so different to other splits but I too have found solace in cleaning out my house and giving away the things that no longer serve me any happiness.
Because even if we’ve been coupled up for quite awhile (can you believe I blogged about my wedding 6 years ago!), we can always relate to these types of stories.

When going got rough, and boy did it get tiptoeing-around-each-other-level rough, and we weren’t taking care of ourselves or each other, we still made sure that little guy had a healthy share of sunlight and water. In the months and more months since our anguished and necessary split, the basil upgraded from a plastic cup to a ceramic planter and is greener than ever. Living in my own place again gave me the opportunity to comb through everything I owned and had easily lived without during our relationship. I love your insight on the positive side of being alone and doing things just for you and only you! Though it also looks like it had survived a rough winter, as its leaves have been pared down, and it’s just now stretching to the sky again. I’m not the type to cry over movie ticket stubs and rip up photos of us or chop off my hair after a breakup, but I will clean the hell out of my house and make a few trips to Goodwill to unload.

But after I licked my wounds and propped my chin back up and let time do its healing voodoo, everything took on a new perspective.
Ordering whichever pizza I wanted, not the one with the all the meats and all the peppers that he knew I hated.

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