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According to Hamamat, her ex-boyfriend was quick to publicize their relationship because he is a public figure and enjoyed the attention of the media. Asked if her husband was rich like her ex-boyfriend, she said, “We are blessed, we are happy.
After the arrest, however, Burton began calling Melissa in the middle of the night begging for one, simple thing from her – a hug. Eventually, Melissa capitulated, and when she went out to give Burton what he wanted, he came at her with a knife, stabbing her 19 times in the head, neck and face and 13 times in her hands and arms as she attempted self-defense.
Once he believed he’d succeeded in taking her life, he got into his car and drove away.

Most people would try to forget a nightmare like what Melissa’s been through and burry it behind them. One of the brave men called to Melissa’s rescue following the attack was Cameron Hill, a handsome Florida firefighter. As Content Director for PressRoomVIP and Best Animals In The World Trevor Pittinger is in charge of curating, producing and editing all things current, cuddly or Kardashian.
This man used to live with the media, he wanted them to know everything and it was just too much for me”.
But it turns out it was also the same night Melissa first met the love of her life, the man she’s now happily married to.

In his role, Trevor is involved in formulating editorial strategy for both verticals in order to deliver ideal, digestible content to audiences searching their feed for the perfect thing to click on.

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