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Off and on: Prince Harry is believed to be back with Florence Brudenell-BruceSpencer claimed to The People newspaper that he knows 25-year-old Florence well and has heard that she and the prince are still romantically linked. Prince Harry ended his short romance with Flee after just two months and sources revealed that the prince just didn't want to be 'tied down'. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Jordan, a gorgeously cute, freckled blonde, was looking to have her phone line installed so off we go to do what we do best, satisfy the customer. Sex with the cable guy--it's a fantasy that has become a regular sexual obsession in our society, especially among bored housewives and other stay-at-homes. What I was really hoping for this story was find someone who had actually had sex with the cable guy. Also for "research purposes," I spent a bunch of time commuting to local porn shops and surfing YouPorn(NSFW!) and Gamelink(NSFW!).
Alexis was having some trouble with her phone jack and scheduled a date for the cable guy crew to come in and have a look.
Before I go, let me ask you this: Have you ever had sex with the cable guy, fantasized about it, or know anyone who has?
Finally, the conditions under which cable repairs were and are done at sea are such that it is quite unlikely that anything shown in the picture could happen.
I don’t think I would want to have any type of sexual relationship with someone who never comes when they say they will.

I think now that a lot of the women were watching porn about the sexy cable guy and this gave them the idea!
Porn can be ok … but why not date, find singles from online dating, date, connect and build a relationship too.
Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Miss Brudenell-Bruce, who used to go out with Formula 1's Jenson Button, is said to have been visited by Harry at her father's A?2.5million home in Notting Hill, West London.
After looking at the disastrous mess of cable and wires at her place it was obvious to me, we didn't have the right equipment to do the job. There's just something about blue collar man in uniform coming over in the middle of the day when the kids are at school and the husband is at work to satisfy all your entertainment needs--TV, Internet, daytime sex with a stranger. She also points out that, with the increase in the number of female cable people, there could be a secret lesbian angle to the fantasy, too. I didn't find any lesbian cable porn, but I did find that most cable guy porn had pretty basic story lines. After ringing the doorbell a few times with no answer, we thought we would have a peek in the window before leaving.
Ever uttered words like "Let's establish a connection between my dick and your lips" or "Do you like my tight little pussy cable boy"? They were either coaxial in the pre-fiber optic days, or else fiber-optic with a few (maybe 10) fibers after that point.

I’m still not sure if it really happened (I did not pull his nut sack in exchange for free cable) –but next month who knows??????? Throwing Money In Wal-Mart, Turning Down $40 Million From Roc Nation, Supports Donald Trump? Jordan, however, had a different job on her mind and I definitely had the right tool to take care of that.
There are pornos with titles like Cable Guy Sex and Blue Collar Butthole (yes, the latter is gay porn) and Time Warner even produced a promotional calendar last year that featured 12 hot hunky cable guys with bulging muscles doing things like, cooking a delicious meal for you in their hard hat. Keep reading for more cable guy porn scenarios and to read about my ongoing quest to find out whether sex with the cable guy actually happens.
Looks like someone forgot the cable guy was coming over because Alexis was in the middle of a hot masturbation session when we knocked on the bedroom window.
I even posted a note on Craigslist asking for people who had had sex with the cable guy to email me, but nobody wrote in. I guess we came at the perfect time because when she opened the door, the only "jack" Alexis was interested in, was jack-ing my cock. Does sex with the cable guy actually happen, or is it a fantasy that doesn't translate well in real time?

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