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We never even came close to it – in fact we fought about when he might actually be ready to do it – and now he’s getting hitched to some chick he’s known six months.
You only have to look at Hollywood’s dating track record to see that rebound marriages have about a snowball’s chance in hell of working out, but many guys do this. I was with my ex-ex for 7 years and in the end, he couldn't work out if I was the love of his life or not. There is only one rule, it should be funny, you can submit your own tweet or one you think is funny. Ex MBGN, Adaeze talkss about getting married early to her footballer Beau, Joseph Yobo in December 2009. Few things bite more than a non-committal ex who gets engaged before the dust has barely settled on his last break-up. It’s like they’re playing a big game of marital musical chairs, and when the music stops, they finally stop faffing about and settle down, even if it’s with someone they barely know.
Look on the bright side: somewhere out there, is a guy other women have tirelessly trained up into decent boyfriend material. We have 2 beautiful little boys together and are still friends for the sake of our children.

The man I PLANNED to marry… who swept me off my feet and made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, until the month before i left him (because he just changed.
Adaeze was 19 years old at that time and gave birth to the couple’s first child in April 2010.
We broke up a year ago, on Valentine’s Day (he always had crappy timing) and he just rang me to announce that he’s getting married.
Unless of course, it’s a newly-engaged ex who can’t wait to get on the phone to ruin your day with his big news (don’t you just hate people who gloat). Chances are they now think he’s a total bastard – but he could just be your Mr Right, because in the dating realm that’s just how the cookie crumbles. When my youngest was a newborn he was cheating on me and was never home helping with either I kicked him out fast. It seems like my life is stuck on repeat, I date long term, and then suddenly people change, and I’m back at square one, wondering when it will be my turn to find someone who wants to be commited to me for a life time.
3 Months after I mustered the courage to leave, he moved out on his own… and as for the rest, well, he is still working on that. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

When I knew he was a footballer, I said to myself this relation­ship might not work or lead us anywhere, because of the lifestyle of some footballerswho have so many girlfriends. I NEVER, EVER, EVER thought he would commit so fast, marriage didn’t seem to be on the top of his to-do list… but what would I know?
I have never regretted any moment with my husband and I always say to my sisters and cousins that I don’t know what I could have been without my hus­band. But no theories change the fact that women who put in the hard yards to turn a dude who’s rough around the edges into decent husband material are often left behind while the next girl reaps the benefits. A lot of people thought it wasn’t going to work but at that moment, I knew I felt something I had never felt with anyone in my life and I said to myself, why not take that chance? I’m quite prayerful , so I knew there’s no way I could err, though I never planned getting married so early.

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