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Okay so my ex, lauren just texted me and said "sorry for acting shady after everything, i hope your doing okay. Heres the deal, shes sexy i would like to make sexy time with her still but dont want a relationship, is it beta if i txt her back? Instead, the unnamed, disgruntled guy texted his now ex a list of six reasons he was dumping her, after dating for less than two months. Both of the no-longer-lovers are unknown, but the women spoke to an Australian news website, ninemsn, about her ex.
I've been MIA these past days because I go back to school tomorrow and figured I should get out and do some stuff.
Temple Grandin: How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World by Sy Montgomery (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2012.
Bomb: The Race to Build-- and Steal -- The World's Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin (Roaring Book Press, 2012. Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show by Michael Buckley, ill by Dan Santat (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2012. From eating, to bathing, to sleeping, Buckley takes the ordinary day of a child and turns it into something special.
Great interpretation of what it means to be friends and how friends take care of each other. Tom’s no Harry Potter but he tries to stand up for himself and his friends by taking on the authority. Wyatt is my absolute favorite - though I did start to get more interested in Medusa by the end.
I think students will be able to relate to both Wyatt and Vik but not sure what they’ll think of Yuri.
I wonder if she’s back in the story more because she’ll be a bigger part in the next one?
What bothered me most about this book was it seemed to support the very things it was against. This list was posted on Twitter by the dumpee’s friend, Amy Nelmes, from Sydney, Australia.
I’ll be assisting with a Battle of the Book team, overseeing our 3rd Annual One Book, One School read complete with AUTHOR VISIT, and possibly creating my very own multi-school Mock Newbery book club!!!

Sure, each year after her dance recital her dad, my ex, takes a few pictures of us together to add to his annual calendar Christmas gift. Teachers like them for concise examples of concepts that they can read and use the same day.
This humorous story takes place underwater as that cool looking guppy on the cover tries to hide so he can keep the hat he found. Often, in a first book, the main character still goes through the entire journey (like Book of Three or Wrinkle in Time). I like the way the relationship has built between Tom and Medusa and will be interested in seeing if they can overcome. In section 3 I mentioned how much I liked Blackburn, and then he totally crashed and burned.
I think he’ll have a bigger role to play - but maybe that's just me reading into his behaviors and comparing him to Blackburn. I was also bothered by the way it seemed to use negative examples to support it’s points. Certainly not what I normally manage to attract, so I thought I was onto something,” she said. Realistically, due to committees and other club reading I've already committed to, I'll have to spread this out. Students like them because it eases some of the stress of middle school like: the testing, the teasing, the trying to figure out what how you want to be known. I was able to accept it as part of the brain destruction that occurred with his neural implant, I guess.
Taking the book as a whole (and assuming that some of those themes continue into Vortex), I think I’m more happy with how those themes played out.
We each had a different part of the story since my posts consisted of my thoughts and her reactions while hers were the opposite. Lori stuck it out with me as I fumbled through the process and always responded quickly, despite the looming holidays!
9780547443157.) I actually listened to this one so I should also give credit to Meredith Mitchell, the narrator. But, this year, they were out taking thier family pics (he's remarried and they have 2  beautiful young girls) and Dancer texted to see if I wanted to come take pics with her!

That’s not completely uncommon, the Lord of the Rings series takes all 3 books to complete the journey as well. It made the danger of tampering with the human brain more real to me - as did what happened to his family.
I agree, though, I’m more satisfied with character changes when I can see them coming. The fun grew out of just responding to each book in whatever way the book moved us.  We'll be guest posting over at the Nerdy Book Club blog to talk more about this! I've got a few new features I had her create buttons for and can't wait to share them!PS: If you previously branded yourself - don't forget to update your favicon, gravatar and profile pics. What I loved about this book was the way Montgomery interspersed facts about autism with Grandin's story. I help students move toward more global themes or overarching connections in everything we do - and they get it.
Learning about how her dad wanted her sent away and then listening to some behavorial issues some autistic children may exhibit sort of put a face to the information and made it real. That was my first thought, but she convinced me and I went out and the photographer snapped a few of us! Yes, I also insist the back up those ideas with specifics,but I do tend toward getting the global insight first. And they left me with questions of how these things could come about - which I should have been able to see in the story - instead much of it was just told to me. When I read a book and think about using it for a class, I ask myself those kinds of questions.
This story is intense and filled with accounts of physicists and spies trying to help their country or, in some cases, another country, win World War II.
If the individual pieces are exceedingly lovely (Seraphina, I’m looking at you), I absolutely notice it.

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