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Discover how to save time and money, by managing your finances and overseas transactions with ease. Find your new international career, or simply keep an eye on vacancies, with Expatica Jobs.
Florent Vaudelin, fondateur de My Expat, explique comment ce service unique et innovant, accompagne les expatries du monde entier avec les projets qu’ils ont a organiser en France.
My Expat propose tous les types de services allant de l’organisation d’un projet immobilier, la resolution d’un probleme juridique par exemple : trouver une assurance sante pour expatrie, organiser sa declaration d’impot en France ou analyser ses droits a la retraite, etc… Un demande qui revient regulierement touche a l’immobilier expatries :  comment investir dans l’immobilier en France alors que je suis a l’etranger ?
Apres avoir vecu et travaille 3 ans a New York, j’ai conserve depuis un lien tres fort avec les USA, ou j’ai egalement conserve de nombreux liens avec des collegues, des amis et aujourd’hui des clients. Les USA sont particuliers dans la mesure ou nous ne pouvons pas proposer de placements financiers en France, mais beaucoup decident de se tourner vers l’immobilier. Le service est tres bien percu par les expatries et nous travaillons aujourd’hui avec plus d’une cinquantaine de clients repartis entre le les USA, le Bresil, la Thailande, Singapour, Bali ou encore l’Australie. Et la est toute la competence de My Expat : nous adapter a chaque situation en dematerialisant un maximum les procedures pour l’expatrie. Expatrie depuis ma naissance et ayant vecu 2 expatriations a titre personnel, j’habite aujourd’hui en France avec la volonte d’apporter un vrai service aux expatries francais.
Cette enquete, reservee aux expatries Francais, est associee a un jeu concours pour lequel les repondants au sondage peuvent gagner une carte cadeau de 100€ valable sur (voir le detail dans le reglement du jeu concours). Born into a family of engineers in Romania, actress Ann Pirvu developed an interest in poetry, history and the vibrancy of European art and culture.
My family and I moved to Canada when I was 12 years old, from the beautiful European country of Romania. At the same time, coming to Canada taught me to appreciate diversity and crafted my positive, can-do attitude in life.
I watched my parents completely change their professions, often working multiple jobs to make ends meet… they just did it.
I think the hardest part was watching my parents struggle during our adjustment period in those first 5 or 6 years.
I come from a family of engineers (yup, all three other members of my family have an engineering background, so naturally I had to be an actor.
They just did what they had to do, and even though this is part of adjusting to life in a new country… it made me want to work that much harder in anything that I did. I spent two months living in California a few years back, which gave me a good idea of what eventually splitting my time between LA, Toronto and Vancouver will be like. Expect the unexpected (stay open and flexible) and be prepared to work hard, but don’t be afraid to ask for help!!
Maintaining an openness to new ways of doing things, while still being connected to my roots and my culture has been the most helpful approach in adapting.
At the same time, I’m immensely grateful for the Canadian mentality towards immigration, where diversity is celebrated and even encouraged.
Share anything else about your expat life that you’d like us to hear about your experience living abroad.

Did anyone ever in the whole history of the world do renovations and come out the other side saying ‘Mmm, what a pleasant surprise, that cost less than I expected’? Much worse than the inevitable eye-watering cost of absolutely everything when you’re renovating, is the dirt and disruption that it causes. In the last few weeks Hugh and I have been trekking up and down the country (mostly up), on a series of University Offers Days. Having been to a few I have now become familiar with the general format of these open days. Someone from the academic staff tells you why their university is the best, someone from admissions tells you how easy the admissions procedure is, someone from accommodation tells you how great and varied their accommodation is and someone from the Student Union tells you how caring, supportive and FUN!!! You wander round the campus with your child, then you go to your chosen department (Geography or Environmental Science in our case) for other more, subject specific, talks. Last weekend Maddie and I had an awesome weekend in Antwerp seeing The Dixie Chicks who incidentally are my very favourite band.
The original plan (my plan), was that I’d go with Dan as Dan really likes Antwerp and The Dixie Chicks and the hotel that I always book.
We have been out of our house for a good many weeks, whilst the renovations have been going on, we left while it was still full winter and have just now moved back in, in what is (attempting to be) spring in Suffolk. I knew before we left that there were a pair of mallards who had taken up residence on our pond, I was very pleased as they are very pretty and my small nephew named them John and Carol which are excellent, if somewhat prosaic names.
Our builder also mentioned a while ago that there is a large domestic rabbit that often hops about our garden – this was bad news. Except we weren’t, because at certain times of the year, if Dan spends more than four consecutive days in East Anglia he goes a bit mad.
The most dangerous period for his special brand of crazy is late December through till about mid April. This is not because Dan suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), instead he is afflicted with the rarer but equally debilitating SFD (Seasonal Food Disorder), a condition that has an effect on the entire family.
Even I have started cooking largely vegetarian food but that was more to try and secretly put my husband on a diet. C’est l’experience de Florent Vaudelin qui, apres l’avoir vecu, a cree My Expat, service en France pour faciliter la vie de tous les expatries du monde.
Fils d’expatrie, j’ai egalement vecu une grande partie de ma vie a l’etranger ce qui m’a permis de me rendre compte des difficultes que l’on peut rencontrer lorsqu’il s’agit de resoudre une situation en France lorsque l’on habite l’etranger : acheter un bien immobilier, choisir une mutuelle pour expatrie ou payer ses impots peut vite se reveler complique. Nous organisons a sa place les recherches, les visites et des que nous trouvons un bien correspondant a ses criteres, nous lui presentons. Les expatries qui font appel a nous n’ont en general pas beaucoup de temps a consacrer a certaines demarches et cherchent un vrai service de conseil dedie aux problematiques de l’expatriation. Apres deux ans, l’essentiel des services que nous rendons se concentre sur l’immobilier, mais nous avons l’ambition de developper d’autre types de service tels que juridique ou des conseils et bilan retraite. Cela dit, des lors que l’on commence a toucher a des sujets pour lequel l’expatrie souhaite une certaine confidentialite ou qui peuvent etre techniques tels que souscrire a une mutuelle pour expatrie, beaucoup de Francais en expatriation preferent se tourner vers un service independant, specialise et dedie. Il s’agit pour nous de mieux comprendre les situations et les besoins des expatries a l’etranger.

We want to know what you’re all about, what you love, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.
Her family moved to Canada when she was 12 years old, where she was instantly drawn to drama class, theater, and filmmaking.
This duality in perspective (and life experience) I grew up with is an integral part of who I am today. At 12, I was acutely aware of what was going on, even though they never complained and tried to shelter us from it. You know?) But their degrees didn’t mean much more than the piece of paper they had been printed on in this new place.
Because I was given the chance to do this once, to have a head start, and I’ve always wanted to make them proud and show them that all their efforts were worth it. I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold (sorry Canada, love you loads!) Some of my favorite places involve warm, tropical climates!! It can feel a bit isolating at first, being in a foreign place away from family and friends, but there are a lot of amazing people out there that want to help if you let them.
I never felt pressured to choose between two identities, but rather see my dual perspective on life as an asset.
It’s very rural here and during our absence the place has become colonized by wildlife. I was a stay-at-home mother with four young children, living in a city that is polluted, overcrowded and horribly expensive. My Expat repond a cette situation en proposant un relais en France pour tout ce que les expatries du monde ont a organiser depuis l’etranger. Nous organisons ensuite toute la vente a sa place, sans qu’il n’ait a rentrer en France (recherche de notaire, signature via mandat, recherche de financement, organisation de travaux, mise en location). She got her first break in 2004 when she landed a lead role in the sci-fi feature Little Pictures, an experience that lead to her passion project the following year – directing and acting in the award-winning feature Pure Malice.
The momentum brought her to Toronto to pursue acting as a career, working on numerous film projects and taking classes.
So my mother switched to human resource management (working various retail jobs in between) and my father switched to computers (IT), becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer while sometimes repairing TV sets on the side.
I tend to go with the flow and be open to new experiences, as long as the people that I care most about are also involved in them. This is because Dan is a creature of rigid habits and at least with a weekend in Suffolk with the dog and a pint of bitter HE KNOWS HOW THINGS ARE GOING TO PAN OUT. Ann has a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Ryerson University and an International Baccalaureate Diploma. You can also catch her in the upcoming film Total Frat Movie, which is set to hit theaters this year.

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