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After a few recommendations from friends, I finally braved up and went to get them done and vlogged the entire experience for you!
Overall, I had a very positive experience at the brow bar and would definitely go back for a reshape when my brows grow back in.
I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below about your experiences with the Benefit Brow Bar and how you like this style of video. Benefit’s brow bar were also present at LFWend and offering a discounted price on all their service.
He then waxed my eyebrows, which involved me pulling a few funny faces, and after plucking out the odd hair I was done! After the first 10 minutes or so one of my eyes started to tingle, which only increased my paranoia!
I have to admit though, once the dye was taken off I really didn’t see a huge difference. I expected that dying my eyelashes would mean I could get away without a mascara every day, but maybe that is not what this treatment is intended for? When I was in high school I would imagine all of the things that I wanted to do when I was older.
I was in my second year of university when I came across the idea of being a camp counsellor.
It’s all the time we had to enjoy ourselves, have our patience tested; have a cold shower because we didn’t get up from the swim hole fast enough. And so here I sit again on the last night of camp and the same children are sat around another camp fire. A last word: My time at the Bar 717 would not have been made as incredible as it was, without the campers and my fellow counselors. Bar 717 Ranch is summer camp for kids ages 8 to 16, located in Northern California in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

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After a bad threading experience a few years ago, I refused to let anyone touch my eyebrows and started to do my own. I went for a brow wax and tint which cost $39 AUD and I wouldn't call that very expensive at all! Having grown my eyebrows out since my HD brows experience, they were in desperate need of a tidy and I decided to take advantage of Benefit’s special offer. The same as HD brows, he mixed a bit of the colour with a blue dye, which is meant to give a more glossy and natural finish. My eyebrows were even and he caught every hair and I will definitely revisit Benefit in the future.
But I was reassured that it is completely normal and that usually people have one eye that is stronger than the other, which is why I only felt it in one.
Summer camps are unheard of here in the UK, so my only glimpse into the world of camp was through TV. At this point it’s easy to pick out those who have been campers before from those that are sat nervously too shy to sing the songs wondering how their next 2 weeks will be. Except this time those same campers, who struggled to join in just 2 weeks ago, are sat arm in arm with the friends that they have made, shouting out the words to the songs they now know by heart. A special shout out to my Twin Fawn girls who left me hysterics for most of the summer; and a very big thank you to all the counselors that got to create countless memories with me.

From dance lessons to perfume workshops to filming your own pop video - activities in Brighton are endless.
That was the longest 15 minutes I have experienced, especially with the noise and bustle around of other people shopping. Naturally what I expected was your typical Parent Trap style camp where you pierce your ears, cut your hair, and pranks are a daily occurrence.
Watching these kids form friendship groups, in the same way that us counsellors did, through the experience they received by coming to the ranch is what has truly stuck with me.
On arrival, get into the spirit then go to your mixing stations at the bar and get ready, set go!
The urge to open my eyes was so strong, but at the same time I was very aware that I had dye on my lashes and I was worried what would happen if it did get into my eye. I had always been around horses growing up and spent a lot of my childhood camping around Europe, climbing mountains and being outside as much as I possibly could. Of course some of what I anticipated was true… smores ARE REAL (and delicious!), tie dye is very much in existence and camp fires aren’t just a thing in the movies. There were still hair cuts; but only on the bravest counsellors, and there was still the odd prank played on counsellors from time to time. But, what I did not expect was this amazing place where children can make their own decisions and constantly try new things, have endless amounts of fun, create life long friendships and grow with confidence with each passing day. It’s the laughs, the memories and the sense of accomplishment when you make it back from an overnight. It’s finding the courage to jump off of Emily’s rock, stomping in the hosepipe water at the harvest festival and feeling like you never want to leave.

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