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The Hindus believe in three main gods: Brahma (known as the creator), Vishnu (known as the preserver), and Shiva (known as the destroyer). Hindus achieve moksha by four paths: the path of knowledge, the path of meditation, the path of devotion, and the path of good works. A Hindu could visit the Ayodhya, Faizabad-Uttar Pradesh which is the most sacred place in India and Hindu followers.
4) Austerities: shaving the head in an act of penance or attending lectures about spiritual life. Faith- I would like to visit Israel for the faith aspect because I am Christian and Israel has many historical sites that relate to my faith. Inspiration- To experience inspiratation, I would like to go to Ukraine again to visit because that is where I was born and my parents were raised there. 3) Charitable Donation: Recently, I started volunteering at a homeless shelter here in Columbus called Feed my Sheep. I would like to watch the Olympics live one day, not just on TV, but at the actually place where they are being held.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Ashley Goebel is a Veterinary Assistant and has been working at Glenway Animal Hospital since August 2013.
Alysia Bauer has been working at Glenway Animal Hospital since June of 2013 as a Client Care Representative and a Veterinary Assistant.
Scooter's owner allowed us to bring Scooter into our office for a diagnostic workup and treatment, and ultimately to stay. Her primary jobs are to greet clients and patients by day and keep the other clinic cats in line at night.
Margaret Burgess was born and bred in Ayrshire and has lived in the Cunninghame South constituency for 40 years. A former Convener of Education and Leader of Edinburgh City Council and CoSLA spokesperson on Education, Ewan also has 30 years experience working in the third sector.
Duncan Maclennan is Director of the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre and the Centre for Housing Research at the University of St Andrews. He has an extensive record of advising public policymakers (advising OECD on Urban Affairs from 1984 to 1996, the World Bank between 1980and 2000 and the EU in the 1990’s).
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scotland’s national academy) and was awarded a CBE for services to housing research and policy in Britain in 1997. John Boyle joined Rettie & Co from DTZ, where he was employed as a Senior Economist and Associate Director. Originally from Glasgow, Graeme took up the post of Director of Shelter Scotland in July 2008. Katy Dickson is a policy officer at Scottish Land and Estates which is a membership organisation for rural land owners and businesses. Her role in SCA is to ensure collaboration across the seven Scottish cities and key stakeholders to attract investment, create business opportunities and deliver sustainable economic growth by the provision of housing and business land, digital and transport infrastructure. Ewan qualified as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in 1978 whilst working for Peter Graham & Partners in Edinburgh.
He joined Miller Construction in 1980 and subsequently joined Castle Rock Housing Association in 1983 as Development Manager. Ewan held various positions within Castle Rock until 1998 when he was appointed as Director of the newly formed Dunedin Housing Association resulting from a merger of three smaller housing associations. Dunedin quickly became established as one of Edinburgh's leading RSLs with many interesting projects completed for the homeless, for ethnic minorities and latterly the regeneration of former Council estates in South Edinburgh. During this time, Ewan worked closely with the SFHA and City of Edinburgh Council, chairing the Edinburgh Housing Forum. Following the merger of Dunedin and Canmore Housing Associations, Ewan was appointed Chief Executive of the newly formed Dunedin Canmore Group on 1 August 2005. With 5000+ units in management, a strong staff structure and healthy development programme for Dunedin Canmore, Ewan is looking forward to the challenges ahead.
Robert Black stepped down as Auditor General for Scotland at the end of June 2012, a post which he had held since 2000.

In this role he was the accountable officer, and therefore in effect chief executive, of Audit Scotland. Between 1995 and 2000, Dr Black was Controller of Audit with the Accounts Commission with responsibility for the external auditing and reporting on all expenditure by local authorities and NHS bodies in Scotland. Prior to this, he was a local authority chief executive for 10 years, first with Stirling District Council (1985-90) and then with Tayside Regional Council (1990-1995).
His earlier career (1975-1985), was in policy planning and research with Strathclyde Regional Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Glasgow City Council.
Since his retirement from the post of Auditor General, Dr Black has been appointed to the British Library Board, joined the Court of Edinburgh University as a lay member and become a public interest member on the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. Hindus believed that the soul goes through a variety of lives and the next life is always dependent on how they lived their previous life.
I enjoyed my visits to the zoo and Amish Country, so I think I would like to see the natural habitats of animals we often see in cages. I would be able to walk on the ground that once Jesus and the other great people from the Bible walked. I'm not sure where yet, I in my lifetime I would like to go help people in need and tell them about my faith.
This type of music picks me up when I'm feeling down or uplifts me even more when I am happy. If I had $10,000, I would like to help them out so that they could continue helping people by feeding them, giving them clothes, and preaching the gospel to them. I want to do this because it looks really cool and I've never been to New York before so it would be awesome to tour. I like watching some sports so I think it would be really cool to watch the top athletes of the world complete.
She graduated from Raymond Walters College Veterinary Technology Program in 2011 and has been working at Glenway Animal Hospital since August 2011. She is currently attending Northern Kentucky University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design.
While her physical challenges would make it difficult for her to live in a home, she does the best when she can get plenty of time to scoot around. She is well loved and has found a forever home in our hospital and the hearts of our team members and clients. He was extremely ill when he came in and needed aggressive treatment and a long period of hospitalization to get better. She was previously employed as the manager of East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau, she is also an elected board member of the national charity, Citizens Advice Scotland. Widely recognised as one of the foremost experts on all aspects of the Scottish private rented sector, he is constantly in demand to train landlords and agents all over the country. He led DTZ's work with the Scottish Government and its residential research in Scotland and the north of England. She is a town planner with some 20 years experience and has worked at a senior management level in both the public and private sector.
Kate has over 17 years’ experience working in Economic Development and Infrastructure delivery in Scotland across Central Scotland and Tayside in both the public and private sector. Dr Black was the first Auditor General for Scotland, appointed by HM The Queen under the Scotland Act which brought into being the Scottish Parliament. One Public Sector Expo is a good illustration of the way we can bring together some thinking about the challenges for public services with practical solutions on display around the Expo. I want to attend this festival because I like springtime when everything is begining to become alive again after the winter.
Her favorite things to do at Glenway Animal Hospital are seeing happy pets come in for an exam, comforting sick animals, and helping to make them feel better again. She became a Registered Veterinary Technician after passing the Board exam in August 2013.Although she has only been working as a vet tech for about 1 year, she has worked various positions in veterinary medicine since 2009.
Scooter was living on one of the Cron's neighbor's porches because she did not have good bathroom habits. When he finally did, we found that he is a VERY cool cat, but nobody we knew was looking for a cat with quite as much energy as he has.

Her personal interests include walking in the countryside and reading.Margaret is a member of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee and the Welfare Reform Committee. He believes that poverty is not simply a matter of financial instability but one of inner well-being; poverty grinds the soul and well as the body. From 1999to 2003 he worked as full time policy adviser to the First Minister(s) of Scotland ( leading the transfer of Glasgow’s public housing stock to the third sector), as chief economist in the State of Victoria ( Australia (2003-5) and then as Chief Economist for Infrastructure and Cities in the Federal Government of Canada (2005-2008) before resuming his university career.
John is chief executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL), managing director of the Gladstones group of letting agencies and chairman of Landlord Accreditation Scotland (LAS). He is also the socioeconomic adviser on a number of major developments across Scotland for a range of public and private sector clients. She has contributed to national policy and guidance as well as leading on the development of Local Plans and the evidence needed to support them. He was an independent consultant at the Home Office, the Rough Sleepers Unit at the Department of the Environment, the Social Exclusion Unit in the Cabinet Office and a number of NGOs. She loves that all the employees at Glenway Animal Hospital are so nice and care about everyone that walks in the door. In addition to working with a great group of people and getting to spend time with a variety of animals, she loves working at Glenway Animal Hospital because there is something new to be learned each day.
Everytime Diana and Elizabeth Cron came by walking the dog, she came running , or rather scooting out to greet us . Scooter is quite the lucky cat to have all her medical needs (and her whims) tended to by the dedicated staff of GAH. She is also a member of the following Cross-Party Groups: Credit Unions, Diabetes, Housing, Volunteering and the Voluntary Sector. Cyrenians' philosophy of walking with those who are struggling, and sticking with them when they stumble, is what first attracted him to the organisation. John is regularly called upon to advise the Scottish Government, address local authority landlord forums and comment in the press on topical issues affecting letting. John leads the Rettie & Co research team, providing a cutting edge research and consultancy function that informs clients on sales, lettings, investment and development opportunities and their viability, as well as providing analysis of where property markets are at and likely to be going.
Nicola also has extensive experience of leading multi-disciplinary master planning teams for major regeneration and development projects in Scotland and all over the UK.
He is a Research Fellow of the Council of Europe and a graduate of the School of Community Studies in Edinburgh. She enjoy working at Glenway Animal Hospital because she has found a group of individuals who share the same passion for helping animals. His favorite spot to sleep is on a computer printer where he often turns it on himself so he can paw at the paper as it shoots out. He believes that by the living out of our obligation to our neighbour and to the stranger, each of us will also find what we truly need to live well ourselves. Everyone works well together and does their best to provide great medical care and customer service.
When we were finally able to talk to her owner, we found that she had been bitten in the back by a dog when she was just a kitten. She also love being able to work with and learn more about a variety of animals.Keeping animals happy and healthy is a very rewarding experience and she is proud to be a part of it. Courtney says, "I love working at Glenway Animal Hospital because of the positive environment and passion for animals health and well being. Despite earlier medical treatment, she had permanent damage to her spine in the area that controls bladder, bowels and hind legs. Outside of work Alexis enjoy spending time with her family,reading, swimming, outdoor activities, and trying new things.

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