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The winning confession for October is 'I fell in love with my dead ex's twin brother', published on October 23, 2015.
When I found out what really happened, it was too late to break up because I already fell in love with him! Kevin CotterAs Kevin Cotter tells the story, when his wife of 12 years moved out of their Tuscon, Ariz. The comment hit a nerve, and a couple of months later Cotter and his family started joking about ways he could repurpose the gown. He started small, turning it into what must have been the world's most expensive Kleenex ever.

Since I started watching The Vampire Diaries not only have I been fascinated with the plot, but I've also been fascinated with the term "doppelganger." A German word in origin, the term is defined as a "double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. So because I like to think about things like this, I thought - what would it be like if I had a doppelganger more like Elena's doppelganger Katherine in The Vampire Diaries? So I tried Googling doppelganger to find a look alike for me and with Google's new search tricks it came up with a post from Michelle from The Vintage Apple called Doppelganger.
When I saw the guy looking like Marcus, I thought it was him, so I ran to him and hugged him and asked him why him neva call me! The frock had cost him nearly a grand anyway and seemed like such a waste just sitting in storage.

Sure - I'll take that as a compliment, but considering I never lived that phrase down in high school and college, sometimes a girl likes to have some fun and wish she had a doppelganger, aka an alter ego of sorts, right? Of course I wouldn't want to have a doppelganger like that, but it's fun to think of it, right? Yeah sometimes I like to think about fun things like this and let my mind wander into imagination land.

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