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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Model-turned-actress Angie Everhart is heading down the aisle after accepting her boyfriend Carl Ferro’s marriage proposal on Tuesday. Everhart, who beat thyroid cancer last year, announced her engagement to Ferro, the head of a nutrition company, on Twitter, writing, “My man Carl Ferro proposed to me tonight in the exact spot where we had our first kiss!
Everhart’s previous fiances include actors Sylvester Stallone and Joe Pesci and millionaire businessman Jimmy Traboulis. She has a 4-year-old son named Kayden with her ex-boyfriend, actor Chad Stansbury, while Ferro has an 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.
The 43-year-old, who was once engaged to actor Joe Pesci, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will undergo surgery on Tuesday. The 39-year-old beauty gave birth to little Kayden Bobby Everhart on Friday via Cesarean section. Law enforcement tells us Evans’ ex-fiance Nathan Griffith showed up at her South Carolina home to get his belongings. The Finn-Rachel Relationship, commonly known as Finchel or Hudsonberry, was the romantic on-off relationship between Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry. The couple began dating in Season One, in the episode Sectionals. However, Finn abruptly breaks up with her in Hell-O. In most of Season Three, they do not experience many significant problems, besides getting to know each other better in order to get used to each other. In Heart, they decide to move the wedding to May, but due to Karofsky's suicide attempt in On My Way, Rachel changes the date of their wedding to after Regionals. In Season Four, Rachel constantly misses Finn but when she goes through a "makeover" she changes her thoughts and ways she views things and kisses Brody, not long before Finn arrives in New York. Despite the clique differences (Rachel being a loner and Finn being the popular quarterback), Rachel befriends Finn when he joins New Directions, but Finn worries about being seen with Rachel because he is scared it will damage his reputation. In The Rhodes Not Taken, Finn takes advantage of Rachel's feelings for him, and goes on a date with her to try and convince her to come back to the Glee Club so that he can win a scholarship for college and take care of Quinn and the baby.
After winning Sectionals, and after Finn and Quinn's relationship ends, Rachel comes to believe she and Finn are dating.
Finn and Rachel share a talk after their nights with Jesse and Santana, where they question each other on what they did.
It's during The Power of Madonna episode where Finn realizes how badly he had treated Rachel when he gave her up to go on a triple date.
In Journey, Rachel and Finn share a kiss after he tells her that Glee Club needs her and that both of them are going to make Glee Club win at regionals.
In Audition, Rachel reveals that they've been dating all summer via Jacob's "Glee's Big Gay Summer" video. In Duets, Rachel and Finn sing Don't Go Breaking My Heart while they rehearse for the duet competition.
While Finn tries to persuade Sam to sing with Quinn, Sam says Finn must still have feelings for Quinn. In The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Finn feels uncomfortable with the scene he has to do in his underwear. In Never Been Kissed, Sam and Finn are having a discussion about their girlfriends not putting out, so they discuss what to do to "cool" themselves down. In Furt, Rachel tells Finn that she's never been so disappointed in him when he wouldn't tell Karofsky to back off Kurt. In the episode Special Education, Rachel finds out Finn slept with Santana during The Power of Madonna. In A Very Rachel and Finn during Last Christmas Glee Christmas, Rachel tries to give Finn his Christmas present, but he rejects her. In Silly Love Songs, Finn gives her a star necklace, and says he still believes in her, even if they are broken up.
She wants to set the record straight by letting everyone know that it is true that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, however, the prognosis is very good. Their wedding is cancelled when they receive the news about Quinn getting in a car accident while on her way to the wedding. This causes problems as later, Finn and Rachel have drama-causing Rachel to say that they're done by kissing him and leaving the room, at least for the mean time. Rachel does not appear in the episode until the ending, when she and Kurt walk up to the memorial in front of Finn's locker as the Glee Club to pay their respects. Finn's first real interaction with Rachel was during Glee Club rehearsals when he was forced to join Glee Club by Mr. Rachel continuously feels down when seeing Finn and Quinn together as her crush on him never dies.
Sue comes up with an idea to force Rachel to quit the Glee Club and ruin their chances at Regionals by getting Brittany and Santana to seduce Finn away from Rachel.
James who happens to be the lead singer of rival team Vocal Adrenaline and they start dating.
Rachel loses her voice and he goes with her to her doctor's appointment where he asks her "When are you going to realize Jesse's not into you like I am?" She tells him that she still cares about Jesse and knows he feels the same way. Finn tells Rachel he loves her before they sing Faithfully, which provides the song with more emotional depth. When Rachel appears at school wearing a sexy outfit after her Baby One More Time fantasy, Finn feels uncomfortable because all the guys are looking at her although he is also seen looking down her shirt during Glee Club. In return for his agreement to raising their children in the Jewish faith, she lets Finn touch her breasts much to his delight.

After they finish the song, Rachel realizes that she's not that nice of a person and decides that her and Finn need to throw the duets competition in hopes that Sam Evans and Quinn will win so Sam will stay. Finn replies without hesitation that even though Rachel is shorter than Quinn and talks a lot, he really truly loves her.
Rachel tries to help him with his problems, by pointing out that she's not hot in the same way as Brittany, Santana, but he's still attracted to her and that he has a different body type (this comforts him, though it doesn't work in the long run). Sam asks what Finn does when he needs to cool down and he says its easy which leads to a flashback of Finn and Rachel making out on her bed and he thinks of when he hit a mailman while his mom was teaching him how to drive.
Later, at his mother's wedding, Finn tells Rachel she looks amazing and that he really loves her, and the two share a smile while Burt and Carole are reading their vows. She gets upset because she confessed that she didn't sleep with Jesse (a perfect time to be honest with her about Santana). Rachel is dismayed by his renewed feelings for Quinn and goes to visit Finn while he is in the nurse's office.
However, Rachel claims that she is through with boys and that she wants to focus on her career.
One of our listeners, Rodney wants to politely ask the ex-boyfriend to NOT SHOW UP… we’ll see how it goes.
We’re told Jenelle came charging out of the house and threw a glass at the girl, striking her in the head. Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana in The Power of Madonna, while Rachel was with Jesse; therefore, Rachel retaliates by making out with Puck. Back in the choir room, she talks about how much she loved Finn, and she sings the first song they sang together alone, Make You Feel My Love. Schue after the drugs Will acquired from Sandy were planted in Finn's locker by Will, blackmailing him. When she finds out that Quinn is pregnant, she slaps Finn and tells him that he has ruined any chance of her coming back to glee. Finn also compares Quinn with Rachel a lot and asks her at one point why she can't be more like Rachel; listening to him and respecting his feelings.
Brittany and Santana ask Finn to go on a date, where he will have the two ladies to himself, and Finn agrees.
When the date with Brittany and Santana doesn't go well for Finn, he sees what Rachel meant earlier with her speech, and he goes back to Rachel, telling her he wants them to be a real couple now. She told Jesse that she couldn't sleep with him because of how he was "the enemy," but it had to do more with how she was not ready to give up her virginity to him. He attempts to mend relationships with Jesse and gives a welcoming hand to him joining New Directions, stating that he will try to "stay away from his girl." The relationship with Jesse and Rachel weakens, as a result of the Run Joey Run video (in which Rachel had Puck, Jesse and Finn playing the same character without any of them knowing), and Jesse going away on a spring break trip with his friends from Vocal Adrenaline.
Finn then takes advantage of the weekly assignment (to find a song that tells the story of your current life situation) and sings Jessie's Girl to Rachel in front of the entire Glee Club, confessing his feelings to her. Rachel, then, leans her head on his shoulder during the song, Over The Rainbow, showing they have begun a relationship. Schue is talking to the Glee Club about upping there game if they want to go to Nationals in New York, Rachel agrees with Mr. She soon realizes that if their relationship is going to work, they have to give some space to each other. She almost sleeps with Puck as revenge to Finn, but he leaves her house saying, "I can't do this to Finn again." She tells Finn about what happened with Puck, and he breaks up with her. She tries to kiss him, but he "officially" breaks up with her, as he's not ready to forgive her.
Rachel says that Quinn is prettier than her, and Finn replies that she (Rachel) is beautiful. Rachel says that there should be no tension between them anymore because they are so comfortable around each other anyway.
Once again, their relationship is rekindled for a third time when Finn kisses Rachel in New York.
After they practice singing together in the auditorium, the two share a kiss, proving their mutual attraction. He admits that he was Finn helps Rachel with her bag using her, and tells her the truth. Their friendship is strong throughout the first thirteen episodes with secret love undertones. Later, he tells Rachel he doesn't want to be her boyfriend because he needs to figure out himself and get some time off before going back into dating.
Rachel tells him that she's glad that he realizes that, but he's too late because she's dating Jesse now.
Finn approaches Rachel and asks her to tell him the truth of whether her and Jesse are still dating.
Finn tells Rachel that he didn't lose his virginity to Santana because he's waiting for the right person. Their story is still left to be finished on what happens between these two now that it's confirmed Jesse only joined New Directions under the orders of Rachel's mother to get closer to Rachel and get her to find her. Rachel apologizes, admitting she gave him an ultimatum because she wanted him all for herself, and sings The Only Exception by Paramore. She says, "You said you would never break up with me." He replies, "I never thought you would make me feel like this," and she starts crying. She asked him how he felt when he kissed Quinn, and he replies, saying that he saw fireworks.
Schuester and presents him with a portrait and plaque she had made of Finn so other students could know who he was and how important he was.

He also states that he had meant what he said about wanting her to come back to Glee Club and claimed that their kiss together was real.
In Sectionals, Rachel, through intuition and observation of the relationship between Quinn and Puck, finds out Finn is not the actual father of Quinn's baby, and that Quinn has been lying. Rachel, angry and heartbroken, gives an honest speech to Finn that shows how well she knows him and how he is only dumping her because it is affecting his reputation.
Finn tells her that he thinks Jesse is using her, but she claims that their love is real, saying Finn has to accept that. At first she lies and says no, but he can tell and says, "I know things have been weird between us, but I never thought you'd lie to me." Afterwards, she tells the truth and makes Finn promise not to tell because they are still friends. However, he did have sex with her, but felt no different afterwards because "it didn't mean anything." When Jesse transfers to McKinley to be in a public relationship with Rachel, Finn gets angry and believes people are just doing things to hurt his feelings. Jesse is actually pretending to be with Rachel just to break up with her at the end so Rachel would not have the courage to perform at Regionals.
Finn follows Rachel's decision and goes to stand next to her and affectionately wraps his arm round her waist.
Later on, they are seen sitting in Rachel's room, discussing ways for Rachel to lose a sinigng competition. When Mercedes and Tina are singing Dog Days Are Over, Rachel is cleaning out her locker and taking down the things that she shared or reminded her of Finn. As Finn was not drinking, he describes how she is a "needy drunk," and that he's not into it.
Schuester, he soon realizes that he wants to be an actor and wants to go to New York with Rachel. Other than in flashbacks or deleted scenes, Sweet Dreams is the final on-screen appearance of Finn, due to Cory Monteith's passing. She says that if he was honest with her in the first place, she might have been willing to help him. He can't come to see that she's the only person who sees and loves him for who he really is, so it was his loss.
Still disbelieving that he is too late and finding it suspicious that the lead of their rival school for Regionals asked Rachel out, he goes and tells the Glee Club about their romance. Once he does and goes back to Vocal Adrenaline, he throws eggs at Rachel, and although she feels sad and mad about the break up, she is even more determined to win Regionals. They smile at each other and while everyone in Glee Club is mad at her for (indirectly) pushing Sunshine to Vocal Adrenaline by sending her to an inactive crack house. Finn comes up with an idea where they would sing an offensive song, so they sing With You I'm Born Again. In the song they stare at each other stating they still have feelings for each other even though they broke up.
In Goodbye, Rachel gets into NYADA, but Kurt and Finn don't get into their prospective schools. This causes Finn to beat up Puck, dump Quinn, and quit glee, furious at everyone in glee for not telling him (as everyone except him and Rachel had known beforehand). The other Glee Club members threaten to kick Rachel out of the club if she continues seeing Jesse, so she pretends to break up with him.
Finn supports her, suggesting that she should apologize, and promises he will never break up with her.
She concluded that "there's nothing here for me anymore," but Finn tells her to wait and says that that's not true and is about to say he still loves her, but he stops short because of his confusion. Rachel asks why he didn't stick up for her when they voted, and he claims that it wouldn't have mattered. Later, Rachel convinces Finn that the kiss in the auditorium was real, and tells him that he doesn't have the guts to admit it. During Sectionals he returns to the group, and Rachel offers her helping hand to support to him.
Finn asks her to be his girlfriend again, but she turns him down by saying she doesn't want there to be anymore drama in the club.
Rachel walks out, thinking that she has her answer and resolves to concentrate on her career instead of romance. When Rachel asks if he wants to write it with her, Finn says she should write it alone because she's the real trendsetter in there.
When it is revealed that Finn's girlfriend, Quinn, is pregnant, Finn immediately stops his budding romance with Rachel to focus on helping Quinn with her baby. Finn responds by saying, "I'm not just some guy you met at the music store that you can just blow off.
He also says that he liked the Rachel he saw in the choir and that he thinks she is making a "comeback." Rachel smiles, which hints that she is not over Finn. After going on a date and kissing Blaine sober, Blaine decides he is "100% gay" and Rachel is not upset about this. Rachel is hesitant to go because she is in love with Finn, but he tells her "We are just going to sit here and let go. I don't give up that easily," which indicates that Finn's not giving up until he wins her back.
Will you surrender with me?" They share one last kiss before Finn 'sets Rachel free' at the end of Season Three.

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