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Lyons was very badly affected by the Colorado flood back in September, and is still rebuilding, slowly but surely. Honestly, if you asked me what my highest priorities in life were, I’d rattle them off without a doubt in my mind. I made a pie chart up showing how I spent all my time in a week and it was totally depressing. My daughter’s boyfriend works in Lyons (and was out of work for a while), so I really appreciate that you did this fundraiser! I think we all need to take a look at our priorities and some things in our lives do need more attention than others.
Hi Paige, just something to think about to encourage you in your walk with the Lord…I think it helps to look at our relationship with Him as Him being the center versus Him being at the top of a list. Schurrle's assist found Gotze in the 113th minute who, instinctively, slotted it home to make it 1-0 and won the match for Germany.
Obviously, going grocery shopping and presumably cooking his own food has done his body good!And he's also looking a lot like Freddie Prinze, Jr. I worked a little and played a little, but there were two main highlights: Saturday morning I taught a spinning class that was part of a fundraiser called Hear Lyons Roar, which benefited Lyons, Colorado.

My class was PACKED, and the energy was so high, and afterward, everyone clapped and gave a round of applause for spinning for a good cause. If I’m tired, cranky, and worn down, I won’t be able to devote the time and energy to my other priorities anyway. I used to wake up and read some devotions and pray every single morning, as well as go to church every Sunday. I honestly don’t spend that much time prepping and cooking food – maybe an hour a day, with no big prep day on Sunday. I’ve been a lot better at doing my devotions in the morning, but sometimes I feel more rushed than I would like – need to work on that! I’ve been spending hours on end doing assignments, getting less sleep, and I have felt a total shift in my mood. I think finding a woman that I “click” with, who is also genuine, roots for me, and has my best interests in mind is extremely hard to come by.
Unless I’m making a special dinner, or baking something fun, I really don’t like taking time to make my food. I devote and hour to fitness a day as my therapy, but I need to fit in some relaxation time.

I hardly spend time with friends or family on weekdays (maybe an hour total) and then on weekends, I binge. I pray at random times of the day, and then on Sundays, Shane and I watch a church service online. What should take me 45 minutes to write an entire post with pictures, sometimes takes me 1.5 hours. I plan to make this more known by face timing and calling my friends back home more often, and spending more genuine time with my friends here in Colorado. What should take me an hour to write a program, often takes me several hours over several days. I plan on setting aside times to get one specific task done, and stop multi-tasking so much.
I’ve been doing so much better not being on my phone while out with family and friends!

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