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This is why I think it important to identify what our “job description” should be within our marriages. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Though I am glad to have moved on to other career endeavors, it wasn’t a bad first job for a single guy that enjoyed all things geek. If we don’t identify what our duties are and what is most important we will find ourselves doing things that are of little lasting significance, or perhaps spending our time on good things instead of great things. My first day at work was trial by fire, my only instruction was not to wreck the forklift and to sell stuff, and I did just that. Yet, I wonder to what degree my sales would have increased had I received more input and instruction. It is imperative that she sees me working hard and knows that I am concerned about the future of our family. This is why we should sit down and figure out what is important and what our job is as a husband.
It would have been nice to have gotten more information on various merchandise, service plans, navigating overstock, using software, and what my exact responsibilities were.

He has never hit me or been abusive an any way, but it really scares me that one day it will get to that. Learning to communicate, manage finances, establish boundaries and assign priorities all sound fine when discussed in an office with the person you love, but applying the many concepts discussed in pre-marital counseling is in itself another challenge. Yet, if I don’t figure out what I should be doing how will I know whether I am doing well or poor? A written budget should be generated each month because if we don’t measure it we will never manage it.
Together we should pray for our children and that they would be sensitive to what God wants for them. I will need to help her shoulder some of her duties at times even when I don’t feel like it. Promoting the spiritual development of my family means that they see me applying God’s word instead of just reading it or discussing it. She needs be understand that she is the most significant thing in my life outside of Christ. It also consists of teaching my children why our family lives the way we do and why we believe in the God of the Bible.

It means equipping them with answers about why the Bible is trustworthy, why we should take the claims of Christ to be historically accurate, knowing the evidence for the resurrection, explaining why bad things happen to good people, and why God is trustworthy. He asked one of my co-workers if we were sleeping together so now everyone at my job thinks I’m married to a lunatic. It will involve helping them understand where they came from, what their purpose is in life, what their identity is in Christ, and where they are headed. They should also know my journey that brought me to Christ and the mistakes I have made in the past.
Some days he makes me talk to him all the way home just to make sure I come straight home.3.

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