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Caps Lock was driving me nuts to such extent that I just removed the key from the keyboard - it was useless for me. Looks to me what you need is learn to type correctly instead of advocating to removal of keys. YOU MAY FIND THE CAPS LOCK USEFUL IF YOU WANT TO ANNOY LOTS OF PEOPLE BY WRITING A WHOLE SENTENCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, PARTICULARLY IF YOU WANT TO WRITE A LONG SENTENCE IN SUCH A MANNER, ALTHOUGH I BELIEVE THAT SHORT SENTENCES WRITTEN IN CAPITALS ARE ALSO ANNOYING TO LOOK AT. It makes great remapping to Ctrl so that you don't have to strain your pinkies by trying to get all the way to the corners. I made Caps Lock and Backspace switch positions so it's faster to correct mistakes, for people into hotkeys Ctrl is indeed a nice idea. Its probably useless for the majority but i think its very useful for a one hand amputee person.
But seriously speaking, I do use the Caps Lock when typing a long upper-case word, like CAPSLOCK. Grab a copy of AutoHotKey, tell that caps lock to get out of your face, and do what you want. Not a direct answer, but just thought I'd add that I work in an office with a pretty high proportion of slightly older female admin staff, and from what I've seen most of them never touch the shift key, and I mean never.
So, I would say the Caps Lock key is there primarily for historical reasons, but as per other answers here there are some (fairly niche) uses for it still.

True, there are really people convinced that only one key must be pressed on a keyboard at the same time. As a developer, I us caps lock for writing SQL, adding constants, and emphasizing particular points on why something can't be done. Probably the best answer is that for the 0.00001% of the time you need it, you really need it. Somewhere there is someone typing in COBOL or FORTRAN maintaining a legacy system, and the program is written in all caps. Somewhere there is someone creating an emulator for the Commodore-64 that runs under 64-bit Windows 7, and he's writing a BASIC program for it. I can't imagine the pain that one would feel if I had to write a FORTRAN or COBOL program without caps lock.
Of course, if you really need it, you can still press the key, it's just that you'll be pressing that funny-looking white thing that sticks out of the gaping hole where the key was, instead of the key itself. I started using computers 1970 on a nearly daily basis (from mainframes to PCs, notebooks etc.), but there are only a very few instances on which I used the shift-lock key deliberately, mostly for writing capitalized headlines.
I notice this is a lot teaching typing to students in the developing world, where education systems don't prepare students for abstract thinking in the way other school systems might.
Here is a visualization of the most popular words they submitted -- which included "Loving," "Strong," and "Beautiful" as the top three. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.
Caps lock is really unique - it is really badly designed, arguably useless and mishitting it leads to quite serious consequences.

I have mine set to focus the window in the center of my primary monitor, or if held for half a second open up Executor, and then execute upon releasing the key.
Excel capitalizes for itself as necessary, Windows is not case-sensitive, rarely are paths or filenames in case-sensitive operating systems all-caps, etc. But there are countless instances when I pushed this key unintentionally, typing tenfinger-system without looking at the keyboard. Sometimes I'll want to press TAB (I'm a software developer, so I want that very often), but again I'll hit Caps Lock. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question. Yes, a person can get used to any crap, but my choice is to remove the key and use saved time for something useful.
He works in emacs, so if you do actully want something in all caps, you just have to write it lowercase, mark it and do C-x C-u.
Therefor I started to remap this key whenever possible from shift-lock to a simple shift-key and I have not missed it since. Then function keys (since with the exception of F1-F5, most users don't know what those do either) ?

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