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I've seen many people on the internet define Quantic Dream's past work as not even games, but playable movies.
Beyond: Two Souls has an amazing cast of A-list Hollywood actors playing the roles of fully fleshed out characters. Beyond: Two Souls is an emotional tale that possessed me, and gave me no choice but to experience a compelling story written by the genius, David Cage, and pulled off by the perfect talent. GTA Online is now open for the world to wreak havoc with friends, complete jobs with total strangers, and just have a crazy-fun time with the open-world of San Andreas open to everyone.
You'd think after making over a billion dollars within the first 3 days of GTA V's release, Rockstar Games would be expecting something like this to happen, and decide to upgrade the servers before GTA Online's launch this past Tuesday. There's not much more I can say on the matter because I haven't had many similar experiences.
I was forced to run deep into the mountains thanks to the roar of mountain lions leading me to a dozen of dead bodies that were the result of a gang war for a case of 25,000 dollars that I obviously took for myself. Grand Theft Auto V is a commentary of the American dream told through a satire of contemporary America and its culture. This time around, San Andreas is a genuine re-imagining of California with life spewing from every street corner, boardwalk, mountain trails, and even the deep blue sea.
Player choice plays a big part in Grand Theft Auto V showing that Rockstar Games still understand the "play how you want" theme of the open-world sandbox genre. If you've ever played a Grand Theft Auto game then you'll have an idea of what to expect in this one. If you've never seen any of the game's gameplay before this review then you'd probably be wondering how someone would switch between the 3 characters.
The customization we loved and adored in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and missed in GTA IV has returned. The cell phone is back, but before your bad memories of cousins and bowling return, I'm happy to say that the cell phone is put to much better use in Grand Theft Auto V.
A problem I had with the previous GTA game was that there wasn't much to do post-game other than going on annoying dates and playing darts. Grand Theft Auto V is a highly ambitious game that has set a new standard for the open-world genre. There are very rare instances when a game aimed to please every demographic does exactly that. Puppeteer starts players off taking control of a young boy Kutaro who's soul was stolen by the evil Moon Bear King and trapped his spirit in a wooden puppet body. The game's world map, if you can call it that is broken up into 7 acts on the moon with 3 levels in each act called "curtains" that take around 20 minutes to complete. Each level begins with a still image and a narrator explaining where the tale is taking our little puppet warrior next and the troubles that await him. Early in the game, Kutaro's majestic blades are introduced as more than just a weapon, but a key tool in the game's intuitive platforming and puzzle-solving mechanics.
I believe this is a game that every PlayStation 3 owner should experience, but if you're looking for a challenging platformer, Puppeteer isn't it.
Kickstarter is known for letting anyone from any part of the world fund ambitious, innovative, and even some crappy projects. This character is known as a drifter in a game that is currently known as Hyper Light Drifter. This game looks absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack really compliments the dark tone and 16-bit art style. How do I explain the whacky satire of a game that we call Saints Row IV. The game filled with some of the most humurous and fun characters in a sandbox game?
Saints Row IV picks up years after the events of Saints Row The Third, and since then the Saints aren't just another gang who run a city, they run the United States of America. I hope you enjoyed the craziness that was Saints Row The Third because when you multiply that by a hundred you have Saints Row IV taking the franchise to a whole new level. With the power to leap over buildings and run faster than cars I started to wonder what was the point of vehicles anymore.
Aside the main story missions, you can complete the famous Saints Row side mission activites that can unlock new weapons, upgrades and even a super powered gang member upon completion. Theres nothing like flying through the air after getting hit by on coming traffic or trying to assassinate a toilet and a question mark. Saints Row IV proves that you can still have a fun and comedic game without it coming off as corny or adolescent.
From all this blabbling you can kind of see how big gaming is in my life and how much it would mean for something like that to just totally not be an option for me anymore. Not being able to save anymore princesses from evil turtles, argue with the kids calling ME a "kid" after taking out their entire team in a online match, or feeling the sweat from my fingers drip down the controller as I try to sneak past infected humans with "beautiful flowers" growing out of their skulls would blow the largest amount of beef the human mind could ever fathom. I'm about to make this quick since I have to take the dogs out before they irrevocably shit this place into oblivion. The latest Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal trailers have been going around the internet these past two days, and as I watched these trailers, my body started to fill up with hype. This makes me wonder if I'll actually hold on to my copy of Ghosts for longer than a month or will it just be like the other CoD games I've purchased that ended up in a local GameStop. It seems like I'm experiencing the Call of Duty Effect and I'm not totally sure what to do or why I'm even taking the time to write all of this. Pikmin 3 is the third installment in the beloved Pikmin franchise, and for the first time we get to see our little friends in glorious HD.
While searching for the answer to save their home planet, our bite sized friends come across these colorful creatures called Pikmin.
Unlike the original Pikmin, you don't need to stress yourself out trying to complete the game within 30 in-game days. I didn't find many issues during my playthrough, but sadly the ones that I did find were pretty big to me.
To my surprise, Pikmin 3 features some really fun modes that you can choose to play alone or with a friend. By now, everyone knows how the beginning of the PlayStation 3's life cycle started out; it wasn't pretty. Gamers (not all) felt that the DualShock 3 controller was uncomfortable or favored the Xbox 360's controller due to the ergonomics that made the controller feel better in their hands.
I wouldn't be surprised if this feature doesn't "wow" you, but for someone like myself that's starting to record gameplay and get into the YouTube scene, this is exciting. If you've been keeping up with the PlayStation 4's specs, I don't even need to express what this means but for the people who don't know, all I can say is that this is good.
I have no doubt that the first couple of years for Sony this gen leveled their head to the ground forcing them to rethink their strategy in order to recover and not make the same mistakes they've made early this gen. I don't know where this YouTube thing will go, but I'm already psyched and grateful that I have almost 40 subscribers.
The geniuses at Naughty Dog are back and have come to give us one last bang for the PlayStation 3 before the next generation consoles come to take over. The Last of Us narrative takes gaming as a medium and intrudes on the territory of film and literature with many themes that are rarely presented in games. Because I believe everyone should experience this game for themselves, I'll try to avoid major spoilers.
What impressed me the most about this game wasn't just its narrative, or how the game looked and played, but Joel and Ellie's relationship and how they react to the world.
Movies these days are almost 2 hours long and this game is 14 plus and not once did I feel that something felt like it was getting old or overplayed due to how well the stories pacing was. The Last of Us takes violence and forces the player to confront death in a way where killing isn't just bang, you're dead, I win.
The tension that fills your body as you must create an item to defend yourself from enemies closing in is a feeling I haven't even experienced in full horror games.
The infected in The Last of Us add an extremely tense feeling of fear in the game, especially when one wrong move can lead to a quick and gruesome death. The infected aren't the only enemies you should be afraid of in The Last of Us, and without sounding too cliche, I'm not exaggerating when I say that the humans are the real monsters in this world. This is a game that proves gaming isn't just a form of entertainment that we use to have mindless fun, but now offer cinematic experiences with captivating narratives that can be compared to films and novels. Neighborhoods are empty, my skin burns from walking in the sun all day, and it seems that birds don't exist anymore. The indie developer, Undead Labs, has teamed up with Microsoft Game Studios to deliver this unexpectedly amazing Xbox Live Arcade title. State of Decay packs 3 towns, forests, and open fields to explore within a 2 hour day and night cycle. State of Decay kept me on my toes at all times, and If you plan on surviving in this world, stealth, preperation, and common sense go a long way. It seems like zombies have become an overused plot device in today's gaming, but State of Decay breaths new life into this genre by creating a world you can be terrified of along with the zombies that walk in it. In Flower you'll play through six beautiful levels as a different flower pedal being flown through the wind as it makes its way to the many flower and flower buds scattered throughout each level. You can pick up Flower along with ThatGameCompany's latest work of art, Journey, on the Journey Collectors Edition. ThatGameCompany is known for their innovations introduced in their indie titles, and this time they changed the way we play with each other online. You can pick up Journey along with ThatGameCompany's playable poem, Flower, on the Journey Collectors Edition. Judging by the cover of this book, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch may look like a game made to please a young audience.
While I can understand and agree to an extent, David Cage's newest creation, Beyond: Two Souls is much more than just hours of cutscenes with button prompts.
Beyond: Two Souls expresses how death can affect the people who are left behind to grief, and the actions they'll take inspired by death. Throughout the game, you'll be given options for Jodie that have the power to completely change the game's narrative with the chance of taking you down many paths.
The characters in this game look jaw dropping most of the time thanks to the quality put into the motion capture. I'll definitely be giving this game another playthrough just to experience how my new decisions will affect the story differently. A Beta wouldn't have hurt them either, but now its out and we must deal with the problems until they're fixed; hopefully by tomorrow. Should we start expecting similar situations for future online only games coming to the next generation? However, I do want to get more input on the subject from you guys who've been in a similar situation to what's been going on with GTA Online.
From there, I came accross a woman who's pink muscle car was just stolen with no hope but me to retrieve it until the sound of police sirens and dirty threats gave me no choice but to dive head first into the sea.
Players are brought back to the beautiful San Andreas with a story that stole my vehicle, took me on the ride of a lifetime in that same vehicle, and refused to let me out. For the first time ever in the GTA franchise, Grand Theft Auto V tells the tale of 3 characters with explosive personalities brought together by fate fighting their own battles while trying to achieve the same goal. Rockstar Games has created a believable and living world of unbelievable scope that sometimes made me feel like I was playing a game of many worlds.
Grand Theft Auto V's diverse set of missions allow the game to never become repetitive while constantly introducing new mechanics.
GTA wouldn't be the same without it's unique selection of music and comedic radio talk shows.
By holding down on the left d-pad button, time will slow down immensely allowing you to switch between the 3 main characters quick and easy, similar to choosing a radio station or weapon. Your character's clothing and looks are fully customizable to an extent that doesn't go as far as GTA: San Andreas, but much more than GTA IV offering a wide selection of clothing and hair options available to match your personal preference. Your cell phone is mostly implemented during the story mode to contact other characters and set off bombs from time to time.
I was pleased to see so many activities available for me to take part in straight from the beginning of the game to even after completing the story mode. Tennis, deep sea diving, yoga, and off-road racing are only some of the many activities Grand Theft Auto V's San Andreas is filled with. Never have I played a game to completion after having it exceed my expectations and it continue to do so as I put in extra hours into discovering new locations, civilizations, and the game's hidden features. Puppeteer is the perfect example bringing me back to my childhood days that reminded me of games such as Dynamite Headdy on the Sega Genesis, and even movies like James and The Giant Peach. After allowing the witch who runs the king's kitchen guide Kutaro, he finds himself in a situation where he is falsely accused of stealing the magical scissors known as the Calibrus and pretty much gets a bounty on his head. Each level has a unique theme and is complimented by it's dark atmosphere and beautiful level design with colors that pop out at you, but this isn't what made Puppeteer so appealing to me in the first place. Every curtain has its own story to it while continuing what happened last with an elevating level design that never stopped surprising me. Players are also introduced to another unique ability that allows Kutaro to aquire and use a multitude of puppet heads. What Puppeteer is though is a game that I believe will appeal to the platformer lovers that don't mind having a dark toned story with a narrator who likes to break the fourth wall and a cast of charismatic characters that will make them forgive the fact that our little hero doesn't speak at all. Hyper Light Drifter is a 2d 16-bit Action RPG homage to the classic 8 and 16-bit lovers out there inspired by A Link To The Past and Diablo.
The developer, Heart Machine, looks to make sure the game is intuitive and easy to pick for players, but making sure the game's hard to master.
As of now, it is only being developed for PC, but with a stretch goal of $220,000.00 we can possibly have this wonderous game on the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Maybe the game filled with so much to do with the intention of letting the player just have fun and laugh at the game's parodies? The boss, you, are put in a powerful position as the President until the White House is invaded by an alien race called the Zin that are lead by the alien warlord Zinyak. Saints Row IV expands on the humor and fun factor that it's predecessor introduced to the genre.
Yeah, they're still there just incase you forget while mowing down vehicles as your blue streak is left in the path of your super speed running. Each side mission has a bronze, silver, and gold ranking depending on your score during these missions but they're not difficult at all if only completing them is your goal. It was such a pleasure to play and I can definitely see myself constantly coming back to play this whenever I need a game to just relax and powerhouse a walking can of soda.
The one that always gets to me though is when I think about how much my life would change if I ever lost the ability to use my hands having everything I know and am used to be taken away from me after so long.
I still remember playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES until my little brother decided to be a smeef and trip over the cables resulting in the NES falling off a dresser and making my older brother and I some sad pups.
I mean, I can still watch others play, but sometimes I HATE watching people play especially when they contine to make mistakes over and over again and you just want to snatch the controller away from them but don't want to be known as that asshole who thinks he's better than everyone.
Lets just take a millisecond to think of how our lives would be if video games were just one day not there for us, or were no longer an option for us due to an accident or something. This in no way is to offend any fans of the Call of Duty franchise, because I personally think it's a solid FPS, and that it achieves its goal with flying colors. I don't know if I'm alone on this one but I'd love some outside insight on this and know if anyone has experienced what I'm trying to explain.
With the Wii U's "launch window" titles being pushed back left and right, sadly, Pikmin 3 was standing in line with the others and got knocked back along with them. The planet Koppai is at it's end due to a booming population growth resulting in low resources.
These Pikmin come in different colors, shapes, and sizes with their own unique attributes and abilities that become key in order to effectively solve puzzles and progress through an in-game day.
You can now control 3 leaders opening up the game's strategy that forced me to think more strategically.
Instead, Pikmin 3 allows you to play up to 100 in-game days, but the catch is in order to survive these days, you'll need to collect fruit which will then create fruit juices that the characters rely on in order to survive.
Bingo Battle is more of the versus type game mode where the winner is decided by who collects the row of items correlating to their board first.
Filled with an outstanding soundtrack and excellent world design that we all expect from Nintendo, fans and first time players of the Pikmin franchise will not be dissapointed with Pikmin 3. Today, the PlayStation 3 is selling extremely well and is home to this generations best console exclusives like the latest AAA title, The Last of Us. I for one didn't mind the DS3 controller but understood the points from other gamers who did find it uncomforting for their hands. With Party chat, players will have the option to chat with others online while playing different games.
Being able to stream what I'm playing is a pretty cool feature and I've already had friends tell me that they'll be using this feature to watch me play certain games.
They've already showed how much they love indie titles by offering awesome indie titles on PSN.
Sony is in a really good place, right now, but this doesn't mean it should get to their head. I'm sure most of you don't care if I post anything at all, but I've been putting a lot of my focus into my new YouTube channel.
I've been playing video games before I could even spell, and I've always loved entertaining family, friends, and strangers since I could remember, so I decided to mix the two and share it with the world. Well, I don't have much more to say other than I have a lot of stuff in the works for you guys and really hope to get your support. I finally got the chance to post my first ever video review, and luckily it's my review for The Last of Us. Filled with unforgettable moments and an ending that will stick with you for days as you question your morals, The Last of Us is a literary masterpiece that made me have to continuously remind myself that this is still a video game.
Twenty years have passed since a pandemic caused by a fungus wiped out most of humanity and forced the remaining survivors to live in a world of anarchy; a world with no actual government or leader. The moments where Ellie's in awe of a record store's collection or an arcade machine she thought only existed in fairy tales makes you sympathize for this young girl.
The tension you feel while playing this game can get ridiculous, but it's never enough to emotionally drain the player as The Last of Us always has moments of reprieve. This attention to detail creates a visceral experience that very few games manage to create. The violence in The Last of Us is gruesome, unsettling, and in my opinion much needed in order for the player to fully grasp what the world and the people living in it have become.

Crafting items and weapons are crucial in most, if not all situations, so its always best to be prepared before you walk into a condemned building with an unexpected mob of infected waiting for you.
The more common-type infected, Runners, are the recent infected that will run towards the slightest sound and movement killing what and whoever they see. Hunters are survivors just like you but in some ways more ruthless and unforgiving, which is actually debatable. The Hunters require you to play smart due to their continuous adaptation to your every move. What I got from this was it was either going to be really good, or it was going to be really bad. 15 feet away from grabbing my neck, a horde of zombies are running as if a brick wall stands no chance against their blind urge for human flesh.
Exploring these areas, searching through houses, cabins, and camps to scavenge weapons, decoy items, and resources becomes a scary addiction with a possible death waiting behind every corner. As you progress through the game you'll meet other survivors that will join your group requiring you to keep the amount of supplies stored up at your home base for each day.
Zombies clip through walls, floors, and doors, the game's frame rate drops from time to time, and I experienced a glitch that forced me to reload my game save in order to continue playing. If you're looking for a budget priced game with a 60 dollar value, State of Decay will "feed" your needs. Passing through flowers picks up a flower pedal to join you through the level to the point where you become a beautiful breeze of flower pedals.
Flower has flown its way into my heart and earned a spot as one of my favorite games of all time and I see that this is a game I can come back to on a yearly basis and have the same wonderful experience as my first. Journey changes how we communicate, the way we understand each other, and the way we meet complete strangers.
You can use the right stick or the DualShock 3's Six Axis capabilities to control the camera. Journey's beautiful visuals and amazing soundtrack really help capture every memorable moment. I know some of you may feel like the games coming out these days have nothing new to offer, but I can tell you that this is the perfect game for anyone looking for a totally new experience. Oliver is that young boy adored by the locals of Motorville for his innocence and pure heart. The famous actress, Ellen Page, plays the lead role as Beyond's main character, Jodie Holmes, who's accompanied by a mysterious entity that's been with her since her toddler years who she calls Aiden. During the game I couldn't help but put myself in Jodie's shoes making choices based off of what I thought she would do in these different situations. Every little detail looked fantastic and as if these actors just simply jumped into a beautiful looking video game. Confrontations are handled by slowing down time to give the player enough time to react pushing the right stick in the direction needed to pull off some close quarter combat. 2013 has been nothing but amazing for PlayStation 3 owners, and I would be doing you guys a huge disservice if I don't recommend this game to all of you out there. If you're like me, you're being slapped with an alert screen countless times stating that you can't connect to the servers, or the server are offline. With a history of online only games like Diablo 3, SimCity, and now GTA Online having somewhat similar problems resulting in players not being able to play the game at all, what does this mean for the future of gaming and the coming of more online only games? What happens when Ubisoft's next gen title, The Division, finally launches and only a handful of lucky players get to connect to the game's servers on day one leaving the other possible millions of players sitting at a screen telling them they can't connect? When finally reaching the shore, I stole one of the many bicycles that belonged to a group of guys drinking and conversing around a bonfire giving me another chance to reach my destination before sundown. Franklin, a young man taking every opportunity he gets to leave his gangster lifestyle behind in the expense of his friends and family feeling abandoned for the life of decadence. From the city of Los Santos populated by the rich and over privileged to the desert mountains filled with wild life and mysteries waiting to be discovered. Though I didn't have a problem flipping through stations in the previous games, switching between radio stations is never a hassle thanks to the new selection wheel.
No matter where the other characters are located on the map, you can switch to them in a matter of seconds.
Vehicle customization has also made a return allowing you to fully customize your car's aesthetic looks, as well as installing new parts to make your car much faster and easier to handle. The internet can now be accessed at any given time through your phone allowing you to surf the web discovering some of the most humorous and asinine websites where you can "stalk" friends and companies, fill an application to join a cult, purchase any type of vehicle, and also invest in the stock market that is affected by the player's every action, like going around running over pedestrians, and destroying vehicles to see your insurance stocks rise in price.
These activites are fully fleshed out especially tennis and golf making some of them feel like their own games which isn't a bad thing at all, if you ask me.
Grand Theft Auto V has killed most, if not all hype I had for the coming of the next generation consoles this Fall and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't alone. You're probably thinking from first glance that this game is for children or someone who's just trying to feed the kid at heart, but you'll be surprised by just how much deeper Puppeteer truly is. Each curtain ends with a boss fight that requires the player to use the tools that have been given to them leading up to an epic quick time event. The 4 main hero heads that give Kutaro the abilities to shield himself from attacks, toss bombs, use a grappling hook, and perform a wrestling slam add layers to the game's mechanics but never made it too complex and even made    the smallest accomplishments feel rewarding. Players take control of a drifter who's goal is to collect  forgotten knowledge, lost technologies, and broken histories with a insatiable illness that continuosly haunts him as he travels through the lands of Buried Time  hoping to discover a way to cure this disease. This makes me believe the combat will become much more deeper while progressing through the game with each new weapon and ability introduced to the player.
The project still has 28 days left to reach its stretch goals but every dollar helps the chance of this game becoming bigger and better.
Or maybe the game that reminds us that games don't always have to tell a captivating story because all we need is this city and the green light to go out there and just. The Zin have chosen to abduct the best of the human race including the boss and sending him to a virtual reality 50's sitcom until finding a way out of that situation and into another. At first glance many would probably think that this is Saints Row The Third with a couple of new features that could have been DLC, but rest assured, playing this game proved to me that this game is an actual sequel and not just a re-skin even though it doesn't look the best graphically compared to the last game.
I can literally count how many times I've driven a vehicle during my playtime because I never found a reason outside of the times I was required to drive a vehicle. Not only would I not be able to give high fives or use chopsticks, like I ever knew how to use them anyway, but I wouldn't be able to do what I love the most. This was just the beginning of my destiny thanks to my father who now doesn't support our gaming lifestyle even though he's the one who introduced us to this world. I don't want to end this blog all depressing and shit though, so I'll just end it with some of the send offs you may know.
Each iteration in the franchise seems like a copy and paste game to many people, but many will say if it ain't broke don't fix it, and I do agree with that to an extent. Millions of people love it and millions of people hate it but theres no such thing as something making everyone happy.
Months after it's original release date Pikmin 3 is finally here and it's filled with hours of joy that made me feel like a kid again that I personally believe only Nintendo can be responsible for. Now it's up to our 3 new explorers, Alph, the engineer, Brittany, the botanist, and Charlie, the captain of the S.S.
The types of Pikmin include ones that are resistant to fire, water, electricity, and new to Pikmin 3 are the Rock and Winged Pikmin that are best used for direct hits, breaking glass, crystals, and attacking flying enemies. The days go by pretty quick in this game, but you'll be happy to know that you have the option to replay days if you feel that you could have done a better job.
It would have been nice to change the magnification of the camera to allow me to play more effectively during these fights and even outside while I hunt down some fruits. Treasure Collecting is one of the co-op modes where the goal is to collect as much treasure as possible within a time limit. While the PS3 still has a ton of life left with great exclusives on the way, the PS4 is up next and it's bringing all the right things with it. This may not sound appealing for the people who don't like to speak online at all, but for the people who enjoy talking to friends and family while playing different games, this is a big addition. Players can easily start recording their gameplay footage by pressing the "Share" button on the DualShock 4 controller, and this feature allows gamers to record up to 15 minutes of gameplay with the option of editing and uploading these clips. If these past few years are anything to go by, not embracing the indie scene would be detrimental for anyone that refuses to wake up and notice these are the people that will be bringing some of the best titles next gen.
I'm really digging the humble Sony and really hope to see them continue to be humble throughout the next generation. I won't only have game reviews, but I'll be doing Lets Plays, gaming related video segments, discussions on everything going on in the game industry (that I hope you guys can join in on), and I would love to segments where I get to play with the ones who enjoy my videos. I really hope to hear of you guys checking out the channel, sharing your feedback and even making recommendations that you guys would like to see. So go ahead and check out the channel, tell me what you think and most importantly, come have fun with me!
As the world starts all over again those who were around to experience the pleasure of a privileged life are forced to face their humanity while those born into this world don't even know where humanity ends or begins.
You're reminded that she hasn't experienced a normal childhood, and surviving is all she knows.
When the game introduces new survivors, they never under nor overstay their welcome making each set piece in the game's narrative refreshing and leaving me interested in where the story takes the characters next. This depiction of combat makes you question your own actions putting you in the shoes of a man who must kill to survive living by the "kill or be killed" mantra further immersing yourself in Joel's character and the world he walks in.
The items that can be crafted go from med-kits to Molotov cocktails to even nail bombs filled with scissors, nails, and other sharp objects. Hearing these Runners cry as they struggle to walk gave me this eerie and somber feeling that they still have a human conscience but are drowned out by the uncontrollable urge to kill. My shovel has only one more swing left, and what looks like a pack of Twinkies is the only reason why I'm still able to run.
Everything you do goes towards your characters skills: Cardio (running), Wits (Searching), Fighting, Shooting, and more skills unique to certain characters.
The tense feeling of sneaking through the zombie infested streets and fields never go away, and this is just one of the many feelings you'll experience while playing State of Decay. This is the first time I was truly terrified because the zombies actually posed a threat towards your character.
Keeping survivors to stay with you takes some work, and keeping them happy and non suicidal requires high morale and influence points. Flower is filled with emotions that are shared with the player through the game's music and scenery.
Soothing notes are played as you pass through each flower and flower bud adding to my statement on how the environments talk to you through music. You move the controller in any direction to guide your fleet of flower pedals while holding on to the X button to speed up and letting go of the X button to slow down. Of course, this game has it's own story to tell, but you're creating your own tale to tell along the way.
Journey's narrative is told through mostly hidden hieroglyphics and short cutscenes in between segments of the game.
Holding on to the X button allows you to fly for a short period of time depending on the length of your scarf that can become longer by collecting hidden white symbols scattered throughout the game. For both, mine and your pleasure, I have a gif (animated image) that will help you see what I've seen (minus the music).
I am positive you will have a unique and wonderful experience that will never be the same as the next person. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has a child like charm to it, but at the heart, it's a game made for fans of old school JRPG's looking for a breath taking world filled with character's they can care about. After a tragic event involving the death of his mother, Oliver is greeted by a fairy that goes by the name, Drippy.
After a group of experimental scientists discover Jodie's "gift", this opens up Jodie's life to take many twists and turns as she finds herself accross the world, on the streets, and into other labs that experiment with the infa world to harnest the powers of entities. Sadly, the game starts off ridiculously confusing due to the game throwing me into these random events; out of order that left me confused for literally hours. While I couldn't feel anything towards some of the characters that I felt were put into the narrative specifically to make the player feel something, so it was weird watching Jodie feel something I couldn't understand. When watching someone play, this may look like it gets annoying fast while possibly losing immersion, but in the heat of the moment I hardly noticed it and felt it was the perfect time frame for me to react while remaining immersed in what was going on. I've been experiencing these problems for the past 3 days, and I even lost count of how many characters I lost and had to re-make in the process because of it. What if their other next gen title, The Crew, loses player data due to the game's cloud servers not saving properly? Do you think this is something that can't be avoided and must happen for the developers to have an idea of what their servers can handle? Upon arriving at my destination, I was greeted by carbine bullets and loud soldiers who felt it was neccesary to send a military chopper after me that shortly crashed to the ground, because of a missile that ricocheted off me and back to them allowing me to flee in one piece and completing the task needed to pull of the heist of a lifetime. Michael, a struggling family man miserably living the American dream depending on the reasurrance of a therapist to maintain his composure in this life that he has yet to fully adjust to after so many years. Rockstar has proven that the current gen hardware still has enough juice left to squeeze out a beautifully detailed world filled with unique environments and living creatures. Grand Theft Auto V's original orchestrated soundtrack also give off these strong 80's vibes that fit perfectly with the game's cinematic set pieces during the story mode. You of course have your vehicles ranging from cars, planes, motorcycles, the returning bicycles, and new to the franchise, submarines that are used to venture the ocean. When a character is not being used, they're out living their lives doing what you'd expect from them on a normal day, or not. If you find yourself wanting to make some extra cash outside of the stock market, you can purchase some of the local businesses unique to each character that will earn them thousands of dollars on a weekly basis but must be protected on certain occasions, like being robbed and having to take down the thief in order to retrieve your earnings.
Even though GTA V's narrative loses track during mid-game, this is a story that requires you to read between the lines, and not take the game at face value, or you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice missing out on a much deeper and meaningful message. Playing this game made me feel as if I was with an actual audience as we laughed, gasped, and laughed some more together while watching an actual puppet show. After a couple of acts you start to notice a pattern with not only the levels themselves but the type of bosses Kutaro faces. I really appreciated the fact that game actually required me to use these powers constantly after acquiring them instead of making them feel like nice options that were just there to be there.
Heart Machine plans to have the game launch sometime in 2014 with a beta becoming available to backers a couple of months before launch.
Now being thrown into a simulated Steelport, you find out that the rest of the Saints have also been abducted and the only way to save them is to enter their virtual nightmares with the help of the genius Kinzie and use the advantages of this virtual world to defeat Zinyak and save the human race.
Saints Row IV introduces super powers showing us a new side of the Saints Row franchise we never knew could possibly exist. Vehicle customization is still in but I'm not going to sugar coat it, I only used it once for my review, but if you're into customizing your cars, you'll have some options for your own personal styles. I can't even explain the meaning of what I just said but if you're a gamer, you understand it without an explanation. The smallest addition that may seem innovative in the sequel is something games have already been doing for years.
Drake, to scavenge seeds from what they believe to be a uncharted planet code named, PNF-404.
Over time your Pikmin will grow faster and stronger which you can artificially speed up by using the new Ultra-Spicy Spray that will automatically make your Pikmin grow giving them an additional boost of strength for a limited amount of time, or you can find nectar that the Pikmin consume to grow into the blossomed versions of themselves.
You have the ability to split your team up and send each leader to seperate locations in order to be more productive in a less amount of time. If you ever catch yourself in the middle of a boss fight for example, ending the day and returning to that area leaves the boss with the remaining health from the last day. Aiming shares the same input as your controlled character's movements and can easily become annoying when going for precision. Battle Monsters and Fight Bosses are two of the other co-op modes where you defeat as many enemies and a specific boss under a time limit. After this year's E3, Sony has been on a roll with announcement after announcement, and I'm just going to be listing some of the moves Sony is doing right. According to the many who had the opportunity to hold the new DualShock 4, the new controller is much bigger in the areas that sit in the palms and is a big step up from the DualShock 3. How much we can edit our game clips is another story and has yet to be thoroughly explained.
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that indie games are becoming bigger and bigger and will soon consume a large part of the market, so Sony showing support for these devs is pretty huge. With the perfect price point, exclusives and more, there's no reason why the PlayStation 4 WON'T do well this holiday season.
Players will travel with Joel, a middle-aged survivor who's lost everything he's known and loved, and is now accepting a job from the Fireflies, an anti-government militia spread throughout the country that continues to search for a vaccine to the cordyceps infection.
The contextual dialogue between Joel and Ellie during these optional segments add to their characters, accomplishing genuine mid-gameplay conversations that most games try to do.
This world pushed me to start playing with the same mindset as Joel; making each kill look and feel so real that I couldn't help but think "did I really just do that?".
Combining a blade to Joel's melee weapon allows you to swing a scissor taped pipe or a nailed 2x4 into an enemies neck giving you a one-hit kill as he squeezes his neck gasping for air. Add to this the Clickers, a more advanced mutation of the infected, and you will be playing cat and mouse using bricks and bottles to push their attention away from you. Good, because they now know that and they're coming up with their own plans to get the upper hand on you, so being able to think fast and improvise strategies goes a long way when dealing with enemies who are capable of doing the same thing.
Factions does a great job finding a way to incorporate the game's lore while staying far from the main story. You choose between the Hunter and Fireflies faction that you are to stick with for 12 weeks while trying to grow and keep the survivors in your group alive.
I look back for one second just to see a zombie with no arms yelling at the top of it's lungs grabbing the attention of zombies that never knew of my existence, and right before my legs decide to give out, a survivor calls out to me at the top of a dirt hill as he and a couple of survivors shoot the heads off the walking dead that want me more than a human wants to breathe.
Your main goal is to survive; looking after the survivors in your group by gathering resources, completing tasks, and taking care of zombie problems when need be.
Survey spots are scattered throughout the game where you can spot out houses, zombie hordes, special zombies and even survivors that may need a little help.
Keeping your character(s) alive becomes your top priority since if you die, you die for good and control another survivor from your group.

In order to meet the survivors needs you'll have to spend resources and influence points needed to build areas around the base, like sleeping, cooking, and workshop areas, just to name a few. It feels like the environment is telling a story, sharing their thoughts through music as you fly through each flower bud. This doesn't take long to master at all and doing so immerses you into the experience even more. Featuring the most unique online experience I have ever played, Journey will not only change the way you think of the online co-op experience, but life itself. This story is going to require a lot of attention to small details in order to fully understand the game's story and it's ending. Drippy has been trapped under a spell for years that has transformed him into a doll until Oliver's tears free'd him from the spell.
What these scientists see as a gift and a possible weapon, Jodie only see's as a hinderance that she feels has been haunting her for her entire life. Though every single actor in this game deserve some recognition, I was very impressed by Aiden's character. I expected this game to give me tons of button prompted quick time events, but to my surprise, I didn't come across many parts that required me to actually press a button. This was just one of the many crazy adventures that can only be experienced on Grand Theft Auto V. Finally, we have Trevor; an egoscentric sociopathic murderous man-child whose actions make for the perfect satire of what the player does, says, and thinks while playing a Grand Theft Auto game.
It would be in anyones best interest to explore and discover what this world has waiting to be found. These heists can be completed in multiple ways and can always play out differently depending on the plan chosen and the people hired to assist you on the job. The driving mechanics have been greatly improved and now handle much better especially when using Franklin's special ability that slows down time while driving giving the player more control over the vehicle.
There were times when I'd switch to Trevor only to find him drunk on a roof naked or yelling at pedestrians, then switching to Franklin while he was teaching his dog Chop some new tricks.
Puppeteer did an excellent job making me believe I was part of a show with a huge and unique cast of characters complimenting the game's charming story-telling narrative. It was such a pleasure to experience the characters of this game break their own walls as the audience reacted to Kutaro's every move making me feel like I was the star of the show pulling the strings all along.
You'll start to notice that most of these bosses and level segments feel the same, but the game's presentation and level design prevent these two from feeling repetitive.
Other than the 4 main hero heads, you'll come accross about 100 other heads that feel more cosmetic than anything.
I'll have a link in every image that will take you to the Kickstarter page if you find yourself interested in this project and would like to see more.
Early in the game players are introduced to these powers like super speed and jump, and the ability to blast natural elements like ice. You know, not being able to play games just in case you forgot what I'm talking about here.
So when I see Black Ops 2 taking place in the future, it put this false justification I was looking for to give myself a reason to purchase the game. Upon reaching the planet's atmosphere, their ship malfunctions forcing them to eject before impact seperating these thumb-sized explorers across three continents only to discover the danger that inhabits this beautiful land. You will also find data files around the map that will then be sent to the gamepad offerring tips, journal entries and general information to assist the player during their playthrough. Once again, you don't have to stress yourself out with the days since you're given so many of them and the game isn't even that hard to begin with. Yes, I know you can move the aiming cursor while your character is stationary but I didn't even find that out until after I completed my first playthrough. I didn't expect much out of these modes but after trying them out, I highly recommend giving these modes a shot if you're looking for a good couch co-op or versus time.
It also features a touchpad on the top of the controller allowing developers to create new gameplay mechanics and is an addition that can possibly allow the player to experience something new in future games. Sony is also allowing these developers to self publish their games on the PlayStation Network meaning that they're not required to pay large amounts of money to get a big name (or small) publisher to help them get their games on consoles. Joel and his partner Tess must smuggle Ellie, a 14 year-old girl born in a disintegrated world, out of the Boston quarantine zone and into the hands of the Fireflies. My relationship with these characters and their motivation to go forward started to feel more important to me than the actual reward itself.
The mixture of outstanding audio design, cinematic combat, and the characters sense of desperation is sympathized by the fact that you lose exactly what the character loses as well, and it scares you by putting you in a situation where you are defenseless because that's exactly what you've become; defenseless. Joel's weapons and stats are upgradeable by using parts and pills that can be found progressing through the game and in optional rooms that require you to sacrifice a shiv in order to access it. Because of how advanced this fungal mutation has become the Clickers can no longer see as their entire face is covered in mushroom growths. These encounters are never the same making the gameplay feel unique each time and never repetitive. Supply Raid and Survivors mode are quite similar with minor differences being in Supply Raid each team has a set amount of respawns while in Survivors mode the winner is determined by winning rounds with no respawns during a round.
As the sound of bullets start to drown out, I make my way to the top of the hill where a church is occupied by a group of survivors still holding on to the will to live. After that becomes part of your daily routine, finding a way out of Trumbull Valley with the rest of your group is the next goal. Resource management plays a big part in this game due to the fact that you can only carry such a limited amount of items until you become encumbered making it harder to travel with your characters stamina dropping at a fast rate. This may sound easy enough, but the more difficult types of zombies each come with their own challenge requiring you to handle them very cautiously with thought out approaches. From time to time your fellow survivors will end up in difficult situations requiring you to drop everything you're doing to save them since these missions are time sensitive.
These graphical hiccups haven't taken me out of the experience, and if you've played many open-world games, these glitches won't be anything new in your gaming life.
Instead of cutscenes, animated art images take its place in between each level further explaining the world that Flower takes place in.
Now, Drippy needs Oliver's help to stop the evil sorcerer, Shadar, from taking over his world, and succeeding may possibly bring Oliver's mother back. After completing the game I still failed to understand the reason why David Cage chose to have this story jump around aimlessly with nothing but questions coming out of it.
He doesn't seem like an entity when you try to picture him as invisible person with the only way to show his personality is portrayed through his actions. Instead, interacting with the world is done by using the right stick pushing it in the direction of the object I want Jodie to examine.
These 3 characters together create a riveting and exciting narrative making sure that Grand Theft Auto V feels like a new experience while holding onto what we love from the GTA franchise. I was surprised by the fact that the entire world remained generated at all times with only minor texture pop-ups and frame drops that I only experienced enough times to count on one hand. Seeing them continue their lives when not in use further immersed me making me believe in these characters and their lives. Now that the legendary Calibrus has chosen Kutaro to be the wielder of this powerful weapon, he with the help of some of the friendly faces he meets along the way must collect all of the moon stone shards to stop the Moon Bear King from stealing the children of earth's souls while trying to retrieve his own in the process. I was surprised to see how a silent character like Kutaro conveys his actions showing more soul than most character's dialogue in other games.
Picture books are rewarded to the player upon completing an act giving a little insight on some of the act's main characters and their dark backgrounds. Not only do the 3 heads equipped substitute a health bar, but these heads can also be used during levels to earn some extra moon sparkles that only exist to give the player an abundance of lives, but when you have the corresponding head needed at a certain point in a level, you can unlock hidden bonus stages that gave off some strong Donkey Kong Country vibes and pathways that usually make a level easier than it already is.
I don't know about you, but I'm definitely backing this up and am really looking forward to the chance at playing this on both my PS Vita and future PlayStation 4. Lets just go with all of the above because that is exactly what Saints Row IV is all about. Clusters are scattered on the Steelport rooftops that are used to upgrade your character's powers and the money you earn can be used to upgrade your characters abilities. I'll admit it, that one probably makes no sense unless you hear how my cousins and I communicate, sometimes. The player in the trailer is getting kills back to back, so that means I should be able to do that too! Some of these tips felt oddly placed, especially the ones that would teach you how to defeat a certain enemy or explain a Pikmin's ability minutes after you've already found this out yourself. Just make sure that you have all your Pikmin either with you or in the safe zone by night time or be prepared to lose a portion of your mini army. This issue can also be fixed by using the Wiimote and nunchuck, but I'd much rather use the Wii U's gamepad controller that was intended to be used on a Wii U game. These indie developers will not be charged to put their content on PSN and will receive most (if not all) profits from their game based off of the information we have so far. What started as a simple task sends Joel across the country meeting new and old faces as he does whatever it takes to survive.
Joel and Ellie have this relationship where the characters only see each other as a burden at first until a turn of events change their view on each other thus forming a bond out of their experiences together. Their clicking sounds are used to sense their environments, similar to bats, and if you're caught by one of these Clickers be prepared to spend precious resources to take one down or die by a one-hit kill.
This doesn't apply for the infected, but I started to actually feel that I was no better than the men I was killing, because behind it all I'm doing exactly what they're doing. State of Decay's narrative (if you can even call it that) focuses on the game's characers instead of the average "What's going on? Your character's max stamina can also drop if you don't get any rest, so make sure to switch between characters often, or carry a pack of trucker pills around with you to regain lost stamina.
I personally haven't died in my first playthrough (sorry, I have to rub it in) but it could only suck losing a character after you've invested so much time into their stats and equipment. You'll constantly receive these missions from your home base that start to become overwhelming when you're trying to just explore and do your own thing. It started to become a real problem when survivors would go missing almost every 5 minutes and they were only hiding inside of a shed next to the home base.
It doesn't take long to grasp the concept of this game but you'll figure it all out by the end which shouldn't take long since Flower can be beaten in one sitting. Accompanied by Drippy and the new friends they meet along the way, Oliver embarks on a wondrous adventure filled with many surprises and the truth he secretly seeks. I have to admit though, because of this, I became very interested in the game's narrative wondering why certain segments played out the way they did and how it got to that certain point.
It was too bad that the majority of segments  Aiden is actually used, the game has me performing repetitive tasks suffocating or possessing people, opening doors, or knocking and pushing things over. It made the game feel like a modern day point and click adventure game, and I really liked that. The random events can happen at any time surprisingly popping up on the map adding a little extra to the game while the Strangers & Freaks missions vary between the 3 main characters offering unique experiences for each character.
You also have your weapons of choice that can now be switched on the fly thanks to the game's new weapon selection wheel allowing players to access the game's entire arsenal at once making switching weapons fun and intuitive. Each character's personality made me want to play as these characters differently in unique ways just to fit their lifestyles. By the end of the game I had a little over 70 lives that practically show how easy the game is, but I personally didn't mind that the game was so easy because I became so invested in the story that I was looking forward to the next area of this mysterious moon Kutaro's tale would take me.
I'm sure you're all wondering what the hell I'm talking about and who is the awesome looking dude at the top. I'm not going to lie, Crackdown comparisons are inevitable, but I wouldn't call that a bad thing since I personally enjoyed Crackdown.
Saints Row 1 and 2 featured some of the best character options, but this was trimmed down in Saints Row The Third, and Saints Row IV followed suit. God, I don't know if my pops was that gullible or just liked seeing us happy when the feeling wasn't a hundred percent mutual.
It obviously wasn't new in the gaming industry because plenty of games have done this but as soon as I saw some of that futuristic weaponry, I was hooked.
Of course, the most beneficial point to this is we, the gamers, get more unique games to play on our home console(s). The dynamic development of these characters is something I've seldomly experienced in games and have only seen done in films such as Finding Nemo or A Walk in Tokyo, to name a few. The sounds of Clickers clicking, Runners screaming, and the crackling of broken glass prove the importance of audio in a game. During matches, you must obtain a certain amount of resources needed to keep your group alive each day, and can be found off of dead enemies, and item cases scattered around each map. But am I here to be protected, or did I just get myself into more trouble than I could handle? Thankfully, you're able to visit the location where your character died and retrieve their equipment. When the game is turned off, the world is still on, so when you get back in the game only to find out that the survivors spent days popping dozens of pills and binge eating your food supply away, it gets very annoying having to resupply what you worked hours to get.
Not until later in the game I was able to start putting pieces together and understand how certain events actually came together. I was really cautious on how Aiden would be controlled, but I'm glad to inform you guys that Aiden's control's were better than I anticipated. Upon completing a mission you'll be given a score based off of how well you've done, and the sub-objectives completed within the mission that end up rewarding the player with a bronze, silver, or gold medal based off your score percentage. When purchasing weapons from an Ammu-Nation shop, you're given the option to customize these weapons with scopes, extended mags, silencers, skins and even a useless flashlight that was only useful a couple of times throughout the story mode. Trevor for example, compliments my wreckless play-style crashing into coming traffic like bumper cars, and justifies the insane rampages I go on with the cops for 20 minutes straight accross San Andreas. A handful of the main story missions will put your character in situations that take away your powers but I was okay with this since it gave me the time to really experiment with the insane arsenal Saints Row IV has to offer. Seriously, a dub-step gun?
We have the goofy outfits and awesome super hero suits but I was still left wanting to do more with my character. You can learn some new hobbies like bird watching, or watching birds, or have birds watch you!" and if you're that person, get out. These thoughts and more were flowing through my head during the video and I couldn't help but think why am I getting so hyped for this?
I'm not saying different to the point where it's not the same game anymore, but different where the experience feels fresh again. Nothing feels more tense than knowing you're surrounded by powerful drums and infected with only enough ammo to kill 2 or 3. Failing to obtain the required amount of resources for that day will result in a random amount of people in your group getting sick, going hungry, and possibly die. That's State of Decay in a nutshell, and I've invested enough time in it to confidently say that this is the zombie game we've been waiting for. These outposts are also very helpful when you need to drop off some items without having to go all the way back to your home base since each outpost will have a storage linked to your home base supplies. This may be me nitpicking but having the search button share the same function as yelling to grab attention can really go against your favor when you're trying to search through a house quietly only to catch the attention of a zombie horde passing through the neighborhood.
I sat on a beautiful sand hill for a couple of minutes watching a beautiful scenic montage until I was woken up by a stranger's chimes of hello, and thats where our journey began.
Using the two right triggers, you control Aiden's elevation, and with the left and right stick you control Aiden's direction. The fact that these attachments effect the weapon's attributes, it gave the game's shooting mechanics a little more depth than what we're used to seeing in a GTA game. Grand Theft Auto V offers the option of choosing between the classic GTA auto-aim or free aim mode that took some time getting used to, but felt great when I finally had it down popping heads left and right with Michael's ability to perform a bullet time similar to Max Payne, and Trevor's ability to go into a rampage mode where taking damage isn't an option. Who in the world other than Volition would have thought of a gun that drops a dub-step beat that stops what everyone is doing and forces them and their vehicles to dance to the beat.
This same thing has happened to me with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and after a month I stopped playing. These trailers do something close to that but its never the graphics or the new campaign itself that brings these revelations to mind. Well after completing the campaign and playing hours of multiplayer with friends and family I've realized that these new additions didn't keep me hooked and I'm pretty sure these new additions aren't the reason millions of people still play it. Of course, you can't have multiplayer without custom load-outs, customizations, and unique to The Last of Us multiplayer, mid-match upgrades. Together we learned how to communicate with each other through chiming and whistling when one of us needed the other to follow, stop, jump, and even show each other hidden areas. The more you perform the normal tasks of driving around the city, taking advantage of the shooting ranges, running or swimming, flying planes, and constantly using your abilities, the character's stats will grow making it easier to perform these day-by-day actions the more you use them. These weapons can also be customized with different styles and skins to match your rampage mood.
Not only because I was good one day and bad for two weeks, but it started to feel like I tricked myself into finding reason to purchase the game.
Its always the small things; the new sleek UI, a couple of new perks, weapons, kill streaks, maps and more.
These upgrades can be applied to your weapons or character during a match by using parts earned by killing enemies, crafting items, and even reviving fellow team members. We were forced to find a new way to communicate without using our voices and it felt magical. I think about this all the time and now I catch myself wanting to actually purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PlayStation 4 and its getting harder and harder to know exactly why. I've noticed that I would get hyped over the smallest addition to a Call of Duty game even though that hype goes away faster than the game sells 1 million copies. Some may find that the multiplayer lacks much variation, but will be pleased to know that it's extremely satisfying and should keep you busy for a while if you plan on going for the 12 week trophies. I always tell myself that this is going to be the one that changes everything until I actually get my hands on it for a week and realize that its the same game with a recoated paint job with a new flame vinyl strip.

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