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We do our best to understand each others’ strengths and weaknesses to ensure that team members are best positioned to complete tasks that play to their strengths.
Bridgeable’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results, visualized by Michelle McCune. Tuesday Improv class: an improv coach from The Second City comes in to guide us in being spontaneous in a comfortable, low-risk space.
Friday Lunch and Learn: we eat good food and listen to a talk by a fellow Bridgeable team member. Extracurricular events: we go out and do activities that build our team outside of the office setting.
Whenever I have to work with physical designs, I know that there is more than one expert in the office to turn to for advice! Students will be aware of hand hygiene and some aspects of personal hygiene through home economics, science, and SPHE classes.
After the Personal Care Plans have been completed the teacher describes and demonstrates the correct procedure for washing hands, brushing teeth and caring for your hair. To reinforce the importance of taking care of your teeth, the students work in small groups to complete Worksheet 3: ‘Keeping your teeth healthy’ (3) and share their ideas with the whole class. In the small groups, the students compete in a Dental Quiz (Worksheet 4: ‘Dental health Quiz’ (4)). At this point students are shown the Power point: ‘Personal hygiene products’ (6) to begin a discussion on products that can help us take care of ourselves. In groups students are given 3 personal items; a book, clothes and a mobile phone and are asked to identify 3 reasons why it important that we take care of these items.
Students report their ideas back to the whole class and the teacher emphasises the importance of looking after our belongings. Finally the students are asked to role play the following scenario: ‘I have been out in the garden. The teacher recaps on all aspects of the lesson by questioning the students and asking them to demonstrate certain activities i.e. Students are reminded to follow their Personal Care Plans and to put place them in a place they can frequently view it i.e.
Finally the teacher emphasises the importance of personal care and states some benefits of personal hygiene i.e.
Bullous myringitis is a painful middle ear condition that consists of an inflamed and blistered eardrum. Commonly used by otolaryngologists and other doctors, the otoscope has a bright light and magnifying glass, allowing a look deep inside the ears. Bullous myringitis is a painful condition characterized by middle ear inflammation and oozing blisters on the eardrum. Bullous myringitis occurs when middle ear inflammation leads to the development of a small pus-filled blister on the tympanic membrane. A doctor can usually diagnose bullous myringitis by evaluating symptoms and examining the eardrum with a medical instrument called an otoscope. Treatment for bullous myringitis usually includes a course of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Surgery is rarely needed to treat an ear infection, but a simple operation may be required if the eardrum tears.
I have been suffering from the worst pain I've ever felt in my life for the last four days.

My nine year old daughter was diagnosed with Bullous Myringitis yesterday and she is in so much pain. I have a four year old daughter and a 23 month old son who are plagued with ear infections from time to time.
This is why it is important to understand who your co-workers are, and always approach tasks and decisions with an open mind. Our multidisciplinary team is varied as ever; among our multidisciplinary mix, there are biologists, computer scientists, financial experts, fashion designers, industrial designers, graphic designers, ethnographers, engineers, documentary producers, and more. What are some new and fun ways to articulate and learn about each team members’ unique qualities? This gives us an opportunity to learn something new, or provide feedback on ideas, concepts, and works in progress. Our most recent outing included trampoline dodgeball and we will be participating in the Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart early June. The major benefit of working with people with different perspectives and backgrounds is the fact that they look at the world with a different lens –  fresh eyes and minds to perceive, approach, and solve a problem. With a multidisciplinary team, you can guarantee that solutions will be more accurate, authentic, and relatable to a larger crowd. Students will look at and plan a daily personal care programme and examine the benefits of such a plan. Students will explore the benefits and uses of a range of personal care products. The teacher uses this opportunity to discuss some of the benefits of regular dental check-ups e.g.
Various products are passed around the class and students are asked to identify the benefits of using such products.
At this point the teacher introduces the idea of appropriate clothes for various situations.
It helps to relay sound waves to the brain and prevent foreign particles from irritating the middle ear. As a blister grows, an individual is likely to experience constant, sharp pain that disrupts hearing. He or she may collect a small sample of pus from the blister to test for specific bacteria.
A patient may also be prescribed ear drops that help to cleanse the eardrum and soothe painful burning. A surgeon can perform a procedure called a myringoplasty to mend a perforated eardrum and remove dirt, bacteria, and other irritating agents from deep within the ear. I visited an ENT specialist two days back and I've been diagnosed to have bullous myringitis.
I am four weeks post infection and the doctor says the fluid is gone and my hearing is testing good, although I feel like I am still underwater with my one ear.
The pain was mild, and he was just complaining, nothing like anon293071 and anon245789 describe, but maybe the infection was just in the beginning. It has been one of the most painful conditions I have ever experienced (and I have had three children). In fact, we are not simply multidisciplinary across team members, but also multidisciplinary as individuals. To use myself as an example, I used to work in an academic laboratory that did genetic research related to human birth defects. Like ethnography, accepting different ways of thinking and linking it to perception and behaviour is absolutely invaluable.
There is always something new to learn when you get to interact with someone very different from you.

We will emphasise that keeping the body clean is an important part of being healthy and looking and feeling good.
Students in small groups are asked to brainstorm ideas of appropriate clothes for school, home, and work.
A person who has bullous myringitis is likely to experience radiating pain and some degree of hearing loss over the course of about two days as a blister develops.
When a bacterium or virus pervades the eardrum, it causes an inflammatory response that leads to swelling, itching, and burning sensations in the ear.
After making a diagnosis, the doctor cleans and drains the ear to clear lingering bacteria and help prevent further irritation. The procedure has a high success rate, and most patients start feeling better within about a week. I'm on day four of antibiotics, which have kind of been helping, but I'm just glad to know what was wrong with me. The doctor told me it was just an outer ear infection (swimmer's ear) and sent me home with some drops.
The pain can last from half an hour to several hours until the pressure is released on its own.
I believe it would be safe to assume that your child would give indication through a high-pitched cry.
My body felt paralyzed due to pain in the first thirty minutes when first sensing the pain, in my case it wasn't puss coming out of the ear, it as blood. I was able to combine my background in biology with my interest in art and design, thanks to the Biomedical Communications MSc program at the University of Toronto. It is important to seek medical care at an emergency room or otolaryngologist's office at the first signs of ear pain to receive the appropriate treatment. The most common causes of bullous myringitis are the bacteria Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Staphylococcus aureus, though several other bacteria and viruses can potentially cause ear infections.
Painful sensations and drainage typically persist for the life of a blister, usually one to two days. Since ear infections can be contagious, patients are generally instructed to wash their hands frequently and avoid close contact with others until symptoms resolve. If you have this, be sure to get the right antibiotics, ear drops and pain medicine as needed.
After the second day or so, the ears will be draining blood and pus which is another sure-fire indication that the child should be seen. Now my primary role at Bridgeable is the communication of complex concepts (biomedical content and beyond) through visualization. Despite our differences, we are all glued together by the fundamental value of being human-centred and empathizing with the people we are designing for.
The infection responsible for bullous myringitis may continue to cause symptoms after the ear pain stops. It's odd because I've been getting ear infections since I was little but have never experienced this. He diagnosed what the problem was, and explained that the plugged feeling and itching in my ear was caused by all of the dead tissue that remained in my ear.

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