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Our friend Krypton has brought together some great concept art of this summer’s Rainbow Rocks line. Sunset Shimmer is looking a lot less evil, but comes with two outfits and an awesome-looking purse.
As it’s toy fair season all over the world, you can expect a ton more prototypes to be popping up. If you feel like that cottage playset is too much work but you still want to build your ponies, why not get just the pony? I was thinking about a bunch of stuff while falling asleep last night, and I ended up trying to think of how Flash Strike would look rainbowfied. RD also has the totally wrong cutie mark, but these are prototype images, so it shouldn’t matter much.

There’s also a little rubber bracelet that you can swap out plastic jewels with various cutie marks in them.
Biggest reason I rate her design so high is because she avoided the ridiculously large mane.Pinkie and Rainbow kind of tie in the middle. Unfortunately, I can't decide on good colors to go in her mane and tail, considering that1.
They all seem to have holes for wings, so that’ll look weird unless you want to get wacky with your customization.
It's just the regular mane six but with some of the strands of their hair made of a shiny material. Pinkie because her mane just got a little more poofy so it doesn't really stick out as much for her, and while the additional colors are a bit bright they at least work with her design.

I rate Rainbow in the middle too because I bet they totally had a hard time creating a new design for her.
I mean, how do you rainbowfy a rainbow?Fluttershy rates a little lower, and I realize she already has a longer mane to begin with, but her rainbowfied design almost appears to be more mane than pony.

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