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Internally displaced people (IDP) wait patiently at a food distribution center in Afgoye, Somalia. Somalia, beset by a severe shortfall in emergency funding, is home to one of the world’s largest and most complex emergencies. Humanitarian partners warn that the country is at the precipice of another emergency – only three years after a devastating famine that left an estimated 258,000 people dead, many of them women and children under five. The 1.1 million people in internally displaced people settlements scattered across the country are particularly vulnerable and need urgent health, shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene support.
Other than funding, humanitarian access remains dangerous and difficult making it hard for aid workers to reach more than the 875,000 people in need of urgent life-saving food assistance. CERF pools donors’ contributions into a single fund so that money is available as soon as needs arise. Since 2006, CERF has allocated more than $3.4 billion for humanitarian agencies operating in 88 countries and territories. For the past year, I have been severely miserable and depressed and have come to a point where I don't know who to turn to and don't even want to carry on with life. I was in a relationship with a man for four years whom I thought I would marry.  We were together for three years, and the man was a few years my senior who works in the same place as me.
My dad has always been strict and has made it clear that he would never allow any love marriage to take place. The man in question was getting older (32) and got to a point where he asked my mother for my hand in marriage and my mum told him it would be difficult to get my dad to agree.
Every year my parents would take me to Pakistan, and would always show me guys whom they would want me to consider but I would always say no as my heart was with this man, I wanted to tell my parents at the right time.
He went to Pakistan for one month 2 years ago and before he went he said my parents want me to look at girls for marriage what shall I do? The day he was due back he messaged asking me to meet him at airport. I was upset at his lack of communication but had missed him so much and was just happy to meet him, he assured me it was just due to him spending time with family and he wasn't good at communication, which he never had been a good texter.
During the next six months he maintained a physical relationship with me and everything was happy and normal with us. He then said it's best we become friends and broke off our relationship completely but as we work together we would see each other and things became difficult.
I felt used, hurt,  I was so distraught that while he was with me, behind my back he was part of planning his own wedding. On my return to work, I feel deeply ashamed to say this but after many talks with him we realised we still had feelings and we committed zina a few times. It's important to remember that hymenoplasty operations are surgical procedures, with all the risks associated with that - general anaesthetic, infections, etc. Also, it could be considered as cosmetic surgery - and as such, the concerns regarding the permissibility of such procedures as they can be seen as altering Allah's creation, which would not be allowed Islamically. Plus, many women break their hymens in childhood or adolescence, through physical activity rather than sexual acts - for example, horse-riding and gymnastics are common sports in which a girl's hymen may be stretched or broken.
Save money on the side and get the surgery done hymenoplasy but please stop zinna right away.
Please see my post above about reasons why hymenoplasty and similar surgical procedures should not be considered lightly. Allah States in the Quran clearly that if you ask for forgiveness sincerely he will forgive you and change you bad deeds into good deeds.
Putting your previous feelings for this man aside for a moment, the fact is that this man is married. From what you have written, I think you already know in your heart, that this relationship won't lead to a happy marriage and life together.
I'm sure you already know that the relationship you had with this man was haraam, and that you need to repent for this. I would advise NOT having surgery to replace your hymen - a hymen doesn't make you a virgin, not having one doesn't prove you aren't a virgin, and your future husband will deserve a relationship built on reality rather than on a lie. If in the future, the man you marry one day asks if you were a virgin when you met him, rather than disclosing your past or lying to him, you could say something along the lines of "my past is between me and Allah, and I ask that you respect that, as I have chosen to build my future with you". One area in which you may wish to be cautious is when considering a potential spouse, if they are adamant that they only wish to marry a virgin, it might be better for both of you if you find a tactful way to decline the proposal - you wouldn't need to disclose your past, but could politely say that you don't feel you are compatible with him and leave it at that. Brother Nouman mentioned one of the names of Allah Subhana ta'ala 'Rakib' which roughly means that He is looking after us, taking care of us. First the suggested hymenoplasty - this is a lie, and any relationship on a lie will blow up in your face in future.
Surely if a furture husband marries only if you are virgin cannot have a real relationship with you? Now, as hard as it is, and as difficult it is to accept, trust me, loosing this man is good riddance.
Surely when he sleeps with you he says he dislikes his wife and when he sleeps with the wife he does the same - he is basically cheating on both of you. Also everything happens for a reason and there is something good that comes out of everything. I agree with everyone in that you should cut all ties with this man and start to rebuild your relationship with Allah swt. If I were you, I would look for work elsewhere because the temptation will constantly be there. I pray that Allah forgives you, that Allah forgives the sins of our Ummah, and that we realize what treasures we have in our deen, Islam, before it is too late, Ameen. I know a lot of people here say tell your future husband he has the right to know and so on.
Everyone is saying he has the right to know but think about it, this man probably is not perfect, who knows if he was honest and tell her everything.
The man has no right to seek out information on the past from which his wife has repented, for the reasons outlined above. It is hoped that the wife will adhere to the oath she made when she swore to him that she did not have anything bad in her past. We are surprised that a righteous wife would retract her oath and disclose a past which Allaah had concealed. Many women ask about the ruling on telling their husbands about a past in which they admit to having committed sins from which they have repented. At the beginning of this answer we mentioned other benefits that have to do with concealing sins committed by the wife before marriage.
Although it may not be respectful, is there anything wrong in asking a future wife-to-be whether she is a virgin or not?
If there is some doubt concerning a (future) wife’s chastity, then you have the right to find out, but if you do not have any doubts, there is no need for this, because it may generate hatred and enmity, and be a reason for a lack of peace of mind.
This is the reason Islam not only ordains segregation of sexes but most importantly orders enforcement of purdah or veil. Many people take a casual attitude at mixing of sexes, without understanding its consequences. The Prophet has said that the harm of touching a non-Mahram is so great that it is better to have an iron nail driven into one’s head than touch the opposite sex.
First thing first, say good bye to this job, cut off with no contacts ever with this undignified, unrespectful man and this work place. Khmer Sacred Body TattoosUnlike people from Western countries who wear tattoos for decoration or ego hikes, most Cambodians actually tattoo themselves only for self-protection.
The Art of Khmer TattooThe traditional tattoos of Cambodi a are noted for their aesthetic be auty.
I got the palheh snaiha, the one with the girl giving birth to a baby and he's comes out praying. From cat-suited spies to monster slayers to cyborg assassins, we look at our favorite ferocious females.
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The 1.1 million people in IDP settlements across Somalia need urgent health, shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene support. According to the UN, almost 3 million people there are in need of humanitarian assistance such as food, health and nutrition support. Close to $655 million is still needed to provide humanitarian assistance until the end of 2014. I feel deeply ashamed of my past actions and can't come to term and accept the reality of the situation I have got myself into. He would choose a husband for me and I would have to accept his choice. I believed if I found someone I truly love, I could convince my dad to put my happiness first.
I told him to look for the sake of his mum, as I have been put in the position year after year after but felt if he loved me he would say no and come back to be with me. I asked him if anything happened with him looking at girls and he said I don't want to discuss anything and assured me nothing happened and he was giving us one more year to see how things pan out.
He gave no hints at being engaged and we committed zina many times ?? As time went on he became distant, would text less, and it got to a point where one of his family members from Pakistan he got them a job within our company. He assured me that no marriage was planned for him and he didn't love or talk to this other girl apart from one or two messages which he showed me.He then went away for his monthly trip back home and two weeks before admitted that in fact he was going for his marriage and that a whole wedding had been planned. He would in turn ignore his wife (who he left back in pk) and she could sense that his heart was with someone else. I am suffering so much now knowing he's married and the sins I committed and don't feel I deserve forgiveness from Allah as every time I would repent I would fall back into the same sins.
It is time to stop and cut him off completely as what is your doing is very dangerous and terrible sin. I also agree with you that it can be broken in childhood and this issue happened to my wife with a bike injury and I did not question it but I did think about it a few times and you know the devil would add what if thoughts to our minds. I advise you to cut all ties with him including changing your number, relocate in your job if you have too. I know a physical relationship was wrong there's no excuses but at the time I didn't see it as being wrong as I was so caught up with him. Don't let this hold you back if a proposal comes take it and make sure your family is aware and keep them updated.
His wife, as your sister in Islam, deserves to be treated with respect; even if he is not doing this, you can - walk away from an illicit relationship with her husband. Be brave, turn to Allah for help and strength, and create your own future by following Allah's teachings rather than being someone's secret. Offer repentance and make sure you do not place yourself at risk of repeating this in the future. There are risks attached to any operation, and such an operation could be considered to be altering Allah's creation - which leads to concerns about whether it would be acceptable at all in Islam. You have the right to choose to marry or not marry someone, so have the right to be involved in the process of finding a spouse, as long as you keep within Islamic limits!

I stopped the relationship as soon as I realised the serverity of my sins ?? I think he kept me for all these years while he got himself settled and happy in a marriage and I feel I have ruined my future and happiness for a man and did so many wrongs.
Then, he can go on and inshaAllah find a girl that meets his criteria, and you can inshaAllah find a man for whom virginity is not an absolute essential and who may better understand your situation should he find out about your past. We are like dumb sheep, almost jumping out of the cliff and He is holding all of us with the back of our necks!
If you are really ashamed of a sin then keep it sealed and don't return to it don't hurt people with it.
And the women should not tell her husband of what happened in the past that she has repented from; she should cover herself as Allaah has covered her.
No one should have any doubt that the ruling is that they definitely should not tell, so as to protect the concealment that Allaah has granted, and so as to prevent her being shamed, and to protect her honour from being impugned by anyone, and to protect their married life from any disturbance.
We do not know of anyone who heard about his wife’s bad past and began to love her more or trust her more, even if she has repented sincerely and become righteous after that. Importantly, more so it is not at all permissible even to touch a non-Mahram woman, because the danger of creating Fitnah is even greater.
Pre-marital love equation fades when man is satisfied, nothing else matters except dumping woman, on top of that getting married then both of you committing the act. He went to Pakistan, got engaged without me knowing and was distant for the whole of his trip and didn't send much communication unless I messaged him first. I asked him if he would tell them of our relationship after which I noticed him become more distant towards me. All of a sudden he was begining to change. He lied about details saying it wasn't a proper engagement, it had happened only a few months back over the phone and he hardly spoke to the girl.
He said he couldn't let me go or stop that wedding as it had all been planned and he didn't want to let his parents down. The thought that the man I was so intimately close to and wanted to spend my life with had lied so much and was away to marry tore me apart. He now wants me to consider being his second wife, as he doesn't want to let me go and he doesn't want to divorce his wife - which is illegal in the UK so I wouldn't be able to register my marriage. I know I have done a terrible thing letting this man's love take over and over last three months committed zina with a married man. This man is also commiting adultry as he is already married.All men say their wives are not good when they want to have an affair.
The devil got to you by telling you that it's too late so you can keep sinning but it's never too late you just have to take that action about cutting him off and being professional with him at work and even looking for another job might help you.
Just remember the story of the man who killed 100 and still got forgiven if u haven't please search and read this.
While it is permissible in Islam for a man to have more than one wife, it is a requirement that he treats his wives with fairness - I would be concerned that he would not be fair to you or to her, and his current and past behaviour says a lot about his character.
When looking for examples for any situation, I find it helps to think about the lives of The Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions (may Allah be pleased with them).
If need be, look for a job elsewhere, in an environment where you would be less likely to form attractions to colleagues (eg. You could speak with your mother about the things you would like in a husband, and ask to meet with potential matches in a family meeting, so that you can decide for yourself if they are of good character. I ask for forgiveness all the time but feel so low that at one point even considered taking my own life as my parents would be so ashamed if they ever come to know the truth ?? what if I don't get forgiven? The first two names of Allah in the Quran are these - we can have faith that He is merciful and will hear our sincere repentance. Imagine how would he feel if it ever came out that you had this procedure to hide your relationship with a man who had sex for long time - this would be a death blow, and these things have a way of coming out. You must get the truth out so that your burden can be reduced and then you can rebuild your life.
If she did that, it is a kind of permissible lying, even if she swore an oath, so as to ward off her husband’s foolishness and protect her honour, and to protect her husband and children. On the contrary, we have seen and heard that doubts increase and that husbands keep a close watch on them and prevent them from doing things that Allaah has permitted, and that ends in divorce because it is impossible for them to live together. Although I will admit they do look very nice.If you do go to get one of those tatoos its not going to tatoo using an electric pen. It is still widely practice today by Northern Khmerr, whether it is in Thailand or Cambodia. Before I met him, I was a virgin, but we commited zinaa throughout our relationship, which is something I feel deeply ashamed and guilty of. He said that the marriage wouldn't be from the heart, it would be a charade and that he wasn't happy, that the past year he hadn't told me but had also started drinking again. He got married and I was still off work and he constantly messaged asking me to consider second marriage, that he couldn't let me go. I don't want a second marriage where I would have to share my husband but cannot imagine being with anyone else after losing my virginity to this man. He said he didn't feel guilty as he doesn't love his wife and he loves me and he doesn't consider it cheating as he wants to marry me. Allah is more forgiving than humans so when you repent and not return to your sin, Allah covers that sin with a blanket but when you talk about it and bring it up again, you are just taking that cover off. Depending on culture Unfortunately some parent may go as far as honor issue and may harm her or she may get pressured or have to swear on the Quran by her husband. It is haraam to be with someone who is married and mostly do you think its fair on the other lady you both doing wrong.
He is not a real man he wasn't even bothered to tell you to your face or was willing to be honest. In this case, there is an example in the life of The Prophet himself (peace be upon him) - he and Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) had a very happy marriage, and after she left this life, The Prophet (peace be upon him) did, by the grace of Allah, marry again and have happy marriages again. Don't think of harming yourself, as that would not solve anything, and would only compound the difficulties - you are a Muslimah, and so you are strong enough that you can come through this, inshaAllah. And he moved on which teaches us that we should never let our past rule our present and future. In other words, you need to find another passion (not a man) that you can devote your time and energy to and as you get absorbed in your new passion (study, art, etc) it will be easier to get over this traumatic experience. I had that mentality before where I demanded to know about my wife's past and it got me no where.
People in Cambodia have tattoos on their body to ward off evil or harm and it is widely believed that a certain Yantra crafted by a monk or a holy person on the chest of a believer, will even bounce off a bullet or fragments from a hand grenade. The richness of its inspir ation is entirely subjected to the r ules of the composition of the yan tea (“yoan’’in khmer). I would tell this man, do you not feel guilty of the sin we have committed, to which he would say no, I don't see it as zina as I'm doing it with love.
I asked him to break that off and to give us a chance and for the next 5 months he kept me in a relationship on the false promise that he would speak to his parents. After he told me about his engagement he also started going back to casino to take his mind off things.
He wants me to consider second marriage so he can speak to his parents and marry me but it's not what I want yet I can't seem to let him go as I can't see my life without him. He will keep want to recommit the sin and coming back to you because sadly it's just a physical relationship and don't expect anything more from him.
Some weak girls take their life because of this but she sounds strong and she can deal with this. I ended up telling my mother and sister about our relationship although I didn't tell them about the pysical aspect.
If Allah wills it, you can and will love a man who will treat you with love and respect - remember that Allah is the Controller of Hearts. I know islamically operations to alter the body r haraam and I don't want to do more wrongs.
Symbolic ge ometrical figures which serve as fr ames for the mantras (“moun” in k mer), the Vedic chants for protec tion . However, it underwent transformation under the Khmer civilization, t he most significant change being the adoption of the “round” Khmer al phabet (“Ak-sor mool”), for the composition of the mantra. Unlike the urban duellers whose cultures are dominated by Chinese and Vietnamese people and cultures; they live and work in the countrysides, the farms, the ranch, etc. He said he felt ashamed that he had lied and from that one lie everything spiralled out of control. There is a Hadith which I don't remember the details but basically the devil will make a haram relationship more attractive than a halal one. You both clearly knew your actions were wrong but certain individuals do not care unless they get what they get until something else better comes along. Also if he really cared about you don't you think he would have asked for your hand in marriage in the first place regardless or you could have married regardless whatever issues your parents had. Ordinary people, nowadays, do not like the idea of having their skin pierced and stained permanently.
The rules of composition and the complex rituals which go with tatt ooing attest to their essentially Re ligious nature. So at a glance they looked like bracelets, which I thought looked really nice, but I'm too much of a coward to get tatoos. For trditional practice that I am familiar with is that those tattoos are chosend and given in accordance with your dreams, personalities, deeds, etc.. I want Allah to forgive me but I know zina is a major sin and feel so ashamed that I don't even know if I deserve or will be granted forgiveness.
So as soon as someone gets married the devil will try to make the wife ugly looking but when it's haram then the devil will make it attractive. Many soldiers in the army, armed themselves not just with their issued weapons, but also yantras and tantras.
However, this religi on which demands the metamorph osis of the body of those which Pr actice it has no canon.
I know someone who told me that after his Khmer body tatoo he was in bed for several days unable to move and just shook in pain for several days.
I know it is hard for you but why be with someone who was never yours to begin with and he could never be honest. BUT I am sorry this guy was a lair to begin with he had no intentions of marrying you.He is making excuses, sweet talking and is basically using you when he wants open your eyes please.
Usually when a man decides to join the ranks of any uniformed unit of defense, he would go to consult a spiritual person (usually a monk) to receive blessings and request for a talisman of sort. Don't waste anymore of your time, rebuild, refocus in your prayers and repent may Allah make it easy for you. I feel so so terrible as my parents now want me to consider getting married and my head feels so messed up. You ask Allah to forgive and surly Allah is all forgiving, he will put a cover on your sin and hide it in life and after inshallah.

Although some are given amulets, many would prefer to tattoo a yantra on their body instead. Can be traced to Buddhist or Brahmanist formulas , or it could have been inspired by the religion of errant hermits (“Muni Ey-Sey” in kmer). Whether they are on the Thailand side or on the Cambodian side, the tattoos are in Khmer scripts because its considered to be sacred. I shouldn't think about it but it upsets me that everything he promised me he has now given to someone else. Just like the guys I have had proposals from they all wanted sex before marriage and its not worth losing your respect or dignity that's what im trying to say women who are naive and vulnerable are easily led its true. The fact you telling him will hurt him and it maybe used against you during marriage arguments and fights. In some instances, the ritual may also require that the person receiving the tattoo should abstain from talking to anyone for three days and three nights.
You need to have respect for yourself and I think if you lose that then you lose everything else.
In the 13th century, the Chinese en voy Zhou Daguan wrote that the body of king Jayavarrman who was then the ruler of Angkor” was inlaid with a piece of sacred iron in such a way that even knives and arrows, hitting his body, could not wound him”.In the war against North Vietnam, Khmer soldiers wore tattoos in the belief that they had magical power to ward off misfortunes and bullets .
Some of the Thais travelled all the way from the western side of the country just to get tattoos. Women are easily led by men who think some are easy takers and are given false impressions. I believe in you sister that the fact you feel guilt after doing this is that your heart is good and your not a bad human.
Each implant was made of a small blade of lead, silver or gold, on wh ich was engraved yantras and which was then melted into a small ball and introduced under the skin. These are for the most part are done by refferals.These Yons are not art but sacred practice of protections for the believers.
In the meanwhile, an instrument of what looks like a sharp-pointed bayonet is being sterilized in boiling hot water nearby. Today, they are replaced by small met allic strips on which are engraved pali formulas on small strings knotte d and tied around the waist.The origins of tattoo in Cambodia can be traced to the northern Thais .
I once read if u tell people ur sin you won't be forgiven as I have told people about our relationship ?? I hate him for what he has done but know I am equally to blame for even going near what is haraam. However, it underwent transformation under the Khmer civilization, t he most significant change being the adoption of the “round” Khmer al phabet (“Ak-sor mool”), for the composition of the mantra.The master and the discipleIn Cambodia anyone who wears a tattoo has to be initiated into the ri tes. When the ink in the dish appears thick and dark enough, the master removes the instrument from the pot and grazes it with the lemon pieces. The relationship between the master (Kru in Khmer) and the disc iple (Kohn Sess in Khmer) is intrinsic.
My hope is that the practice of our sacred Yons will not become subject of pop cultures and stylishness. I hae lost 3 stones in the last two months and due to my mother or sister not knowig the full details they don't understand how deeply it has affected me. With ink all ready, the master moves swiftly on the devotee's body with the sharp instrument, piercing the skin in rhythm like a sewing machine as he recites his mantras.
The disciple or the person who wears the tattoos has to strictly observe and follow closely all the rit uals, rules and rites as stated by the master or the tattooed.
Kru Kong Seng Huon is a master tattooer who was initiated at the age of 23 while he was a Buddhist monk in the province of Battambang. Some murmured that those letters must be Pali, yet those who understood Pali seemed confused as well. Soon, as rows of alphabets became more apparent, the master paused for a break and explained that the mantra tattooed on the body are holy verses derived from Pali. Even as a member of the audience, the stress was quite unbearable; one cannot imagine what the human canvas must be going through. Having bee n tattooed several years ago by a master in Siem Reap, he depends t otally on Kru Seng Huon to further enhance his protection adornment against all forms of dangers.
The master finds out as much as he can about the personality of the disciple and decides on the formulas and appropriate figures for the supplementary protections the disciple mig ht need.
Mantra and YantraTo help him remember the yantra and mantra in tattooing, Kru Seng H uon has at his disposal his master’s notebooks in which he has jotted down notes or on manuscripts engraved on special leaves. Besides, the magical power in the tattoo will only be effective and even strengthened if the devotee continues to observe all religious festivities, spend time in meditation and regularly pays respect to the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha". The specia l yantras, traced on a scarf, a shirt, a metal or paper amulet or even on the skin, is believed to have magical power enough to prevent misf ortunes and to bring good luck. Recorded also in the literatures of Chi Takwann, a Chinese author during Angkor Funan era, ordinary people and not just soldiers wear tattoos. Besides their magical powers, Yantra were ornamental arts of the Khmer people at that time.
Those that will prevent him from step ping on a land mine are being tattooed on the legs while that which w ould prevent against fever is traced near the heart. People use little clothing and coupled with their preventive power, many people had tattoos on them.Youngsters today prefer the washable kind of stick-ons just for show. Some figurative y antra representing divine characters Vishnu (Preah Neareay in Khmer) or Rahu. With so many variations coming into the market, who knows, one day people may be able to wear a different form of protection for each day of the week. The occultation of the moon or the sun during the eclipses_ are said to provide protection. The work as charms or “love potions” (“sneh” in Khmer) Tattoo Rituals Tattooing rituals (“saek” In Khmer) takes place where the master live s: in a monastery if the master is a religious person. Appeal" which, during the casting process, was said to be an absolute must for her character; Man Appeal! Is an evocation o f the qualities of the Triple Jewel prescribed by the Buddha himself to the monks who lived in the forest, So that they would feel no fear.This sutta enumerates in 56 syllables the virtues (Koonn) of the Budd ha. The chant of the commemoration of the virtue of the Buddha is the following phrase: “Yes, this Blessed One is worthy of tributes. Provided with the sciences and practices, welcome, connoisseur of the world, supreme leader of these beings to tame which are these human beings, instructor of gods and men, the Enlightened. Because she was so freaking smart and clever – and it didn't hurt that she looked like Kristen Bell!
Veronica is pretty much the definition of the word feisty, as she boldly went toe to toe to all sorts of dangerous types, while completely making us reevaluate how cool a high school-aged detective could be. Her wit is a dangerous part of her arsenal, and she's rarely lacking for a cutting remark – as she uses her impressive detective skills to bring down one bad guy after another.
We miss Veronica, which is why we hope Kristen Bell's recent efforts to help get a long-discussed movie version of the ground are successful.
Was non other than a stylus similar to those used in engraving the ma nuscripts on special leaves.
The ink used for the tattoos which are visible is a black substance made out of China ink mixed with human bile taken form the body of a worthy enemy. The skin is first dusted with talcum powder to remove the sw eat, then the skin is smoothened with hairdresser’s brilliantine.
With th e help of cotton thread dipped in the tattoo ink and applied on the ski n, The tattoo master traces the lines on which will be iscribed the let ters of the mantra. If the frames of the magical diagrams are curved o r ornate, they are simply traced with a ball point pen. The lines of the y antra are always traced and tattooed before the letters of the mantra are inscribed.
The handle held high with the right hand, the needle cl osely guided between the left hand thumb and index, the tattoo mast er jabs the needle in and out of the disciple’s skin – a mark the discipl e will carry for The rest of his natural life The exercise stops every tim e there is a need , be it to wipe off excess ink , to change a position t hat has become uncomfortable or to rub more oil onto the skin.
The mantra Chosen for the tattoosFor Pheak, kru seng Huon decided to inscribe on three lines from a sho ulder to the other one , The serial of the 34 great characters of the “ August magical stances of Angkor”, which are made up of the Khmer a lphabet, overloaded with subscripts and vowels. Under the “Magical St ances of Angkor”, in the middle of Pheak’s back, kru Seng Huon trace d The magnificent rose window of a yantra representing invincibility ( “Yoan Kung Sach” in Khmer) which Plays with all the possible combina tions of the four letters noh, moh , ah, oo. From the shoulder to the hip kru seng Huon inscribes the formulas of protection as well as salutations to the Buddha. On the left side is ins cribed a formula that evokes the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sang – kha, In pali. In the center, it is stated in Khmer: “May all the bullets of the weapons be scattered “kamchatt kaphleung Kroab Baek”). On e ach of Pheak’s shoulder, kru Seng Huon has traced the diagram of all t he possible combinations of the syllabus el, svah sor.
According to him , this diagram confers to the soldier who wears it, the agility and the invincibility of Hanuman, Son of the Wind, companion of Rama (preah Ream), and King of moneys. The consecration by the master Once the tattooing is completed, they must be consecrated by the m aster so that their magical Powers can be activated. Two pieces of eight fathoms of white cotton cloth, one For the master the other for the disciple, wer e placed at the alter.
The master wore one of the cotton pieces the same way a Brahmin would wear a dhoti (Sampot chhang khbeni in Kh mer). The disciple is invited by kru Seng Huon to pay tribute to the August Triple Jewel by lighting five Joss sticks. On the ground, in front of the altar, kru Seng Huon throws in a bucket the petals of seven different coloured flowers and 21 leaves of betel on which have been inscribed, with the tip of a ball point Pen, the “gems” of five pali formulas. Kru Seng Huon also recites the “pali”formulas for protection (paritta) a nd practices on Pheak the First ritual of the aspersion. With the stems of seven joss sticks dipped in liquid, like a stylus a work of art takes s hape. In an ink bottle, the master re-writes some formulas on the top of the disciple’s head and at the same time “blows”on them (chupp in Khmer). The communion is completed when the master invites the ne wly initiated to drink some of the water.
He then informs the disciple t he do’s and the don’ts which must be strictly observed for the yantra to work.Consecration By seven venerable When the time comes to send his disciple back, kr u Seng Huon recommends that he visit seven venerable monks in seve n different monasteries to ask them to practice on him the “ritual of t he aspersion” (Sraoch Toek). By practicing on Pheak the “rites of the aspersion” and by pronouncing in their turn the formula of the “magical mantra” (“Muo nakoom Aom Am”in Khmer), the venerable minks consecrated in the Bu ddhist order the protective virtue of the mantra inscribed into the fles h of the initiated. This article is an excerpt form the book, Yantra et Mantra, by Olivier de Bernon, a member of the Ecole Freancaise d’Exteme-Orient. Samdec h Heng Samrin, the former Head of State and Member of the National Assembly, writes the forward for the book.

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