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Customize our easy to use templates and create a beautiful photo collage or poster for your grad. June 2, 2011 by Eric Walker 14 Comments This blog post about how to monetize your Facebook friends list WILL make you money IF you follow through with implementing everything that is written here AND move forward with the recorded webinar that is being made available to you. You will have an opportunity to opt-in at the bottom of this post to receive a 45 minute training webinar that walks you through step by step how to make money with your Facebook profile. This is just one strategy, but I believe it’s the FIRST strategy you should implement.
The outcome will be that you will be sought out for more information about whatever you offer.
Now I will show you how to create a necessary type of engagement that leads to more business with your Facebook profile by segmenting your profile friends into targeted lists using Facebook’s Friends Lists feature. Do this correctly, do it long enough, use it consistently so that you can track it, and measure your efforts while making on-the-fly adjustments, and this will definitely work for you. Creating Friends Lists allows you to personalize your status updates so they are only viewed by specific groups of people.
Corduroy is going to create personalized status updates for each friends list so that they are only viewed by that specific targeted friends list.
This means that when Corduroy makes a post to his status update for his Church list, the Networkers and Insurance list don’t ever see it. Corduroy will designate who gets to see certain posts because some updates might only relate to his church friends and family, while other updates will make more sense for his Insurance business relations, and others for only his Networkers list. This is one secret (secret just means common sense that a lot of others aren’t applying) that virtually all online marketers fail to use. This method will help you uncover  hidden revenue right now from your Facebook network without adding any more friends or creating any more content. Using this method is the best way to ensure the right updates get shown to the right people at the right time.
This is the sniper approach (as opposed to the shot gun): the ultimate way for the little guy (or beginner) to capitalize without having a large email list.
You have friends, family, and business connections, so you should direct your posts to the appropriate people without having to create a whole other Facebook account just for your business contacts (you’re not supposed to do that anyway). You can keep everyone in the same place and just designate your status updates to be viewed by certain groups. How to uncover hidden revenue right now from your social media network without adding any more friends or creating any more content. The shotgun approach vs the sniper approach: The ultimate way for the little guy to capitalize without anything but a Facebook profile account.
These techniques are equally powerful whether your list is huge or you only have a few hundred (you may even find it more profitable to have less friends). Honestly, this is super simple to implement on Facebook and can help you uncover money that you should be making right now but might not be.

These are great tips, Eric, and I’ve already started to segment my list on FB for better targeting those that are interested in what I have to share with them.
Here’s an example of the benefit of organizing a large group into very specific categories.
Over the years our family has managed to collect a huge number of Lego blocks from a wide variety of kits. Your idea to organize FB friends into targeted groups will really help us strengthen the connections with our FB friends and increase our value to them by the ability to target their specific needs. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Along the top of this screen is a series of tabs including New, Deleted You, You Deleted, Deactivated and Current.Clicking a person's name takes the user to their Facebook profile within the app.
Along the top of this screen is a series of tabs including New, Deleted You, You Deleted, Deactivated and Current (pictured).
The extension - which has since been blocked by Facebook - was inspired by the Marauder's Map (pictured) - a fictional map of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as featured in the Harry Potter franchise. It was the cast reunion no one saw coming -- especially Tom Hanks.While at a New York Rangers game on Wednesday night, the 58-year-old actor was reunited with his beloved friend and co-star Wilson the volleyball from the 2000 film Cast Away.
The folks at Madison Square Garden had a special surprise waiting for Hanks when he showed up at the game as they handed him Wilson after a decade and a half of the two being apart.
Cast Away is about a FedEx executive (Hanks) who was forced to transform himself physically and emotionally to survive a crash landing on a deserted island. Birthday Scenario Game is a forum gaming and social media activity that involves matching up the month and date of one’s birthday in a calendar list of pre-assigned situations or scenarios.
The original instance of Birthday Scenario Game was posted via webcomic blog Chibird[1] by Jacqueline on June 14th, 2011. Prior to the introduction of Birthday Scenario Game, the concept of word association games based on personal information has been previously explored through the No.
About a month later, a text-only version of the game was submitted by Seventeen Answerology user mariella14 on July 13th, 2011. In 2012, the Birthday Scenario Game continued to take strong hold on Tumblr[4] and DeviantART[6] and seeped into various imageboard and discussion communities, including the PetRPG Forums[8], Neoseeker Forums[9] and MLP Forums[10] among many others.
Create a collage in seconds with your Facebook photos or customize beautiful templates with your photos and message. Nothing except a Facebook profile (not a business page, just a regular profile) is needed to do this. The logic is that this strategy will unearth the gold you’re already sitting on within your Facebook friends list. You designate who gets to see certain posts because some updates might relate to your friends and family, while other updates will make more sense to business relations. Think about how often you will communicate information to them so that you give them a consistent online presence that continuously offers great value.

You’ll learn why I actually UNFRIENDED 1100 friends to whittle my total to just under 500, and how that led to paying the bills during a period of family transition (good story). My little contacts on FB are a mixture of private and biz & people that are speaking different languages.
Going to start tomorrow and look you up on Ann Siegs Facebook page if I have any questions.
Almost all cards in Internet are too simple and not interesting… We know about that and offer you to make an exclusive personalized birthday card using this birthday photo editor!You can easily make a birthday card by yourself.
It reveals which Facebook friends have deleted you, since the app was installed, as well as accounts that have been deactivated. He does this in part by befriending a volleyball, but becomes separated from his friend during a severe storm.
Similar to other birthday-related word games and survey memes, the Birthday Scenario Game has a particularly strong presence on Tumblr and Facebook. The list consisted of various phrases and pop culture references paired with 12 months and 31 days of the calendar year, with each month representing an action and each date representing a well-known fictional or non-fictional character. Throughout the latter half of that year, the game quickly spread across a wide range of online communities, blogs and other websites, including social networking sites like Facebook[2] and Google Plus[3], microblogging platforms such as Tumblr[4] and Pinterest[5], as well as the digital art community DeviantART[6], where the meme spawned dozens of variations of the game that are designed for specific fandoms.
Beginning as early as March 2012, Redditors[7] began sharing their matching results along with their reactions through the medium of rage comics. That’s what your business page is for (or Fan page, or LIKE page, or whatever you want to call it). And like most of us, his personal Facebook profile friends list is a big blob of friends, family, Christians, Networkers and people in his insurance network. Not because it’s complicated, expensive, or torture to implement, but simply because they don’t know. Just upload the photo of a birthday person to this birthday photo maker and you will got a perfect personal gift. The app can only track friends who have deleted users, or deactivated their account, since it was installedSwiping right on each friend will let users remove them from the list.A Earlier this year, a developer created a browser extension dubbed 'Marauder's Map' - inspired by Harry Potter's magical version that let the boy wizard track people around Hogwarts. According to the description, Jacqueline came up with the game based on an elementary school game she was introduced through a friend. I feel so much better because I don’t like to do things without knowing how it works. A Once the app has been installed, users connect their Facebook account by signing in securely.A The opening screen shows how many friends that user has and clicking 'View Friend List' reveals a page of lists. This is a great blueprint on how it works for anyone that wants to do business on Facebook.

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