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Prayer is the means by which the aborisha enters into communion with the Irunmole (all the heavenly beings). Pray for the things you need more so than the things you want.  Your needs are the foundation for getting all the things that you want.
Sometimes instead of praying for the things you want directly, pray for the discipline, knowledge, wisdom and power to manifest your desire. Ask the Orisa to give you the Iwa (the character) that will give you the things that you are praying for and the character that will attract to you the things that you need.
Please remember that after you complete the form you are going to be redirected to a different page from which you will be able to download the eBook. Upon completion of the form, you will be redirected to a page from which you can download the eBook. Greetings, I would like to request a free handbook of prayers to Orisha be sent to my email please. This interactive book includes uncompromised, detailed teaching about prayer by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, with interactive devotional questions to help you apply the teaching to your own situation. By following this simple and practical Spiritual Action Plan, in 10 days, you’ll completely renew your mind to what God says about your prayer life, so you can stand in faith and believe for the breakthrough you need! God answers our prayers many times with a yes, no or wait, but how does it all work?  Why does it seem like some prayers go un-answered? The Bible has a lot to say about prayer and God constantly reminds us that we need to be doing it. In Luke 11, Jesus tells us the parable (a story to convey a point) about a friend in need, who comes over to borrow some food at Midnight. Pray like the little kid in the grocery store who won’t stop asking for the toy they must have….
The friend in need received what he asked for because he was so persistent that his friend finally gave in and gave him what he asked for.
Did you know that the Greek word for “ask” is in the active voice, present tense and imperative mood? Do you struggle to pray persistently? What have you found helps you pray consistently? Let me know in the comments below.
Get 1 or 2 new blog posts each week on the topics of faith, relationships, personal growth, online business, etc. Sometimes i just feel so hopeless that He’s not answering my prayers,well i should be persistent!

So as we get older we stop asking Jesus for the big things, the hard things, because we have learned that Jesus never answers those prayers. Yoruba like all of your indigenous wisdom traditions of Africa is based upon the power of  the word (Ofo Ashe). If your desire is wealth, request of the orisha to bestow upon you the knowledge and wisdom needed to achieve wealth. It also includes a CD filled with prayers of agreement, prayed by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, worship music on CD that focuses on staying in living contact with the Lord, and DVD teaching specifically chosen to help keep you focused on the Word. God is not annoyed by our prayers, but we should pray so much that if we were on the receiving end that we would be.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read the post and comment ?? Your feedback is why I wrote this. I need to read this every single day to remind myself of the power of prayer and God’s timing. The aborisha should know that when we pray, it is the orisha that rules our head that hears and carries or transmit our request to Olodumare. However, formal prayer is done before one’s altar that has been consecrated to the orisha. For example: If you are praying for money, specify the amount and the avenue through which you want it to come. Chief Awodele Ifayemi is an Oloye and member of the Ifatoogun house of prestigious Babalawos.
However; we are in the process of writing a book on the same subject which will be more in line with traditional Ifa prayers which will definitely help you. Whether you’re new to prayer or want to power up your quite time like never before, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland will help you move from the basics to being a world-changing prayer warrior.
And finally, take-along Faith in Action cards that provide a connection point with the materials. When we pray “one time” about a topic and then forget it and move on, what does that unintentionally tell our Heavenly Father?
Pray like the little kid in the grocery store who won’t stop asking for the toy they must have.
I also found it helpful because I can see the progression I’ve made with certain aspects of my life or be reengergized by something I wrote and needed to hear again. I know that God answers my prayers but sometimes to be honest I get frustrated and lose my patience but now that I read this it motivates me to pray even harder.

I just wish I was better at praying, sometimes I feel like I go around in circles to end up where I first started; if that makes any sense. When we pray with focus intention and righteous heart, our words become potent with bara and our prayers are answered.
Divine character is wisdom, unlimited knowledge, potency, truth, righteousness,  Ashe (power), children, health, etc. Pray every day at the same time, for the same thing, until you see your prayer really manifest in your life.
He is also a recognized member in good standing of the Ilobu Council Of Ifa Practitioners of Ilobu, Osun State, Nigiria and the publisher of the site You’ll learn that not only does God answer prayers, but how to pray His will every time. It means this indicates a “continual action” that takes place over a long time, rather than a one-time event. God is in tomorrow so before something happens God already know it’s going to happen. I’m excited about this post though and can definitely be more persistent and consistent with my prayers. I posted this two months ago and last night was actually the first time I used scripture to pray (something I’d been wanting to work on for awhile).
We are not to ask one time and then stop, but to continually ask, repeatedly, over and over again. Note: Sometimes during prayer, you may realize that what you are praying for is not God’s will. Maybe we even get mad at God for not answering on our time table or how we think He should have.
Mom!” We have all seen this situation, either because we’ve been around kids or because this was once us. Your post encourages me to continue writing and using it in conjunction with scripture reading.

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