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Do you spend enough time with each other to form deep bonds, or is all the time spent running from one thing to another? Are you handed a script written by the circumstances that you just act out, or do you create your own brilliant story? Agreed, you don’t have all the money you need, but can you carve some time in your schedule to do that one thing that’s your soul work and you do it simply because you love it?
There is tons of research linking the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life (and health).
Would you rather be able to help when your kids are in big trouble, or would you rather they sort it out by themselves?
How often do your kids grumble about doing something that ought to be fun, and you respond “You don’t realize how lucky you are! If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that this is where I ask you some pointed questions so you can figure out how to apply what you have read in your daily life. Just take the next couple of minutes to discuss the ones that most resonated with you in the comments below.
If you are reading this as soon as it is published: We are are at the cusp of one year ending and another one starting. If you read this at a later date: As you go about your day, and you respond to the little challenges your kids throw at you, think of these questions.
Your blog has lifted my spirits and my beliefs in my skills as a parent, the blog always seems to arrive just when I need it most. Want to wish you all the best for this coming year, your writing is brave & honest, such a rare find, keep it up! If Blockbuster had paid more attention to creativity, how do you think things would be different today?

Download our 1-page PDF that can help you ask the right questions to spark your creativity, find clever solutions to your problems and discover new opportunities. You will also be subscribed to our newsletter and receive fresh content about creativity and marketing. These are just cues to get you thinking about some of the things that matter, so that when life presents you with tough situations or choices, you are better prepared to handle them. How often do you say “I Love You” without expecting anything back in return or without meaning it as an apology? If you had a friend who speaks to you the way you speak to your kids, would you still be friends?
Are you sacrificing your sleep at the altar of productivity, success and money (leading to high stress)? If death gave you 10 more years to live but you would have to be completely disconnected from your family, would you make the trade?
Are you trying to be better than everyone around you, or better than the person you were yesterday? Do you scream and scare the cr*p out of them when they make little mistakes or do you teach them that it is OK to approach you? We’re building a nice little community here, and your thoughts can not just help you, but me and a whole bunch of other readers as well! It’s an exciting time, if nothing else then for the simple reason that it makes you think, wish and hope for good days to come, or better days to continue!
When you are stressed out and screaming at your kids, step into their shoes and try to see yourself from their eyes, and ask yourself, is this how I want them to remember me? A huge big hat tip for these wonderful artists (in the order of the photos) for taking these fantastic photographs and making them available through fotolia for bloggers like me – mariiya, gitusik, Apple, Friedberg, ArtFamily, Serhiy Kobyakov, DM7, Eric Isselee, Anyka, flas100, brat82, Sergey Nivens, pio3, deviantART, giideon, Apple, Laurin Rinder, olly, xavier gallego morel and Ilya Zaytsev!

After making a bunch of mistakes and feeling perpetually like a crappy parent, one day she had the epiphany that Great Parents are Made, Not Born. I hope this year will see you incorporating your new surroundings and circumstances into building a happy, comfortable, joyful new life! However, when we understand that creativity is also about those smaller ideas, like setting up a signup box for your newsletter, creating a new recipe or finding a new place where you work from, it can be a lot easier to intentionally practice being creative.
The story goes that Albert Einstein’s mom used to ask him everyday: What good question did you ask today?
If your kids don’t learn to try something new in the comfort of your presence, where else can they?
She is now on a journey to become a better person, and a better parent one itty-bit at a time and warmly invites you to join her in this journey! And fair warning: while none of this is professional advice, it is powerful stuff and could potentially change your life! A good quote from Albert Einstein goes like this: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Mansions, expensive cars, fancy stuff and a bottle of anti-depressants; or a modest life filled with genuine smiles? You’ll be amazed at how much a little bit of clarity and perspective can improve the kind of parent you are, and the overall happiness of you family! I have put together some incredible articles that are changing my perspective in some amazing ways, and I know you’re going to love them!

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