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Answer: A Because He loved us so deeply, He was willing to see His only Son suffer and die rather than be separated from you and me for eternity. I cannot pay that penalty without losing eternal life, because if I died for my sins, I could not resurrect myself.
Answer: A By asking for, believing in, and accepting the great gift of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Answer: A As Christ is received into my heart, He destroys the old sinful self and actually changes me into a new spiritual creation.
Many feel that the Christian life will not be a happy one because of restrictions and self-denial.
Although the Soviet Union was a superpower with nuclear weapons, its communist system of state-run industry and collective farms lead to shortages of consumer goods and food. We reserve the right to excerpt or edit any posted comments for clarity, appropriateness, civility, and relevance to the topic. This spiritual union will grow stronger and sweeter with time, as long as love continues to grow. Christ paid the full penalty for our transgressions, and those who accept Him in faith owe no works of penance for cleansing, but are already considered "washed" in the blood of the Lamb! If you grew up in the 1980s, as I did, it’s not just something you read about in history books. Yes, it’s true that Soviet citizens would stand in long lines at stores that had limited supplies, my husband says.
Because most consumer goods in the Soviet Union were expensive and hard to come by, it was important for my husband’s family to make the things they could afford to buy last as long as possible. People who lived in the Soviet Union didn’t have much of a choice but to fix things if they broke because it was too hard and too expensive to get a replacement.
For the most part, people living in the Soviet Union didn’t hire others to do things for them because there wasn’t really a contractor market, my husband says.
My husband’s family didn’t need Pinterest to prompt them to turn a pallet into a coffee table. He would have given His life for you or me even if there had been no other sinner to redeem.
Joyfully I begin to experience, for the first time, glorious freedom from guilt and condemnation. What you do as a Christian is the spontaneous outflowing of another Person's life within you. With all past sins covered by His atoning death, my present and future obedience is rooted in His victorious life within me.
The saints are identified in the Bible as having four characteristics: (1) keeping the commandments, (2) trusting the blood of the Lamb, (3) sharing their faith with others, and (4) choosing to die rather than to sin.

Because Jesus is the Creator and Author of all life, the life He laid down was equivalent to the lives of all people who would ever live. It is true that as God grants us grace through faith, He also gives us the desire and strength to obey Him. As someone who grew up in a country of abundance, I’ve learned a lot from a spouse who grew up with little.
For example, his parents spent about 25% of one month’s salary to buy a pair of Wrangler jeans for his sister (yes, even off-brand American apparel was a big deal there). If you wanted to paint your walls, tile your bathroom, build a table or make curtains, you did it yourself. Credit has made it easy for us to buy things without putting much thought into how much use we’ll really get out of what we buy or whether that money could be put to a better use. In other words, His sinless life is credited to my account so I can be counted as righteous. In fact, because I love Him so deeply for changing my life, I go beyond the requirements of the Ten Commandments.
These are the true marks of the person who is in love with Christ and who has made a life commitment to follow Him.
When love disappears, the home is held together only by the mechanical, forced duty of the marriage law.
Conversing with Him in prayer deepens the devotion and opens my mind to a more thrilling and intimate knowledge of His concern for me. Not only did atonement have to be made by One whose life could stand for all other created beings, but the One who died the atoning death had to be able to rise from that death. And, for the most part, people paid with cash, which meant saving for months or even years to make a purchase. So when something needs to done around our house, my husband usually will figure out how to do it by searching online or watching a YouTube video. His family – like most families in the Soviet Union – didn’t have access to credit and had little money to spare.
His death is accepted by God as full payment for all my past wrongs, and by accepting what He did, as a gift, I am taken into God's own family as His child. Being born of God, as a new creature, you want to obey Him because His life has become a part of your life. Daily I search the Bible for indications of His will, trying to find more little ways of expressing my love to Him.
Likewise, when the Christian ceases to love Christ supremely, his religion exists only as restrictive compliance to a set of rules. Every time a hole appeared, they were patched until, finally, they were cut off and made into shorts.

Occasionally, if something is outside the scope of his abilities or will be too time-consuming, he’ll agree to hire someone.
He could buy a set of matching containers for a few bucks to store miscellaneous items on his workbench in the garage. You've undoubtedly heard all this before, but are you sure you really understand what it's all about? Just as I received Him by faith and found His promises all-sufficient, I keep on trusting Him for every future need, and He never lets me down.
In order to administer the benefits of the atonement to all who would apply for it in faith.
Obedience--the service and allegiance of love--is the true test of discipleship and a natural fruit of faith in Jesus Christ.
He was born in Ukraine, then a Soviet republic, and lived there until his senior year in college, when he came to the U.S. For the most part, though, his willingness to DIY has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. But why waste the money when a few sturdy boxes lying around from other purchases will do the trick?
And because He knows that my sins can lead only to misery and death, He wants to save me from my sins. When something can be worn no more, I hear what seems like the sound of defeat when he says he’s going to toss it. Admittedly, his reluctance to spend money can drive me, a personal finance journalist who writes about saving money, a little crazy sometimes.
With our three children, clothing and toys are passed down from one to the next, though I draw the line at making my son wear his sisters’ hand-me-downs. When my husband cut down a dead tree in our yard recently (that DIY skill), I had him cut the trunk into equal sizes to use as rustic side tables for chairs we have around a fire pit.
But it's good to have that voice of reason reminding me to question whether I’m always making the right decision when it comes to spending money.
Every winter when I contemplate replacing my decade-old dress coat, I talk myself out of it because the one I have is still in great condition.
And our youngest is just 3, so we consider ourselves lucky when he doesn’t have a meltdown if we tell him no (which, trust me, is often).

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