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Posted by Imgur user ChristmasBanana, these cringe-worthy tips will show you how far dating has evolved since the past. According to one of the tips, it said that women must only talk about topics that interest men, and should never talk about clothes. Another talks about how a€?careless women never appeal to gentlemena€?, and women should not talk while dancing a€?for when a man dances he wants to dancea€?. Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock, received three questions from teens ranging from first kisses, how to dump a boy and insecurities. The teenager claimed that her boyfriend, who has never been kissed either, tried to steal a smooch during a class dance, but out of fear she ran away.

The second question came from a teenage girl who wanted to know how to break up with her boyfriend. Another teen from New York claimed that she was feeling insecure because her boyfriend does not call her often. Tweet Justin Bieber and Post Malone are okay, despite the strange pictures flying on the Internet. The teenager said that she recently started dating a good friend, but she has now come to the conclusion that she wants to end the romance.
After a photo of Malone apparently choking Bieber surfaced online, both stars took to social media to explain that they were just goofing around.

After 20 years of marriage, countless movies, the actors claimed that they owe more than $15 million and have filed for bankruptcy. Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin are knee-deep in debt, which is why they have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Malik, who is promoting his new single “Pillow Talk,” recently did an interview where he revealed that Hadid is his girlfriend, and he loved kissing her in the new music video.

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