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Does the number of people you've slept with negatively impact your chances for future romantic and relationship happiness? You will receive backstage access to special features, articles, promotions and special events and more!! This question is explored in the film What's Your Number?, a new romantic comedy starring Anna Faris.
A new study has surprising results for women and men when it comes to relationship regrets and relationship problems. In the film, Faris's character Ally reads a magazine article that says, "97% of women who have been with 20 or more lovers can't find a husband." Terrified that she'll end up alone, Ally vows to not sleep with another man unless she's sure he's the one.

In the meantime, she decides to reconnect with all of her exes to see if she might have missed a diamond in the rough. The paranoia that you might have had too many lovers, is a very real feeling for many women. The fictional statistics from the movie are most likely alluding to the controversial research done by Dr.
The cornerstone of his research is that pre-marital sex can hurt a woman's ability to bond in marriage. Oxytocin is a brain hormone that is associated with pair-bonding including mother-infant and male-female bonds.

The chemical that is better known as the "love hormone" or "cuddle chemical" is released during pleasurable activities such as hugging, massage and of course, sex. Karoack has coined Oxytocin as "God's Superglue," claiming that its release is what keeps married couples together. He also claims that by sleeping with multiple partners before marriage, a woman risks depleting her supply, therefore making it difficult for her to form strong emotional connections with men in the future thus, making it unlikely that she'll have a successful marriage.

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