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I seem to have one of those faces that puts people (even strangers) at ease, and because of this I end up in interesting conversations with people at parties, on airplanes, in movie lines, etc. What did you do differently when you dated your current spouse compared to when you dated your first one? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Regardless of whether you are married or just dating, all commitments are equally important and require full devotion from sides. You are certainly well aware that a relationship requires two people in order to be called a relationship.
Simply put, when there is no communication, there is no talk about differences, no signs of love and no words to be said. There are many simple and small things that can be done to improve the communication, a short letter or a quick email every now and then will do the trick. Some people, particularly women, are inclined to ignore their own desires and consider the needs of others to be far more important. Spending the majority of the days ignoring our fundamental needs will soon get back to us and make us feel worn out and weak, unable to properly take care of ourselves.
It is not a hard job to properly take care of ourselves, if we consider the upcoming guidelines and tips. Have a healthy life - Are you serious about changing the world, but you can’t even fulfill your own fundamental needs?
Open up yourself - We also have to look after ourselves emotionally and regularly reveal our feelings. Reserve some time to discover yourself - For a better and higher self-esteem, you should properly and adequately know yourself. Why would they take advice from someone who is where they are now rather than where they want to be? Find a couple who has been in a long-term, happy, healthy, committed relationship and ask them for advice This couple will be a wealth of information because to continue to grow and stay together takes a lot of energy, thought and caring. One of the keys to a long-lasting relationship is to spend some quality time with each other. It is quite common that the things you initially loved in partner can irritate you later on. Deal with the sex problems that you might experience over time, don’t disregard them. That fact that you are going to relationship counseling doesn’t mean that your relationship is not working anymore.
There are a three aspects that form the foundation of relationships and make them work (and last), regardless of whether it is between lovers, relatives, colleagues or business associates.
We are not all alike, even if two people seem to be strikingly similar, there are probably a few minor differences that might be enough to start a debate about them.
Don’t overlook the aspect of communication as many relationships drift apart due to the lack of contact between the partners.

Some of them fail and some of them are success stories, and this is only because of the partner’s contact with each other. As we reach the conclusion that our needs are not fulfilled, we get bitter, and in the end we will not continue to be helpful and supportive to others as we were before. When we are satisfied with the amount of care that we direct to ourselves, we will have an excess of power and energy that enables us to fulfill the needs of those who are part of our lives. Have a well balanced diet, get rid of all the junk food, replace it with healthy food and do not forget to consume plenty of water. You can’t even imagine what great benefits this self-exploration can bring to your life. Have a relaxing massage, followed by a manicure and pedicure, or go to a concert of your favorite artist.
They will also have valuable information because they have the comparison of dating and marrying at different phases of their lives.
Where have you been getting your advice and what have you been told?  Please share with us by commenting below.
Her work guiding brides and couples through one of the most emotional and stressful situations of their lives inspired her to focus on what happens before marriage.
The secret to a durable and successful relationship consists of several small things that we tend to forget or consider to be insignificant. It is preferable to have a minimum of 30 minutes a night and an entire day a month that you spend just with each other.
In a healthy relationship the partners accept compromises and don’t make each other feel bad if they have a different opinion on something. In order to have a good relationship it is wise to properly deal with your financial situation and even keep a book about your financial spending. Be careful with the words that you choose, as you might be reminded about the things that you’ve said later on. Discuss them with your partner as they arise and try to find a way to reignite the flames of love. Let your partner know that this personal freedom is important to you, but do not mention it all the time as this can send the wrong signals. If you find that this is impossible for you, and you are absolutely sure that the trust is gone forever, then let your partner go and have a fresh start with someone else. Nobody is saying that everything will always be right, however if you are both committed, the relationship will work.
You must be a able to settle a dispute, no matter what it is all about, even if this means that you’ll eventually have to give in.
Giving in every now and then doesn’t mean that you are a loser, instead it can be a sign of how significant the relationship is for you. Don’t forget that even business partners are maintaining close contact by sending out reports and updates to each other.
We fail to understand the significance of being a little bit selfish and thinking about ourselves first. What we need to do is make ourselves a top priority, this can refill us with energy and power, which we can then pass on to and share with others.

Provide your body the possibility to burn all the fat through the energy that you accumulate with regular workouts, hence improving your metabolism.
Prove yourself that you care for your own body and mind and that you are determined to bring happiness into your life. Seek some serious Relationship Advice for Men from us - we're really set up to deal with real life and real Relationship Advice for Men experiences. Don’t try to change your partner - after all the habits that now irritate you were part of the reason why you fell in love with your partner. Keep in mind that disputes should only have one outcome: To forgive and forget after the fight. Make sure that your partner knows, that by doing things alone or going out by yourself you are not implying that you don’t need your partner. Keep in mind, that most of the time the small things are the important ones, and they will help you enjoy and maintain a long-lasting relationship. In the end it doesn’t really make a difference if you say the magic words or not, what is really important is that the relationship is based on honesty and joy.
Regardless of who is giving you affection, you have to give the other person something in return.
The simple words “You seem to be right” can be very relieving for yourself and for the relationship! A slight improvement in communication can greatly contribute to having a better relationship. If you are looking for an easy way to make a relationship work and last, you will be disappointed, because there is no such thing. It is also important to get your fair share of sleep as we do not perform as well if we are constantly tired and our batteries are low on energy. One of the solutions is a diary where you can write down all of the emotions that you are currently feeling. Focusing on yourself and rewarding yourself every now and then with various things will make you understand how good the others feel when you are meeting their needs.
You could try out new things in bed like role plays, dress up in appealing clothes or even have sex in other locations. Don’t forget that by caring for yourself you are also well on your way to have better relationships. It is also important to express your feelings and emotions when watching a great movie or by having a hobby that is a true passion of yours. You will love yourself better and you will be more relaxed with your batteries fully recharged. As a result you will have better relationships and others will surely notice the higher level of satisfaction and joy in your life.

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