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With producer Mallory Schwartz in his ear, and guests like comedy writer Paula Pell also appearing throughout the season, Baldwin gives out pretty good advice. The web series' first two episodes are now online, and new episodes will be released weekly. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
What happens when you gather four lifestyle and relationship bloggers, along with a psychologist-slash-dating coach to talk about all things love, dating, relationships and sex? We recently partnered with four awesome Aussie bloggers and our Dating and Relationship expert, Melanie Schilling, on a new video series to provide straight-forward, honest advice on everything to do with love and dating.
When I wrote about bad dating advice a few months ago, I had initially planned on sharing ALL the bad advice on heterosexual romantic entanglements. For my posts on dating, I limited the examples to meeting people to date and going on dates.

There’s a difference between demanding perfection from a man just to grant him a first date and settling forever for the first man who expresses an interest in you. Only you as an individual can make a judgment call on what is a reasonable compromise and what is settling for less than you deserve. I think bad dating advice is like all other types of advice it’s right for some people and wrong for others.
Unfortunately, the former advice tempts young, single women, and the latter advice is doled out to women in unsatisfactory relationships. Just don’t buy the hype that marriage and children are more important than happiness.
That’s why I have a problem with the vast majority of articles or blog posts offering relationship advice. Every relationship and person is different so following a set of dating rules wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone.

There can be no generalizations because every relationship is as unique as the people in it. However, there are still people waiting until marriage to have sex, and there are men with low sex drives. Basically people take what worked for them, in their very own unique situation, and then preach that it will work for everyone.

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