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But those of us with a heart often end up staying in relationships way longer than we should for fear of that gut-retching sound of a heart being broken in two.
If this guy isn’t floating your boat anymore, the chances are your eye may wonder over to someone who will. Be honest with yourself – how many times have you ‘almost’ broken up with him only to chicken out at the last minute when he flashes his puppy-dog eyes. If it’s the fear of being on your own after so long that is stopping you from dumping him, don’t be so scared!
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If you have just been dumped or you have decided to break up an abusive relationship, there are many things you should never do. Listening to some of the saddest music, perhaps sang by a person who was in your shoes will not let you heal. Some people like referring to their relationship as “complicated” and it is never a wise idea. It is not right to stalk and hunt down your ex on Facebook and other social networking sites to know whether they have moved on, miss you or if their relationship status has changed. The last thing you want to do is keep driving around your ex’s house when she arrives from work to have a glimpse of the guy she came home with. We all know the chances of an accidental SMS are almost nil and anything you call a ‘message to the wrong person’ is actually directed to an individual; your ex. A cat or other pet at this time might be wonderful to help you deal with loneliness for the next few months.
You might have an ex you dumped years ago and after your recent breakup, you now remember he exists. This article is written by Janice who is a relationship blogger and known for her advice and tips to feel better after a break up. Sometimes we come to certain stage in our lives where its very difficult to make decisions.

It’s important for you to first share with your friends but make sure the final decision is your own. Don’t be a scary cat and break up on phone or through e-mails, because the way one can express one’s feelings face-to face, it cannot be expressed any other way.
Follow these simple steps and your break up will be as easy as cutting a cake with a knife. Unless you don’t have a conscience, a “welcome to dumpsville, population: you” text should do the trick.
He may think you’re the love of his life, but if you’re not feeling it then he’d probably be way happier in the long-run with someone else. Being in a relationship half-heartedly is really bad for your stress levels, and the indecisiveness can be torturous.
You can finally move on with your own life after ending the relationship that’s been making you miserable. If you're hanging out and she's constantly checking her phone or if you're out with a group of friends and she's making a point to seem really interested in everyone else but you, you're in trouble. If you find that your lady isn't dropping hints about events or plans more than a week or two away, there's a good chance she isn't sure you'll be around. Run the update (Its Free) or Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Going back to something you would rather leave behind and forget is very easy and many people make this mistake all the time.
It is not wise to curl up on a couch and listen to telling titles such as “Love Lost”, “Heartbreak”, “When We Were in Love” or “Broken Romance”.
However, anyone who refers to a broken relationship that one is a person who has hopes of embracing the ex again. However, they probably do, but you could have been telling them about it for the last two months. However, now everyone knows you are hurting due to the hair sprouting on your face and moaning bushy beard. Avoid the temptation or the mistake of forcing yourself into his life all of a sudden; you might be met by three kids who have his features and a gorgeous blonde behind them.
One of the biggest decision someone has to make is when its time to leave the one you loved the most.
And it’s best to personally communicate with your partner yourself without any third person involved even if the third person is your best mate or your relative.

Of course there will be pain in all the ways of breaking up but there will be less pain in a face-to-face conversation and it’s much easier to convey the message, (Things to Avoid After a Breakup). It’s very hard to start such a bad topic, this is the time when your heart beats very fast and you shiver also.
Lets hope her tears don’t melt you down, be strong and remember this is best for birth of you because there is no point of being in a relationship in which you both are not in love, or fight the whole day or are playing each other . While you’ll naturally miss him for a while, the relief you’ll feel will be so worth the temporary icky feeling. Being with the wrong person means you’re cheating yourself out of real happiness and being with someone who makes you really happy! Her disregard will extend to social media as well; As jen_wexxx points out, she'll "shut off Facebook chat only for you but will obviously still be on Facebook", she'll ignore your messages or won't respond to comments.
However, with nine of the things you should never do after a breakup, you can change your life and learn from yesterday’s heartache.
Also, remember it comes with responsibility such as cleaning poop or vomit and it is never alluring. You first need to make sure that your issue is big enough that it has led you to come up to the point of breaking up. Its more preferable to meet up on a quiet place which especially should not be your house, and its more appropriate not to start this conversation at a restaurant. Take a deep breath and begin with your conversation very politely and please be very careful when choosing your wording.
There’s no better life motivation than a break-up and you’ll soon be gearing up to try all the things you didn’t do because you were snuggled up with the wrong guy on the sofa every weekend. Make sure you don’t point out your partner’s mistake and blame her for the break up, rather explain the situation in a way that its not anybody’s fault and that it would be better for both to break up rather than keeping up a fake relationship. And once you have made your mind, stick to it and make sure you do the right thing for yourself, but at the same time make sure you are not hurting the other.

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