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If you have to keeping looking over your shoulders while you are doing it then it's probably wrong.
Telling him everything at the beginning can be boring and can end the relationship before it has even started, leave some things up to the imagination, let him wonder, be spontaneous he will be more interested in you, learning new things about some one every day is more interesting than learning everything in one day. Give him the chance to uncover the things about you little by little one day at a time, don’t give him more than he can manage. As I have said before you do not have to tell your new lover everything about your self if you do he will most likely use it against you in the future example what if you told him that the reason why you broke up with your last boyfriend is because you cheated he will most likely get worried and wonder if you will do the same thing to him, if he do ask why you broke up with your last boyfriend just tell him things never worked out you don’t have to dig up or dwell on the past you are trying to move on not go back. Tell him and see what happens rather than to keep dating and then he finds out later and he ends it, at least when you tell him now you can know what to do weather to keep the relationship going or end it before its too late.
Here is my next relationship advice for women  be careful what you tell him please don’t go into details about your family or what happened to you in the past, what you did or what you did not do, give the relationship time to blossom give him time to get to know him and trust him before you tell him the important things. Not everyone can be trusted some people will black mail you and use what you told them against you so ensure to get to know the person, trust him and ensure that he trust you before you tell him everything about you. Relationship advice for women telling your partner the truth, lets say your husband suddenly gets fat would you tell him or would you be afraid of how he will feel? If you are in a relationship and you are not able to tell your spouse the truth about these little thing how will you tell them some thing big like if you cheated you will hide that also because you wont want to hurt his feelings, the is very complicated  some things you just have to say, if my boyfriend is getting fat I am not afraid to say babe you are getting fat I wont just say that because I don’t like the way it looks I will say it because I love him and I want him to stay fit and healthy. If I cant tell him these things who will, I am the one that he share his life with I am supposed to be willing to show him the things that he cant see,if I am willing to hide the little things from him then I don’t see how I will be able to tell him the big things that are more important. Don’t tell him everything but there are certain things that must be said if you are with some one you must be able to tell them the truth even when you know that it might hurt them now but later on it will be better if they know the truth and hear it from you.

We have to make sure that you don't turn a conversation into an interrogation.First of all you need to trust that as human beings we are 'soft wired' to feel what another person is feeling. There are even more things you can do to address the problems and get the relationship answers you're looking for:Carry on proving that you're following what your partner's saying.
Positive intent and focussed attention will help your partner or spouse to feel valued and respected, which builds trust.Trust helps him or her to open up and reveal deeper feelings and concerns.Still baffled?
Go right ahead and comment (please keep it short)!I'll do my best to offer a few words of comfort.
I think that some things no one should about you those are the things that belongs to you and you alone. If there is some thing about you that you think he should know then its better that you tell him rather than he hears it from some one else. I always say to my partner if you think there is some thing wrong with me tell me, if my teeth needs to be brush or if I smell tell me to my face rather than I go out there and some one else tell me I would feel even worst. He or she may not trust or feel safe with you, but that's not the focus of this article either. Watching, observing, listening and checking out will all contribute to you getting the best out of your partner, spouse or indeed anyone you meet.However, if your relationship is in real trouble you need further help, do also have a look at my review of the Save The Marriage Blueprint, developed by Lee Baucom, PhD. I suspect your partner or spouse has long switched off from hearing them!Part 1 and 2 will help you ask better questions and here I'm going to give you some more advanced communication skills. If you're worried that might be a problem with your relationship, do check out the other articles listed at the end of this page.There are lots of other pages on this site to help you with all of your relationship problems, so do have a look around.

A couple counsellor or marriage counsellor will listen to you and help you to feel and communicate better.This kind of relationship help can really improve your self-awareness, including how you relate to your mate. But do leave space for silences: your partner may be collecting their thoughtsRemember that your partner (and you of course) will always be trying to meet his or her essential emotional needs (see links further down), consciously or unconsciously. Marriage counselling can be really useful even if your partner has no intention of going.Failing that - the Save The Marriage system has great tools to help you get the relationship answers you seek. Meeting these needs is at the bottom of all our behaviourWhen your partner has finally got it all out, summarise your understanding of what's going on for him or her, including any feelings you have picked upThen it is your turn! Particularly if you feel yourself reacting strongly, you'll need to check out that you've got it right.
Emotional outbursts are likely to either shut the conversation down or lead to an argument. However, you can say something like:"I feel really hurt when you say that""I cannot accept such abusive comments - I have to take a break"(I am assuming that you are not actually in danger)"I am absolutely delighted for you - carry on and tell me more"Breathe slowly and calmly if you feel yourself becoming emotional.

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