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After being with you, I am simply unable to believe that life can be dull and boring sometimes. Come away with me sweetheart, to a land that far away and unknown, where it's just you and me with the sun baking our feet and the water wetting our cheeks. Do you know that I have a precious gem with me which is priceless and no one else in this world has it? A valentine’s day is the day of celebrating love in different special ways to make the girlfriend happy. Romantic Valentine’s Day wishes are romance and written with love filled words to make the girl feel special. There may be a long distance romantic relationship between the girlfriend and the boyfriend where they may stay in faraway lands for some work or education purposes.
Valentines love messages for the girlfriend include the Valentine’s Day wishes and also relates the love feelings of the boyfriend to the girlfriend.
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With God as our Leader, may we be prepared to live another year under His guidance.Happy New Year! New Year is God’s way of letting you know that there is still a chance for you to change for the better.Have a blessed and prosperous New Year! May the god bless your family with prosperity, good health and happiness in New Year.Happy New Year to you!
I wish the almighty empowers you with blessings to stay safe from any wrongdoings.I wish the almighty blesses you for a healthy body and prevents you from ailments this year.Happy New Year! I wish your kids are blessed by the God for success, happiness and good luck this New Year.Happy New Year! I wish the god sends you his love and blessings for success in your exams this year.Happy new Year!

I sincerely wish the Lord blesses you for a rewarding conjugal life this year.Have a blessed New Year! I wish you can fulfill your long cherished aspirations with blessing of Almighty this year.Have a Happy New Year!
I wish the almighty protects your family from any natural disasters this year.Have a safe and happy New Year! I wish the god blesses you with the might to take every problem head on and emerge unscathed. I wish the god blesses you to get enough prospects of merriment and celebration this year.Happy new Year! May the almighty strengthen your bond with family and friends this New Year.Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year! May you observe your own progress and struggle this New Year to measure how much you are doing, how much you are learning, and how humanely you are living. Beginning a New Year with a good guide on our side the star of Jesus which shows us safe roads fills our hearts with his grace best wishes for the New Year. Even some quotations can serve the purpose of wishing a Happy New Year to your dear and near ones. Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man His Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth. As we grow older in life, years somehow seem to shorten and New Year’s Day approaches with an ever increasing tempo. If you want to do something good, do it; and if you cannot do it, then resolve to do it, and you will have achieved the resolution even if you do not fulfill the action itself. The boyfriend arranges sweet surprises for the girlfriend by arranging romantic dinner for both or by bringing surprise gifts of her choice for the girlfriend.
One can send beautiful Valentine’s Day wishes for the ex girlfriend through text messages to make her feel cared for still by the boy.
In this way, the naughty communication between them carries through calls and text messages and the Valentine’s Day wishes for the girlfriend are sent along with gifts for her.
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Let Him be the strong foundation of our life so that we will not stumble when things go bad.Happy New Year!
That is the importance of living a life like a man who follows the path that God has prepared for him. The more mature we get, the more we realize that time is only relative; how we live means more than how long we live.
Now I’ve met a few self-made men and women and so have you, but so often these people seem proud, self-centred and driven. The Valentine’s Day wishes for the girlfriend can be sent through text messages for her along with love notes and gifts for her.
The romantic wishes would touch the heart of the girlfriend and bring out the love emotions from her. Live each day as if it is your last so you will be able to say that you have lived your life to the fullest. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past.
If this were not the case, no criminals would ever be saved, whereas in fact not only have they been saved, but many have become conspicuous for their excellence.
He wipes the slate clean and goes back to zero so we can be filled up again with His spirit and give it out all day long. Think what a great gulf separates the criminal from the saint ; yet resolution finally overcame habit. Chin up, shoulders straight, eyes agleam, let us salute the New Year, and each day let us follow more faithfully, more courageously, more daringly the lead of our great Captain who bids us follow Him.
And whatever you pray, pray that God will give you the grace, the strength and the determination to take that step.

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