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The next way to get your ex boyfriend back is to ignore your impulses.  When you first learn that your ex boyfriend is seeing someone else, your initial feelings will be frustration and disappointment.
The next way to get your ex boyfriend back is to drop out of sight.  Among the most common mistakes women make when trying to get back an ex boyfriend, always being around is the primary one. CLICK HERE to download the bestselling book that has helped over 6100 couples get back together.
Until you rationalize these things in your own mind, your ex is going to run in the other direction every time he sees or hears from you.

Winning back your ex requires you to become completely invisible, as much as it hurts, for a pretty long while.
Such moves are tricky, but if you pull them off correctly, you’ll get your ex boyfriend back before you know it.
Your best advice is to keep busy with your own interests, see your friends, and try to have a great time without your exboyfriend. This makes him nervous, because every guy who breaks up with a girl always likes to leave the door to the relationship secretly open, even just a crack, just in case he wants to get back together with her.

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