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The Purbeck School Sixth Form were granted ?200 from JP Morgan to purchase self-help books that students could borrow. First, why do you photograph nature?TODD VOGEL: There is so much beauty and wonder in nature – I am constantly fascinated by it.
Photographs allow me to capture a bit of it, to hold onto a moment.I am still confused as to who exactly my higher power is. I love learning about how people tick, how we can all work together, and how we can better ourselves. Not sure of gender or form but certainly an artist, and nature is the works which evidence this.Why does he drink?
And finally, What equipment do you use to produce the images?TODD VOGEL: It really helps that I live close to nature in the woods of NY state. For example when the weather forecast is talking about fog in the morning I will often make a point of getting up early because it offers opportunities both with light but also with dew – particularly on spiders webs. I can get carried away with the engineering, the material and the structure both involving calculations which are beyond me and are done by a spider as a matter of course.

And then the dew turns it all into something very beautiful.As for the equipment though I started out with film I have gone digital – I have a “good” camera these days, but much can be done with a fairly simple point and shoot. To reliably catch birds in flight and other quick events you may need more and better, but not necessarily. As for software I have a lot but for most photos only adjust exposure, contrast and occasionally correct the color. Light coming through objects is a favorite of mine as is early morning or late afternoon light where angles are low and the color is more golden.
Take lots of photographs and be happy when you get it right.At least half the fun is learning about the things you are photographing. Who is your ideal audience for Very Simple Guides?TODD VOGEL: Anyone who tends to complicate things.
What is the origin and intent of the Very Simple Guides?TODD VOGEL: We are especially good at complicating things. When in the middle of what I call an emotional hurricane the typical self help book – or even conference approved literature is often far too dense to penetrate the swirling clouds of denial, projection and fear.

Sometimes the message is experience strength and hope, and sometimes folks feel compelled to dump. As time passed I found I was able to use fewer words and bigger photos and that there seemed to be a nearly endless stream of topics.I passed some of these early booklets out to friends who were going through this and or that and they reported back that the books were very helpful. Most are specifically for folks in recovery be it AA, NA, al-anon though I have branched off now and then.
Do the ideas come to you after preparation, contemplation or from nowhere?TODD VOGEL: I really don’t know where it comes from. One of the great advantages of the format is that I do not feel the need to be comprehensive and exhaustive. If so, how do they help you?TODD VOGEL: Writing and editing them is something of a meditation.

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