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Join the many who have turned to Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® to successfully enhance, enrich, and cultivate their relationships, both romantic and familial.
Through the use of our three highly effective types of therapy, we’ll help you to consciously think about your divorce or relationship break-up in a much more rational and self-promoting way. We usually feel anger when we are being hurt, our boundaries are being violated, our needs are being ignored, or during numerable other scenarios where our expectations are not being met.
Most people respond to difficult situations by experiencing relatively healthy emotions, including stress, frustration, hurt, or fear; they reserve anger for the really serious situations in life. The reason Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching® are so effective with anger management is because the primary source of anger is the unconscious mind. Through Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching®, we can access the unconscious mind and harness its extreme power to reprogram habitual patterns of behavior, such as responding with anger to everyday situations.
Like daydreaming, hypnosis is focused toward particular images, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations, and behaviors which help change our habitual responses and learned behaviors. Life Transformation Coaches are well-versed in how to work with individuals to create well-formed and achievable goals. Jealousy has been around since the beginning of time, and if we are honest, we’ve all experienced it. Jealousy is actually quite complex, involving a myriad of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. For people plagued by triggers that make them feel insecure, angry, and fearful, these feelings can be a thing of the past. Almost everyone has had that experience of enjoying the benefits of high self-esteem and confidence. For some of us, however, having high self-esteem is something that seems to be just outside of our reach, and as a result, we can feel helpless, powerless, and even depressed. Self-esteem affects the set of judgments we make about ourselves, our value, our worthiness, and our competence in various domains within our life. Help in Dealing With a Jealous Person or With Your Own Relationship Insecurity and Trust Issues Is your relationship struggling due to insecurities, envy, and trust or jealousy issues? Help in Dealing With a Jealous Person or With Your Own Relationship Insecurity and Trust Issues Is your relationship struggling due to insecurities, envy, and trust or jealousy issues? This book has life changing relationship wisdom designed to help men, women, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands or wives learn how to cope with their own or partner’s issues of mistrust, insecurity, envy and jealousy.
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Those suffering mental health issues will be given written prescriptions to visit their local library to read a selection of 30 approved texts. One of the biggest problems in any relationship is the miscommunication, or misalignment, of how to have goals that move and grow together. Through Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching®, you can create a more positive, more optimistic, and more confident you.
At the same time, we’ll recondition your unconscious mind to help you feel more relaxed and much more confident about yourself, your life, and your future. In these situations, we express anger as a means of regaining control, and in that regard, it is a perfectly natural state. However, for some of us, we react to everyday situations by getting angry, and it becomes an all too frequent response. Our success is in our ability to harness the extreme power of the unconscious mind to reprogram habitual patterns of behavior, such as responding with anger to everyday situations. This level of communication can help relationships at work become more productive, relationships with spouses or loved ones become more intimate, and relationships with friends become more connected and easy.
Jealousy can put a huge strain on a relationship, leaving one partner feeling as though they’re constantly walking on eggshells to avoid a jealous reaction. This is why some people find it so difficult to consciously prevent those activating thoughts or feelings that drive the irrational and all too often self-destructive behavior.
As a result, all those old triggers that used to make you feel insecure, angry, and fearful will become a thing of the past, leaving you more confident, more relaxed, and better able to enjoy your relationship.
For others, it may be a short-term feeling created out of achieving a specific goal, like getting promoted or starting a new relationship. Having low self-esteem invariably means a life of continually comparing ourselves unfavorably with others, and allowing life’s little knocks to have dramatic impact on how we think, feel, and behave. Having low self-esteem can have huge implications for our ability to feel confident, content, assertive, and happy.
Ultimately, through improving your self-esteem, you can ready yourself to take on the world! Learning Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® can help you improve your communication skills so you can better communicate with the people you love with renewed feelings of love and caring.
Ultimately, we’ll help you pick up your life after divorce, and move on wiser, stronger, more confident, and more motivated than ever before.
We’ll also help you to cultivate an exciting and compelling vision, so you, too, can live the life you desire and deserve.

When most people get angry, the level of anger is typically restricted to raising the voice and expressing a few choice words. If you could consciously decide to stop getting angry, wouldn’t you simply decide to do so? In a healthy relationship, for example, it can heighten emotions, making love feel stronger.
The jealous partner, often aware of their problem, swings between anger, self-blame, insecurity, and absolute justification.
With your knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Coaching®, you can also heal other issues that affect your relationships, including abuse and disagreement. These communication skills make relationships at work more productive, relationships with spouses or loved ones more intimate, and relationships with friends more connected and easy. The reality is that this would be a little like asking your conscious mind to forget how to ride a bike. And if left that way, what otherwise could have been a long and happy relationship is destined to failure.
Even when ordinary people get angry at a more intense level, as a result of venting the anger, they usually find it subsides within a short space of time. Does it seem like you are caught in a power struggle that revolves around spending time with your partner? I can show you how to get the pile of entangled negative emotions that are damaging your life and relationship untangled.
Inside this book I reveal proven methods for making positive changes in you you’re your relationships that can lead you into enjoying a much more serene and happy life. I’ve read a lot of books on jealousy, have struggled in this area most of my life and have learned how to overcome feelings of relationship insecurities. In this book, I share with you wisdom collected over the past forty years through being in relationships, working with counselors and attending thousands of support group meetings designed to teach people learn how to deal with difficult people.

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