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If receiver wants to reply the message, Message reply will be receive on your mobile phone. Register and become member of sms punch, to use all features and send unlimited free sms to pakistan. Any Question or Problem About Punjab Boards Inter  Result 2012 Please Write Down in Comments Section. According to the authorities, the moon-sighting committees had not not received any evidence, the Muslim festival would be celebrated in Saudi Arabia and UAE on Sunday. Muslims in other Gulf Arab countries are still waiting for announcement from their respective moon sighting committees.
In Pakistan Eid-ul-Fitr has always been observed enthusiasm throughout the country, Eid day is celebrated all over Pakistan including Azad Kashmir-Gilgit and Baltistan with great religious zeal. Pakistani people are made special arrangements for Eid-ul-fitr, so that all the men can offer Eid prayer across the hole country in various Masajids. Eid prayer in Islamabad is held at an enormous scale at Faisal Masjid. Eid largest congregation takes places at Islamabad in faisal Mosque, where the high-ups of the government also offered Eid prayer.
Eid is a time for sharing Eid Gifts and Eidi For Kids, Kheer, Sheer Khurma, Cakes and Sweets are also a specialty of the day and are prepared for serving the guests.
1 Comment, Bikini Photos, Hottest Photos, Latest Hollywood News, Lollywood News, Tattoos Designs, Veena Malik, by sms4send. Having an opinion about Veena Malik, much like Veena’s clothing itself, is strictly optional.
What we must be ready to do is enthusiastically defend Veena from the attacks that are sure to come her way.
Small-time Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik, is back raising controversy; this time for nude photo shoots on the cover of FHM India magazine’s December issue. The actress has unleashed a barrage of denials and accusations since the photographs surfaced, seemingly reluctant to accept the reality of a photograph session that, according to Kabeer Sharma, the Editor of FHM, and the session’s photographer and stylist, took place in Mumbai on Nov. Sharma went on to add that Malik has not been in touch, asking to either modify or remove the image. Malik is no stranger to controversy, having gained fame by appearing on Indian television’s reality show Bigg Boss. Veena Malik’s controversial nude shoot with the ISI mark has trigged off a controversy on both sides of the border.
While Veena is claiming that she has been taken for a ride, the editor of the FHM magazine, Kabeer Sharma, has gone on record to state that Malik had done everything with her full consent.
It’s very good to see that a Pakistani Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmad Khan has invented a car Fueled Car which runs on Distil water.
Government should pay all the expenses of this and should also pay a handsome amount to Agha Waqar Khan as an appreciation.
This invention will surely help Pakistan, which is very much affected by energy crisis of Pakistan. I thought there might be some difference between the device Agha Waqar has invented because our Media is publicizing it so much then I start searching on internet for Water Powered Energy Kits (HHO Car Kits). I have seen Agha Waqar Khan’s invented device video in Geo News Channel and I started searching for that guess what! Send and Receive UNLIMITED FREE SMS - Pakistan is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. In the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the Eid congregations too place at more than 300 places.

Strict security measures are adopted outside the ‘Eidgahs’ and police and Rangers keep patrolling for the safety of the namazis. Sheer Khurma is a must to be the part of feasts at homes, It is a special dish made by mixing dates and milk, which is cooked till one-fourth of the original quantity is left in an open pan. What is not acceptable is occupying a position of neutrality in the fight between Veena and her holier-than-thou critics. Even more important is to fight back against the vision for Pakistan that the likes of Veena’s attackers are trying to impose on us. The cover photograph shows the 33-year-old posing with an “ISI” (Inter Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency) tattoo on left arm. The nude photograph scandal notwithstanding, the actress is all set to return to television, with another reality show, “Swayamvar”, which is in its fourth season. Mahesh Bhatt, who was recently in the news for having cast Sunny Leone in “Jism 2?, has now spoken to both parties to ascertain what the confusion is all about. But since so much is being said about her shoot and I too have been asked to share my views on it, I decided to speak to her. To this Bhatt says, “I remember a time when my daughter, Pooja, was involved in such a scandal. But some sectors like Petrol pumps, CNG stations will be affected by this and their owners can use their powerful resources to stop this project. Send and Receive UNLIMITED FREE SMS - Pakistan is part of the popular collection wallpapers. When you add your mobile number in Sender I.D field, Then receiver will receive sms from your number. A noted UAE astronomer had predicted last week that Eid ul Fitr will fall on Sunday 19th August. Veena Malik’s nude photo shoot in FHM India, which she and her publicist are claiming was doctored but the magazine’s editor insists was genuine, is not something to give our enthusiastic support to. For them, the country should be a soulless place where diversity is not permitted and women are to be kept cloaked. In fact, we shoot with celebs regularly and I must say she was one of the celebs who have been easier to shoot with,” said Sharma, who was present at the shoot. She was surprised to get my call and told me that though she had told a shoot but had never been so bold. After that whole incident, IK Gujral had then told me that though we used to believe that a picture doesn’t lie, it’s time to junk that phrase now.
He told that instead of CNG Kit, water kit is being used in this car which costs around Rs.
Government should also give protection to Agha Waqar Ahmad Khan as many people will not want to see this project prosper.
Here you can find some new design about Send and Receive UNLIMITED FREE SMS - Pakistan for your current screen resolution. This service is a gift especially for our foreign brothers, it is a popular online SMS service of Pakistanis living abroad in USA, UAE, UK, Afghanistan, Iran, China, India Etc. This prayer offers a special thanks to God for the strength and discipline received during the holy month of Ramadan. One of the greatest mistakes liberals make is to support every action that upsets the morality brigade rather than to argue for the principle that each individual is free to choose their own path, no matter how wrong-headed it may be, so long as it doesn’t harm others. This is not to say that one is at all condoling indecency; rather, the point is that we need to be less controlling and judgemental as far as women are concerned.

She felt she was being victimized and that people were believing that she has done something like this because of her otherwise controversial persona. The photograph that has been doing the rounds is tame and the one sent to me was bolder with portions of her breast visible.
I think, instead of taking a stand we need to first ask photoshop experts to ascertain when Veena’s picture is morphed or not.
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Using this service you can send and receive SMS without creating an account, So no login or SignUp is required for sending SMS all over Pakistan. People distribute sweets and children wear new clothes on this great Muslim festival known as Eid ul Fitr. That they are willing to enforce this vision with the force of arms only adds to the case against them. Predictably, these photographs have not been released and they were rejected, for being “slightly explosive”. I told her three things – If you feel you are being violated, don’t take anything lying down. However, I saw the photo on my Blackberry and have no way to ascertain whether it morphed or not,” Bhatt adds. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Pakistanis spend their time feasting with family and friends, most of the Muslims spent their time feeding those who are less fortunate. Pakistan is a country large enough to accommodate the likes of both Veena Malik and Mufti Naeem. Moreover what is being completely ignored is that Veena’s side is denying the photo shoot ever took place.
I also asked her to get her PR to take charge and inform her side of the story to the media. Regardless of the denial, we are quick to judge her, as we have been quick to judge other women.
Unless she does that, the media will continue writing about her because nothing is more exciting today than a sexual scandal. I have also asked her to get in touch with the joint commissioner of police in Mumbai,” Bhatt says. Even if she has done the photo shoot, there will be those who will accuse her of doing it only for shock value, for deliberately offending the sensibilities of the majority of the nation. But Pakistan should not become a country where something is banned simply because a lot of people don’t like it. The rights due to minorities should extend to minority opinions and actions that may not be to the liking of the majority.

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