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Well this post is only for Pakistanis so those who are not from Pakistan then please you are just wasting your time but if you are bored and don’t have anything to do then keep reading this article even if you are not from Pakistan. To send a SMS all you need to do is to click on Compose button on the left menu after logging in.
It is very simple and this is the most amazing feature that I loved about website actually we can receive SMS online so for this I can write the tutorial that how to do it but simply they have already wrote about it so just go to their tutorial about receiving SMS on the website. Send and Receive Free SMS Do you want to send and receive free SMS via internet? Then welcome and warm greeting on behalf of Free SMS Service as you have came to the right place for sending and receiving Free SMS from all over the World and any network of Pakistan anywhere at any time.
Why you have to pay for a SMS when you can send Free SMS from web which will cost you nothing and this service will work for you just a like sending a SMS from your mobile phone where you can send Free SMS up to  600 characters. There are lots of online payment processors on internet like Payza, Liberty Reserve, Skrill etc but PayPal is the king of all online payment processors.
2: Follow the procedure and complete the sign-up process by filling form using your accurate bio-data for the Payoneer Card (Card will be shipped at your home address for free within 25 to 40 days after approval E-mail).
9: After the sign-up, you will get an option to verify your Paypal account either through Bank Account or Credit Card.
10: Enter the bank account details you received from Payoneer into the Paypal verification form.

11: Then, it will take 1-2 business days for Paypal to send 2 amounts to your payoneer account.
You can easily withdraw your money from Paypal to your Payoneer Bank Account and access the funds using your Payoneer Debit Card in ATM’s that accept MasterCard.
Send and Receive SMS upto 600 characters Receive and Send free SMS & Text Messages upto 600 characters.
International User can Send & Receive SMSNow you can send and receive Unlimited Free SMS even you are outside of pakistan.
Schedule your SMS with date and timeSchedule your SMS with date and time as your reminder or send it to your friends & family. International users from the countries like United states, United kingdom, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Italy, Europe and all over the world able to send and receive free unlimited SMS to family and friends in Pakistan through our Web Service.
So let me tell you that this article is all about a website which helps us to send and receive SMS online for free of cost in Pakistan so if you are interested then keep reading. There just type in the number then add text and send your SMS for free also you can select to send a Standard or Flash SMS. But still if you have any problem and you can not understand any feature of this website then simply say something in the comments also share with us your opinion about the website. Free SMS is one of its kind service which is introduced just for your ease if you are abroad and away from your family members or friends  and want to send unlimited Free SMS and tired of paying a heavy cost for sending SMS from your mobile phone, then use your keyboard and start sending Free SMS to all your friends and family no matter what connection they are using you can send free SMS, by using this Free SMS service you can send nationwide Free SMS without any delay and this is for free no need to subscribe any SMS package for which you have to pay on a daily basis or monthly basis when you can send Free SMS by simply using your internet connection.

We have placed dedicated servers for Free SMS Services and backup of all the data is taken at daily basis. These online payment processors are just like your local banks which will give you your account which you can operate via your username and password. Sadly PayPal support more than 190 countries of World but not Pakistan and it’s the biggest drawback we have on Internet to earn money online.
Now that you have a verified Paypal account, it is highly unlikely that Paypal will limit your account.
Account will be available to your free of cost and you do not have to visit any branch in order to get it.
If you don’t receive a reply within 3 days, contact Payoneer’s customer support and they will look into it.

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