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In this article, you can send and read SMS through a GSM modem using AT commands and without using any third party library.
There are many different kinds of applications SMS applications in the market today, and many others are being developed. Person-to-person text messaging is the most commonly used SMS application, and it is what the SMS technology was originally designed for. Many content providers make use of SMS text messages to send information such as news, weather report, and financial data to their subscribers.
SMS messages can carry binary data, and so SMS can be used as the transport medium of wireless downloads. SMS is a very suitable technology for delivering alerts and notifications of important events. In this article, I will explain the first way to send, read, and delete SMS using AT commands. Connect the modem to the computer according to the setup guide specified in the manual provided with the GSM modem. In the Connection Description dialog box, enter a name and choose an icon you like for the connection.

In this tab, you will have to do port settings which will be the same as you did in the hyper terminal and then click the OK button. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Objects such as ringtones, wallpapers, pictures, and operator logos can be encoded in SMS messages.
For example, D (Dial), A (Answer), H (Hook control), and O (Return to online data state) are the basic commands.
If the modem is connected successfully, a message box will appear with the message “Modem is connected”.
Send Bulk numbers of messages using Samsung Galaxy S5 phone via DRPU Bulk SMS Sender Application. There are different types of SIM900D modules available in the market, so it doesn’t matter which module you are using. All SIM900D modules work at AT commands basically so today I am going to show you how to send an sms via AT commands without using any Arduino library. You should first read the AT commands manual which will give you an idea about AT commands.

AT commands are special sets of commands which are used for communicating with SIM900 module. Like if you want to send sms then there’s a specific AT command for sending the SMS similarly if you want to change the PIN code for your GSM module then you have different AT command. We can interface this GSM module with any microcontroller like PIC Microcontroller or 8051 Micrcontroller but here I have interfaced it with Arduino board.
You should also check How to Send SMS with PIC Microcontroller if you wanna use PIC Microcontroller instead of Arduino board.You must also check GSM Library for Proteus, using this library you can easily simulate your GSM module in Proteus ISIS.
If you have the module in hand then first thing you need to do is to power it up and wait for the module to get connected.Usually, an LED is placed on the SIM900D module which keeps on blinking.
One other thing mentioned in above figure is pKey, connect it with ground.Once you connections are ready, then upload the below sketch in your Arduino UNO and start sending messages.

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