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All you do is swipe to the left and the recording will be canceled so you can start afresh.
You can send audio messages of short lengths (a few seconds to about a minute) but there really doesn’t seem to be a limitation there.
With these instant audio messages, your conversations can be more than just plain texts or photos. It's not a regular thing when we desperately need to find the IP address of our router in home or office. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a project manager in a multinational corporation, we all need to prioritize our workflow.
It also re-enables the missing Camera Roll album in Photos and beta iCloud Photo Library (in beta) while bringing additional Continuity features like Text Message Forwarding between iOS 8 devices and Yosemite Macs and more.
Apple Pay, a headline new feature in iOS 8.1 supports mobile payments in apps, on websites and at select brick-and-mortar locations.
Text Message Forwarding requires that both your Mac and iOS device be on the same Wi-Fi network and have Bluetooth turned on for proximity.
You can elect to “Optimize Storage” to keep device-optimized versions of photos on an iOS device or “Download and Keep Originals”, which stores full-resolution photos and videos on your device. Your iCloud Photo Library is also available via a brand new Photos app in iCloud’s web interface, depicted above, using any Mac or Windows PC running the latest version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The problem stems, as many have complained, from the fact that iOS 8.0 has removed the system-wide Camera Roll album for no apparent reason.
I mean Apple should not longer have iMessage requirement for SMS Text Message Forwarding because iMessage does really make you frustrating and get problems with it. I don’t understand, what is the difference between this new iCloud photo library, and the My Photo Stream from iOS 7? Being a windows user and non-US citizen, I guess the update just brings back camera roll for me. Icloud photo library stores all photos and videos youve TAKEN WITH AN IOS DEVICE TO THE CLOUD right?
Also can I copy and paste my photos from my backup drive that was backed up from my macbook air into icloud photo library? What about all you’s, whats your experience after updating, please feed me back ?? thanks. DO NOT DO THE 8.1 update unless you want to turn your device into a useless piece of junk and lose everything. Let me try this again, when I try to forward a text or picture from my messages I do not get the forward arrow anymore in the right lower corner? Hey, after updating to iOS 8 my carrier network was lost as I updated jailbreak device and can you tell the way out, how can I use my network again.
As soon as iOS 8.1 hit two days ago, I immediately went about checking out a pair of new features I care about the most, Text Message Forwarding and iPhone Cellular Calls. As a quick reminder, Text Message Forwarding lets me mirror text messages sent to my iPhone in the Messages app on the Mac or iPad.
But something was amiss, or so I thought, because I just couldn’t get either feature to work. The problem is, I removed the other day all of the previously added email addresses from both FaceTime and iMessage. Another reason: I loathe it when iMessage creates two conversation threads, one for messages sent to my phone number and the other for those reaching me through an iMessage email address. The cryptic error message doesn’t provide as much as a hint of what a user needs to do in order to make it work. I was waiting there clueless because my Mac just wouldn’t generate a verification code, even though Messages automatically opened on the machine.
Choosing any device will put up a prompt requiring you to enter a six-digit code generated on your other device.
Step 5: Messages on the Mac or iPad opens automatically and creates a one-time verification code, like this.
Bluetooth is not required for Text Message Forwarding and your devices don’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Unlike Text Message Forwarding, this feature doesn’t require you to enter a verification code into your iPhone.

Keep in mind that iPhone Cellular Calls requires that all your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. How do you like Text Message Forwarding and iPhone Cellular Calls and will you be using these new features on a regular basis, do you think? For some reason I don’t see my Macbook in available devices in the messages settings, my iPad is there.
Ive had this problem, what I did was turned off iMessage, turned it back on and it enabled my phone number and my Apple ID.
With every new release of iOS, Apple adds lots of new features and functionality, as well as some under-the-hood changes and improvements that aren’t always immediately apparent. In this guide, we cover some of the latest and greatest iOS features that should make using your Apple devices more rewarding.
The list below isn’t exhaustive by any means, but it should give you a few ideas about the new features.
Apple has been criticised for a long time over its refusal to allow anything but the stock keyboard in iOS. A note of caution however, is that add-on keyboards have access to whatever you type, so check carefully that the keyboard you want to install has been approved by Apple, as developers are not supposed to capture the data or use it for anything other than the keyboard in question.
There are several options – you can either send your current location one time only, or share it for a limited time (for example just an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely). Unfortunately there aren’t any time-based options (for example, to turn on Do Not Disturb just for one hour like there is in Facebook Messenger), but hopefully this is something that Apple may add in future. To hide a photo, just tap and hold on the photo and you’ll see the Hide option in addition to Copy. Once you have hidden a photo, go back to the Albums view and you will notice (if it wasn’t already there) a new Hidden folder where the photo is now kept.
The Today screen in iOS 8 is now even more useful than before, because applications that support it can include various bits of information which are shown when you swipe downwards. At the moment, there are a few dozen apps that can be added to the Today screen, such as Yahoo News and LinkedIn – in the latter case it lets you check who was viewed your profile on the popular site.
To customise the view, bring up Today as normal then scroll all the way down to the end and tap the Edit button. In iOS 7, all notifications could do was alert you when an event happened (such as an incoming email or message). For messages it’s particularly convenient, as you can reply inline directly without having to leave the app you are currently in.
As you can see in the screenshot below, I’m spending far too much time playing Boom Beach and using Facebook!
For SMS messages to work, both devices need to be signed into iCloud and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled (actually, there are probably a few combinations that don’t work, but having everything enabled is definitely the simplest option) so each device can talk to your iPhone. In the screenshot below, I used an iPad to send a plain old SMS to a friend, all going through my iPhone.
We’ll create a more detailed post that covers every step for using all the great Continuity features but for the moment, try it out because it really is an useful feature. When creating a time-lapse movie, your iPhone will automatically take a snapshot at predefined intervals (the frequency changes depending on the recording time) and stitch them together into a movie. Creating a time-lapse video is simple, and it’s all built into the Camera app in iOS 8. In the meantime, we think that iOS 8 has probably had enough of an overhaul to represent a real step forward and improvement for every iOS device that you own. It’s akin to the way you send a quick audio message in Whatsapp or other popular clients.
Moreover, company executives did say during the WWDC keynote that Apple Pay will be supported by participating online stores through a browser.
Text messages are actually routed through a user’s iPhone, allowing you to both send and receive SMS directly from a Mac or iPad. Just to clear up any confusion, iCloud always keeps your snaps and videos in their original resolution.
And in early-2015, a Mac edition of iOS’s stock Photos app will launch allowing for the complete end-to-end photo-syncing solution between desktop, mobile and the web. The Camera Roll comeback makes the operating system compatible with applications that required it, such as WhatsApp.

In addition to these features, iOS 8.1 contains bug fixes, performance enhancements and several improvements listed below.
Moreover, you’ll notice slightly larger app icons when managing your widgets in the Notification Center.
Nice to have Apple Pay but yet I have yet to see a place where this will work, I thought even Walgreens would be ready with this by launch. I can no longer use my iPad mini since updating, it’s stuck on the iTunes logo and will need a complete reset. While attempting to enable Text Message Forwarding, the system prompted me to enter a confirmation code my Mac was supposed to generated, but didn’t. The thing is, I don’t want anyone to be able to FaceTime me or send me iMessages using anything other than my phone number. After logging in successfully, iOS then offers to enable iMessage with the email address(es) associated with your Apple ID, in addition to your phone number. You should be now presented with a list of all your devices enabled with the same iCloud account as this iPhone. Jeff has put together a nice video tutorial showing using Text Message Forwarding in OS X Yosemite in greater detail so give it a read to learn more about this great new feature. After logging in successfully, iOS offers to enable FaceTime on one or more email addresses associated with your Apple ID, in addition to your phone number.
The missed call will show up in my FaceTime call log under audio but I do not get a notification on my mac while I am getting a call or a notification that I had a missed call.
If that doesn’t work then sign out of your Apple id, sign back in and enable imessage. Messed with trying to get text forwarding for an hour before I found this perfect solution to my problem.
Read on to find out more and let us know in the comments if you have any of your own tips to share. Android users have been able to install third-party keyboards for years, and with iOS 8 Apple has finally set developers loose. If you want to be extremely cautious, you could always switch back to the Apple keyboard when entering information such as credit card details and passwords. There is a small reminder notice to let you know it will still be visible in the Albums view. The next screen shows a list of items that are already included, as well as those that you can add. As well as all the usual alerts, banners and badges, when a notification arrives you can simply swipe down on the message to bring up any relevant options. While there are third-party apps around that can do a similar thing, it’s now all built into iOS 8 and can be accessed simply by swiping through the various camera modes.
Some users have complained about slow performance on older devices, but it looks like future updates to iOS 8 will address some of those issues, as is traditional with Apple’s minor releases. Apple has borrowed a lot of features from other popular messaging clients (notably Whatsapp).
It shows an overview of all the media in the conversation, including the quick audio messages. The iBooks icon has been slightly redesigned and there’s now an alternative way to access privacy settings on a per-app basis, through their respective pane in the Settings app, as pictured below. And so far Apple Pay via OpenTable is only supported in 3 cities (according to app description). On the Mac, just fire up the FaceTime app, go to settings and tick the iPhone Cellular Calls box under the Settings tab, as seen on the screenshot below. Use the red delete or green add buttons to add any item that you want, or drag the included items into the desired order and click Done. For example, if an email arrives you’ll have the option to mark it as read, delete or archive it (depending on your email service).
I was hoping that by expanding this feature apple would make this truly work together so if Im using my mac for iMessages and delete it will delete on phone.

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