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Sending a text message gives you the ability to pass along a message much quicker, whether it’s to inform someone that you are running late, that you can’t make it, even just to say I love you while you are away or having a very busy day.
I know that I don’t feel like talking on the phone some times and sending messages is the only thing I can do during such times.
Text messaging is the quickest way to communicate if you ask me and sometimes phone battery dies, bad signals, or can’t really use the phone to send the message. I have found myself at times not being able to touch my phone and all I have in front of me is my computer.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial on how to send text messages from computer using either your email or Google Voice.

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It was really a shame, since text message conversations are threaded, it was nice to have a running log of past conversations.Well, Apple has boosted the SMS text message storage limit. Actually, we just like giving you grief over MMS because we can, but we never really use it anyway. Once you go over the 160-character limit, a new message is created but automatically joined into one when received.

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