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Before the era of smartphones, we used to receive and reply emails using an email client on computers.
Connect your phone to computer via USB, and make sure to unlock your phone if it is locked, so the Mobile Assistant can access your phone. From the home screen of this software you can find many other options to back up phone, restore phone, transfer data and else. Want to send and receive text messages from PC or Mac other than your phone like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Nexus, Sony, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei? Provide professional Video File Converter, iPhone Data Recovery, Data Recovery for Mac, Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery, iPhone SMS Recovery tools. If you have a lot of messages need to be sent every day, and on the phone typing word by word to send, ita€™s really tedious, this article introduces a simple way that you can send text messages directly from your computer, and the typing speed will be much faster, and one SMS can be sent to many people at one time.
This way is much better and simpler than you on the phone to send lots of text messages, right?
In addition to send text messages from computer, MOBILEGO for android can also manage text messages, photos, videos.
TweetMightytext app from Google Play Allows you to send and receive SMS Text Messages from your computer or tablet and it is synced with your Android mobile.

MightyText routes messages through your Android and your carrier will charge you as if you sent SMS from your phone. Now almost everyone has email account setup on mobile phones so they can check email anywhere they go. You will be prompted to do so if not yet, you can follow the on-screen tips to turn on that option or follow this step-by-step tutorial. When the connection has been eastablished between Android phone and PC, you do not need to keep the phone awake or stay unlocked. When your Android phone is shown up on the home window, click "SMS" on the left pane to enter the SMS tab. In the prompted window, choose message receiver(s) and enter your message in the promoted window. If you spend a lot of time on computer and get a lot of text messages, the concept for texting on computer may come into your mind. Both of them can help you send and receive text messages from computer more efficiently for Android phones such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Nexus, Sony, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. This is a option can be found in all Android powered devices, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Nexus, Sony, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

You can select and read any message thread, save text messages from Android to computer or print text messages from Android using a printer. What’s more this way allows your SMS messages to be sent to both computer and mobile phone, and you have the option to reply text messages on computer. At the right hand side, you can preview any selected message thread, at the bottom of this text messages preview window, you can find a box where you can type in text messages and send to the selected contact person in the message thread. In this artile, we will show you how to send and receive text messages from computer for FREE. Unlike other solutions that require you to register an account on some websites to send text messages using an internet number, the software we introduce here can help you send text messages using your own phone number, your messages’ replies will also go to your computer so you can read and reply to them. The only difference is that you are sending messages, receiving messages and reading messages on computer other than your mobile phone. It is very similar to an email client, you can send and reply emails on a computer or mobile phone using the same email account.

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