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Have you noticed that when you try to use some of those free SMS online services, half the time they don’t work?
So in this article, I will mention the free SMS texting sites last, as you really should avoid using them unless you have no other option. Another feature that most carriers have that a lot of people don’t know about is an email address that is associated to your phone number.
The other service I use for sending SMS messages from my computer is Google Voice and Google Hangouts.
Once you check that box, all your SMS messages will go through Google Hangouts rather than thru Google Voice. You’ll notice a new icon with the letters SMS written on it at the top when the chat window opens. If you have an Android phone, then you have another option available to your for sending text messages from your computer. When you send a message from the web interface, it gets sent back down to your phone and then app will send out the message like a normal text message. All of these services are for the United States only, meaning you can only send text messages to US cell phones. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to send free SMS text messages from your PC to cell phones, hopefully this article helped. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. Have you noticed that when you try to use some of those free SMS online services, half the time they don’t work? What to do if you’re greeted with “Unfortunately, Messages has stopped” error message when trying to send a text message. In short, you send a chat or email message from your PC and it will translate into an SMS message through your Android device. Here's how you can take an ordinary PC and give it Artificial Intelligence (AI) powers for free stored in a text file in the form of a list (such as this list of capital cities).
If you have installed or plan to install Windows 10 Mobile 14327, you can now send and receive text messages directly from your Windows 10 computer. Are you looking for a more convenient way to send and receive be able to manage their SMS message throughout the day, without having to be tethered to a 3.5? screen.

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Free messaging tool provides very friendly interface to drive this software and it doesn?t require any expert skills to operate it.
GSM Mobile SMS Messaging utility provides best feature for sending thousand numbers of text messages from PC without internet connection required. Easy to operate Modem Bulk Text SMS Software is used to convey your unlimited text messages to your mobile phone contacts within shortest time of span without being required professional or technical guidance from PC via USB modem. Wonderful Send Free Text Messages application provides facility to convey thousands of SMS at same time anywhere in world without interruption.
Well, most of them never worked for me when all I tried to do was send a text message from my computer at home to my Verizon cell phone!
Luckily, there are some legitimate ways to send a text message from your computer without having to use shady websites who might sell your data and spam you. The big caveat to this method is that you can normally only send text message via their website to other people using the same carrier. You can send an email to this special email address and that phone number will receive a text message. Google Voice will let you send text messages directly from the Google Voice service once you sign up for a number, but you can also integrate Google Voice into Google Hangouts so that you can send SMS messages where you use Google Hangouts, i.e. Since Google seems to be moving everything over to Hangouts now, I would suggest you set it up this way. Click on that and it will open a new windows to the left and the text box says Send an SMS message.
The way it works is that you install the MightyText app on your Android phone, which will then link your phone number to your Google account. Of course, you can only SEND for free, the person who receives them will be charged for incoming text messages depending on their plan. Bulk messaging tool helps in delivering thousands of messages via using your computer without any internet facility. Bulk sms software offers user to easily communicate with different user group in limited time duration.

Once you have it setup with a number, go to Gmail and click on your name in the chat window that on the left hand side.
You can send text messages to any phone number as long as it’s a phone number in the US or Canada. You then log into the MightyText website on your computer and it will sync all the text messages from your phone. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. On the other, it’s still slower and more prone to typos than typing by a traditional keyboard. Send Free Text Message application has different features to elaborate your business goods and services via using free sms services to attract new customers. If you have chat disabled, you need to go to Settings – Chat and turn the chat back on. Search for a contact by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon next to your name in the chat section and make sure the number is a US phone number. The cool thing about this service, which is an advantage over the other two, is that you don’t have to know the provider at all, it figures it out for you! Sending messaging service software has ability to import contacts from distinct text files and even from windows smart phones to deliver instant messages to single and multiple users by creating group of contacts.
Free Mobile Helper lets you explore your device and send text message, install and uninstall apps from your computer. You can transfer files, install and uninstall applications manage music, ringtones, contacts, and photos. What's more I'm able to install apps, add music and photos, and check my device's storage availability from my computer, mutual-transfer mobile storage app to SD card storage. May be the best feature is that you can download apps (all apps are free) from Free Mobile Helper which is an app store, too. And my favorite feature of Free Mobile Helper is the ability to send and reply to SMS messages from your computer.

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