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She also asked them to estimate how many text messages they sent and received on an average day.To assess the students' sleep quality, Dr Murdock used the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.
The key finding was that a higher number of daily texts was associated with more sleep problems.
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The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup kicks off (puns!) on Saturday, June 6, so you'd better get ready.

This is a widely-used instrument that measures multiple aspects of sleep quality such as sleep duration, the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, the amount of time actually spent sleeping while in bed, night time disturbances, and daytime sleepiness.
And we're not talking about preparing your red, white and blue gear or making sure your DVR has space or even checking that your couch is adequately broken in for all the games you'll be watching.We're talking about upping your trash-talking game.
We're used to total World Cup domination, but we're sure you have some people in your life who are cheering for Canada, Germany or maybe Spain. So we wanted to help our fellow Americans out by offering up some examples of smack-talk you can deliver via text.

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