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No matter where you go or what you do, make sure you surround yourself with fun things and great times. Going out and having fun with friends is one of the best ways to let your ex-boyfriend know that your life is going on without him. However, cuddling up and flirting with someone else in hopes word of it will get back to your ex is equally silly. If he resents you enough he could even write you off, or even worse, decide to pursue someone else out of spite. If you can accomplish having fun without your ex, you're well on the way to getting him back. As he awkwardly tries to act cool and collected, these are the thoughts floating through his head.
Hey girl, welcome to my page!You are probably here because you are wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back. This may not seem like much of a "get my boyfriend back" tactic, but believe me, it is actually a very powerful method!
We realize the desperation you can experience when youa€™re attempting to get your ex boyfriend back. Sometimes it can feel like absolutely nothing will work, or worse, what youa€™re trying seems to drive him farther away.
Have you been trying to reason with your ex?Trying to convince him youa€™re the perfect one for him?Have you been begging him to give you one more chance so you can prove how youa€™ve changed? The first step to getting your ex boyfriend back is to first accept the reality of the situation. One of the first steps is to help him understand that you realize why the two of you parted ways.

Of course, you must also show him you are OK and this means you stop any hounding of his friends or family. Dealing With a Break Up - Use our tips for dealing with a break up so you can move on in a healthy way after getting back in touch with what makes you, well "YOU". No matter what type of guy he is, an ex-boyfriend will always examine the immediate actions of the girl he just dumped.
The problem is that these things tend to pressure your ex and ita€™s like that old saying, "if you push against something, it will push back with equal force".
For some people it can be a struggle to find that one person they can share their life with. If you could ask him why, he'd tell you it's because he wants to 'make sure you're alright' (this is what he'll tell his friends too, when he casually asks if any of them know what you've been up to). This will definitely drive him away from you.Instinctively you want to call him, because you want things to get back to how they were between you two.And to get back together, you first need to make contact, right? I hope you have learned that acting on instinct is a very dangerous thing to do when you try to win your boyfriend back.
This is why every time you try to "reason" with him and "convince" him to get back together he pushes away.
For example, if you've come to realize that you were too controlling in the relationship, let him know you take full responsibility for that.
Probably all you want to do just now is to curl up on the couch, eat ice cream, and feel sorry for yourself.
You'd be amazed though, how many women try to use this "tactic" to get an ex boyfriend back.
Now listen, this doesn't mean you have to accept that you two will never get back together.

Before you are tempted to make a bad move by instinct, and blow your chances in the process. When you can do this you get your feet back on solid ground again and you can start making good progress to repair what has been broken. Believe me, if you want to get your guy back, you will have to act completely different from what your heart tells you to do.So stop what you are doing for a moment. Try to control your emotions, and take a few minutes out of your time to read what I have to say.My article is quite long, because I have a lot of important information to share with you.
But if you are willing to invest five minutes to read this, those five minutes will have a huge impacton your chances to get your ex boyfriend back! How happy he is that he and you are together again.Try to make this imagination as "real" as possible.Now realize yourself (and make a mental note right now) thatmany couples get together after a breakup, every single day! Like with most things in life, if you keep the end result in mind, it will just be so much easier! This is not just a fantasy, you can achieve this goal if you put your mind to it!People get back together after the most horrible breakups.. If it "felt right" it probably was right, as far as mother nature is concerned.The two of you share a strong connection, so it is probable that you can make "good" babies together. The only problem is, people act in the wrong way to get their results, and mess up their chances in the process. However, if you KNOW what you are doing, you can play your ex's feelings like an instrument.He is still tied to you biologically.

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