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Making contact with your ex girlfriend after she dumps you can be tricky, and timing is crucial. Immediately after she breaks things off is actually the worst time to get in touch with your ex. If you can go without contacting your ex for about four to five weeks, you'll have created a scenario in which contacting her can finally be successful. Calling your ex girlfriend at this point (if she hasn't already reached out to you) can be a necessary part of reconnecting. If you've given your ex enough time and space, she'll be receptive to hearing from you again.
Getting your girlfriend back isn't something that happens overnight, and it definitely doesn't happen without a step by step plan.
The M3 System, also known as "Making up Made Easy", is the latest and greatest in getting your ex back guidebooks. Author Michael Griswold draws upon years of dating experience, research, and relationship repair advice to compile a complete step-by-step system for winning back your lost love. Watch six powerful, full-length videos on how to turn your breakup completely around in just days. Find out how to re-attract your ex: the seven-step core process to making your ex need you back.

Getting your ex to call you back - a six video series on regaining positive contact after the break. If reading about getting your ex back from an unwanted breakup just isn't cutting it, the M3 System is tailor-made for you. So you and your ex have been broken up, but you suddenly have the opportunity to talk to her again. Talking to your ex is an important part of getting her back, so you'll need to choose every word carefully. Instead, she's going to be completely turned off by how needy you've suddenly become, and totally grossed out by your dependence upon her. Check here for a more comprehensive list of post-breakup traits, attributes, and mannerisms your ex girlfriend is looking for from you. The logic is simple: Portray a good time, and your ex will want to be a part of that good time.
Most guys botch this concept pretty badly, because the first time they see or talk to their ex girlfriend they start babbling about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Hype yourself up - The more fun you're having, the more your ex will be jealous of that fun. Smile and be happy - Your ex doesn't expect to see you happy right now, which is why you really need to be.

Don't be mopey - Acting depressed, forlorn, or upset will only strengthen your ex girlfriend's resolve.
Don't apologize - There's nothing you can say in the way of an apology that will make your ex want you back right now. For a much more specific list of things you can say to get your ex girlfriend back, check out the amazing video resources at The Magic of Making Up.
You can check out his videos on best opening moves as well as his now famous calm mind technique (located lower down near the bottom middle of the page) in order to get a better idea of what to do and say first. Limited Contact - Which is right for you, and how to apply these methods to reverse your breakup. Jackson's indestructible guide to rebuilding your broken relationship includes TONS of tips, tricks, and direct phraseology you can use to not only win your girlfriend back, but actually turn her thought process around so that SHE becomes the one who chases YOU.

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